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After reading these posts I checked the Mustangs, Knights, Patriots, Tigers (none) Panthers (none), wesites. No one has the rosters posted except the Knights. I see they have many players who's names are recognizable (Linebaugh, Matthews, Reidell, Langford). The thing that I noticed was, most of these players played for different teams last summer. Looking at the 03 stats page and the 04 roster page, I saw only 1 returning player. How were they able to "recruit" these players without any "name" players as "bait" when there are many good teams in the area bidding for most of the same kids. I would have written the Knights off for this summer if I had known they had only 1 returning player. However, looking at their roster I think they will compete. I know the Tigers Panthers and Patriots are returning the bulk of their rosters from last summer. All have many good players (Panthers: Blue, Guerra), (Tigers: Clark, Garrison, Kluber), (Patriots: Abeita, Snodgrass, Whatley). One team many overlook is the FW Blackhawks. They have many good players from the FW area. I see from their site the B-Hawks are playing the Knights at TCU June 2nd. This is the opener for both teams (I think). I'm sure it will be Gallardo vs Linebaugh or Matthews. This will be a scouts paradise leading into the draft as Gallardo is the 8th rated HS player in the country.

Secondly. Why do the other teams have their rosters hidden? Is there some secret? I know, maybe they are embarrassed to show them.

Lastly, why do the Tigers or Panthers not have a site for their older teams?

This summer should be a good one if you are a fan.
Don't know where Johnson has signed yet but, I hope someplace 2nd in area with wins 10, 4th in K's 106, ERA 1.71. Bolling had to be in the top five in K's in 4A, 120 something last time I checked in the FWST, he's a Jr.

We only have 3, 18's rest of the team is 17, guess we're really a year away, but we'll be ok.
Seed Hitter,

These organizations, for the most part, are reputable, and have traditionally been at the forefront of Dallas Select ball. Their names alone tend to attract attention because they've been around forever...And, they do a fairly good job of promoting players thru their respective "network" of college connections, etc.
Agree with Blackhawks. Arlington heat is good, too. Cecil Espy, Arlington Wizards, usually has a good group...

I don't think rosters are hidden, but these guys may not see the value of a website. (fluff?) Perhaps they'd rather train than "maintain"...just a thought...
The 16U Arlington Heat team will be competitive, but will not finish in the top 6 at BBI. It will be close, and I could be wrong about that.

We are not going to AABC, have no plans to attend. It isn't in our plans.

That is not why our team was put together.

We are a pure 15 team with 2 16's (was informed Sunday that we might have 3 16's, who knows.)

I think we showed what we are Saturday, our second game out we lost to the Knights 15 in the bottom of the 7th in a 5-4 game.

We will play the tough teams close, but we also have a set rotation on the pitchers, and will not save our #1 starter just because XYZ team is on the schedule.

Everybody has a different philosophy on how to run a team. Some are all about win/loss record, some others are about teaching kids fundementals.

While we aren't truely in either of those categories, we are a blend of winning to keep the kids interested, but the main focus will be to let the coach instill some of his expertise upon the kids. Since he played Major League Ball for 10 years or so, has 2 world series rings and an All Star Game appearance and on top of that Managed in the minors, I am hoping for the best.

Before we will hit our stride, we will have to play some more games. We basically have kids from 3 different teams merged together and they still are trying to learn the other kids' names, let alone knowing how to play together.

Next year will be a different situation.

I will also be interested to see how Chris' 18U team does, as I know quite a few players on the team.
Originally posted by Bob15:

You say that you won't be in the top 6 in the 16&U, so i was wondering who your top 6 teams are ?

I think Baller is pretty close on his top 6

BBI 16U Division Prediction (no particular order)

Dbat 16
Tigers 16
Knights 16
Patriots 16
Tigers Ingram

Dbat 15 - Knights 15 - Bulls 16

Except that I would put DBat in front ot the Tigers Ingram and I have no idea about the Bulls until we play them.

I still think (as I said over the winter) that DBat 15's are the best pure 15 year old team in the region. And all you Tiger lovers can tell me who they added, yes I know, but I still think DBat will be the team to beat.

But hey, I've been wrong before and I'm sure I'll be wrong again.
The baller squaller is pretty close on his divination.

I wouldn't put Dbat 15's above Ingram 15's necessarily, they may be better, but looking at the schedule I think Ingrams 15 has a more favorable schedule.

The big three are definately Dbat 16, Knights 16, and Tigers 16. Depending on who wins qualifier tournaments any one of these three will win BBI league.

I know there will be some supporters of Dbat 15, Tigers Ingram, Knights 15 but there is no way a pure 15 will win BBI. It hasn't happened in recent memory and it wont happen this year either.
deal is you're probably correct, except the high school team slam. No high school teams in the select division. We're only playing 12 games in league. Which really means three tourney's ( Dave likes to call them showcase, but that's because that's the new buzz-word in Connie Mack age kids. At least I've talked Chris ( Cover All Bases ) into playing tourney's instead of the old Arlington Sundowner ( which is no longer ) Maybe next year he'll agree to BBI, but he makes his money on his younger teams. We're not ready to play the big boys ( Tigers, Stars, Knights ) but we play both Blackhawk teams, Wizard 18u, & a new group out of Arlington called the Colt 45's on Weds. nights, just for games. Then we play at TCU, Navarro, UTA twice, & Burkburnett. Bottonline we play some good programs, much improved schedule over last year.
Originally posted by Baller:

Two of Ingrams best players, one of which is a pretty good 15 year old pitcher are still in the playoffs.

Well, we won't have a couple of our kids due to playoffs also. So, it should be a good game.

And I don't know how you can say they are some of their "best" players. At this level, in my opinion, all of the players contribute that are on the lineup card.

If not, the coach didn't do a good job recruiting.

Pitching and defense win titles not offense. Just check the Texas Rangers world series appearances over the last decade. According to the Knights website: in 2003 the Tigers gave up 27 runs in three games using 3 quality arms, while only producing a mere 10 runs in three games. From all observations, the Knights pitching is comperable and deeper than 2003, while the Tigers pitching has regressed as a whole. Has the Tigers offense improved that much??????
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