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Originally posted by iheartbb:
We may have to reach out beyond our hsbbweb group.
If your church has a prayer group just for this type of situation, please contact them and have Mary Ann included.

iheartbb, I agree and have already done so. There are many folks here in TN, MS and beyond, in addition to the HSBW and her church family, etc... praying for Mary Ann and the entire family. I dare say we would be astounded at the number of people lifting her up in prayer, just glance at how many she has touched on our website here alone.
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It is with great sadness that I pass along this email, which I received from a mutual friend about our own Future Back Mom, aka Mary Ann Shappi.

At 7:20PM, Monday evening, Mary Ann passed away. She was peaceful and I am grateful I was allowed to visit with her and hold her hand. Her services will probably be this weekend but I will let you know when I talk to Katie later today. Her family is at the house and resting at this time.

You can send cards or notes to Marv, AJ, Katie and her MaryAnn's mother Gloria, at 5377 Paseo Tortuga, Yorba Linda, CA 92886.

Thanks everyone for your support for her family and your continued prayers. This was such a shock, none of us expected this when she came through the surgery so well.
I was fortunate enough to spend time with Mary Ann, swap stories, and even see wonderful pictures of AJ and Katie's wedding. She was great fun, feisty and caring, and had a heart big enough to encompass three generations as she had her AJ and her adored Katie, a sick mother, and Marv to care for, even though she had a laundry list of physical problems even before that d*mn tumor presented.

We'd talk on the phone and she'd share her experience and wisdom, for which I am grateful.

Her faith was strong; she will have found the peace and ease to watch over her family. I hope her family, and AJ in particular, feels her presence with him for always.

Thanks for the memories, Mary Ann.
But, right now, my heart hurts, with thoughts of both you and Doug, taken away from this community far too soon.
My son was teasing me a couple days ago about my virtual reality friends on HS baseball web. I was telling him about Mary Ann and how that even though i didnt know her I felt a kinship as i do with many that post here.I posted this exact post and then erased it. Last night I had said that I have had anxiety the last couple days thinking about Mary Ann. Last night I asked before I erased that God always knows best. Mary Ann believed and she is in the arms of God and I know how hard it is for the family esp, the kids losing their mother, and husband a wife. I have been through loss and it hurts to the core.I am so very sorry for her family and I am very sad this morning. God bless All

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