Matt Lackie
6'3" 208
McKinney North HS
Summer/Fall Team-DBAT
08 Grad
12-5A 1st Team All-District Pitcher as Soph. @ Rockwall HS. (We've moved to McKinney!)

Megan Lackie
Stephen F. Austin State University
06 Rockwall HS Grad
All-State Catcher 06
DFW Area 5A All-Star
TGCA State All-Star 06
District 12-5A Offensive Player of the Year
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This thread includes quite a who’s who of quality players over last couple of years since Mr. Ford started this thread. I am proud to add my two boys to the mix:

Quinton Miller
6'2" 170lb
Shawnee HS, Medford, NJ
Summer & Fall Team - Tri-State Arsenal
08 Grad

Brody Miller
10' (in my eyes)
Plays all positions
6th Grader
13 Grad
JerseyDad I recognize that TRI State Arsenal name. My son plays on the Dirtbags we have played you guys a few times this summer. Which team is he on the red etc. By the way you guys have a very nice program.
Think it has been 2 or 3 years since I have updated so here it is:

Britton Drown
Marcus HS, Flower Mound, Texas
2007 Grad

TXDad06: Good luck this season, I will be watching the paper more closely this year for your results as we have a couple of our Marcus guys over there now at Weatherford (GP,TH and HB). Have a great season!!!!!! Good Luck to your son and Hope you had a good weekend at DBU.....

Allaboutbaseball: You guys had a good run last year and I wish you even more success this year.... I have been watching you guys since TL-06 Marcus grad- dual sport player joined you guys.....may make it down this year to see a game in person..... GOOD LUCK to your son and the team and here's to a season of GREAT BASEBALL.

OP: Said it before and will say it again..... ML at Mckinney North this year,,,,,,talk about domination!!!!!!!!! Watch out all you guys in 4A this team is loaded...
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JerseyDad he plays on the "Dirtbags". They have three teams the 16u 17u and then the Dirtbags Team. The 17's consists of all 07's the 16's is 08's. He is an 08 and they have 4 on the team. The rest of the players are 07's. They did have a nice run at WWBA this summer at East Cobb finishing in second place. It really is a great group of people and extremely professional in the way it is ran and coached.
I guess better late than never.

Proud to post our son's name on the best baseball web site out there:

Steve Liddle, C/O 2006
Franklin HS, Tennessee
6'1"/190 lbs
Signed with Vanderbilt University
I can't tell you how hard he has worked during his high school years. Yes, we are proud and grateful to a very good group of coaches.
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I have been a visitor to this site for a long time and only posted the first time this summer. So, I thought I'd make it official...

My son is:

Tyler Rahmatulla
5'10" / 165 lbs.
Mater Dei High School (Santa Ana, CA)
USA Baseball Youth National Team (Gold Medalists)
Class of 2008

Thanks for all the great information. I have gained so much just being here!
My son has played againist Steve Little... (Brentwood Academy)we are looking forward to watching him at Vanderbilt. He has set a great example for those boys coming up behind him...I wish him luck!
Lets try again Dad cannot even spell his owns name right
Bryant Rutledge
5'11 190
Frisco High School
gjbk1.........I didn't know this for about 2 months after I started posting on this site, but you can edit your own posts by clicking on the eraser looking thing by the italics/folder on the right side of your post at the bottom of it. You can go back and retype whatever you want to change and then hit the button to send the post.

Just thought I'd help!

Hope your son is doing well. See you at FR sometime!
My boy is only 12 TBD(2011) but his name is allready buzzing in basball circles around town.

(Atomic)Jordan Andrews
5'3 130
Chula Vista Greensox,
Brian Johnson, RHP, '06
San Antonio Christian School
Spring Branch, TX

University of Incarnate Word, San Antonio
PG Wood Bat Championships - 2006
PG World Showcase
Originally posted by allaboutbaseball:
Justin Shufelt
Freshman Catcher: St. Edwards University
Austin Texas

Thanks so much for the help in getting him seen

Colton Shufelt
Soph. pitcher and corners
6'3; 210
Episcopal High School
Bellaire Texas

I remember watching Justin play for the Bellaire, Texas team that made it to the 'Ship in the LL World Series a few years back. What year was that, 2000 maybe? Seems like yesterday.
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Clayton Rische 2007
6' 4" 190
Barrington HS, Barrington , IL
Barrington American Legion Post #158
Will be playing at Johns Hopkins University in 2008
Originally posted by BBMagic:
PG- Thanks for asking.

Casey Markey
Bloomsburg University

It is hard to believe that he is senior now and will graduate in the spring. The time goes very fast. I haven't visited this site in a while.
Happy New Year to everyone.
I always check this topic out - then it dawned on me - it has over 85,000 views and over 570 replies.

That is pretty amazing IMO.
I'm sure there would be even more players listed if those, like me didn't prefer to remain anonymous. I'd love to brag about my son, but he doesn't like it at all. He is pretty reserved about his success and recognition.

I think you posted in the wrong topic.
This is a list of players from the HSBBWEB community.

It isnt bragging - its a list.

As you told me - if you dont care for the list - just ignore it - and move on.

P.S. Since you appear to be new to the site - I must warn you - Bragging is also OK on the HSBBWEB. In fact - it is encouraged. Enjoy

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