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Wanted to provide this information for anyone that may find it useful.

My son recently participated in a "Charity fundraiser" PBR Ohio Showcase held at the Bo Jackson complex in Hilliard. This showcase was only open for unsigned HS seniors and was $50.

Position only players had a later check-in so I can't provide insight to the pitcher/catcher component.

First item of business was headshots. My son said no one smiled, so I suppose that's the norm.

They were given time to warm-up and stretch.

First data collection was the 60. Everyone got to run once. Son said they had to start at a specific spot and were to begin running when a green light lit up. One runner at a time.

Hitting. Some of the hitting metrics were done in the cage. I did not watch the cage part, so I can't provide much insight. The hitting part that I watched was measuring EV, distance, and "Sweet Spot" percentage. Pitcher was a PBR staff member who was right handed, shorter than the average baseball player, and a bit inconsistent. However, he was the pitcher for everyone. It seems like they got 10 maybe 12 pitches. You used your own bat. Although I did witness some players sharing a bat.

INF and OF Velos. Infielders were fed fungo hit balls to all areas and were to throw to 1B. The velos were measured with a radar gun positioned behind a screen directly behind the 1st baseman. Outfielders were fed fungo grounders only (no fly balls, due to being indoors) and were to throw to an "infielder". The radar gun was positioned behind a screen directly behind the receiving player.

My son was told by his peers that have gone to PBR showcases in another state, that the 60 was run twice and throwing velos were measured from behind the thrower. So there are some differences between PBR showcases with how data is gathered.

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IMO, our state PBR numbers are all juiced. When my boys look at theirs (and teammates) known metrics, reported FB velos are all 3mph higher; 60 times and pop times are 0.2seconds lower; EVs 5mph higher.  Might just be a state by state thing but I can't believe any coach looks at our states PBR numbers and say those are legit.   I think they actually do a disservice by juicing numbers. 

For this one I'd say the EV was not at all inflated as son's numbers matched up with what he usually hits. As for the 60, his time was a little slower than his best which I equate to it being a laser time and him having had a hamstring injury this summer. There weren't many sub 7s, so maybe it was slower than normal for everyone.  Throwing velo was a tad lower too, but it's was pretty close to what he gets when measured from directly behind. I'd say OH are pretty accurate. As for the other state's PBR that my son's teammate attended...Yes, I would say the throwing velos were 3-5mph faster than their norm.

Interesting. Can't comment on Ohio, because we've never done one there, but son did do a PBR Scout Day in another state.  Son was invited by his organization, so we did not pay anything extra for it.  His travel organization is big on periodically measuring numbers, so we have a pretty good idea of what is "normal" for him.  PBR numbers appeared normal and actually did not even capture his personal bests, so I can't say ours appeared "juiced."   They measured jumping, but those numbers seemed to disappear after the event (for everyone), which was curious.  The most frustrating part for son was that he said the guy doing BP had a bizarre throw and you were kind of stuck with that (no matter what side of the plate you would have normally batted was just "the one guy").  Unless they have right and left handed pitchers for BP (son would normally always only hit opposite the pitcher, so the PBR situation would never happen in a game), I think son would have just preferred to hit off of a tee.   

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