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Nice story.

Robert beat us in that 2006 CWS and beat us in a 4 game CUSA series this weekend. It was a great series.

It didn't hurt so much because of my 18 year friendship with his dad. Clayton Woodard always knows the right things to say.

Robert and son have known each other for a long time, but I was so happy son got to meet Prepster.

My son's story is but one of many instances of Coach Williams' selflessness and kindness that I had the opportunity to witness at the College World Series. Both years I attended, I had the pleasure and privilege of sitting either next to him or just in front of or behind him at a number of games.

Among his most memorable practices: At the conclusion of each half inning, a line of autograph-seekers and well-wishers would form. At each and every one, he would stand up, greet each person, agree to their request, and thank them genuinely for their interest and support. Every single person, without exception.

Speaking of pleasures and privileges, it was exactly that for me when given my first opportunity to meet TPM's son this past weekend when his team played ours! As TPM says, I've known that our sons have been friends ever since they played in the same conference; and, that my son has the highest regard for hers as both a coach and a person.

Next year, I'm hoping that all of us will be able to get together when we travel down to Florida for our series there.

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My brush with Roy Williams greatness......

About 15 years ago, I'm walking UNC's campus with one of their IT Directors.   This is a few months removed from their NCAA basketball championship against Illinois.  The IT Director is a big walker, and would rather meet walking the campus than in a stuffy meeting room.  We're walking past the "Dean Dome", and Coach Williams is finishing up a  mid-morning jog in the NC summer.   The guy was in great shape for his age.   At the same time, we all spot a dog and a litter of puppies crossing the road.   Coach Williams (still out of breath) and the two of us try to lure the puppies inside (the Dome) until we can figure out what to do with them.   I'm introduced to Coach Williams.  He makes a few phone calls to take care of the dogs.   Within minutes, the UNC facilities people are there, and we are assured the dogs will be well taken care of.  Apparently, Coach Williams is a big animal lover, and a really nice guy!

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