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His formula makes complete sense. It sucks, but it's the way it is.

The thing that no one is talking about is how FSU totally ducked the issue of withdrawing a scholarship offer, then renewing the offer a mere year later. The FSU Rivals site had a quote when this story broke that players that did things like Tyler Hibbs, a legal adult at the time, did, wouldn't be tolerated within the program, however, after the scholarship gets pulled, where does he go, right to the FSU feeder school.

College coaches in all sports complain about their schools and programs getting poor reputations for the discipline of their players, but they continually do things like this, letting a player back on through a weak back door option.
So what you propose is a life time ban from college baseball right? If any program takes him , under your way of thinking they are doing the wrong thing. So every kid that gets arrested , makes a poor decision etc should be banned from college sports , right? I just want to be clear on what you believe should have been done. If state u or juco u takes him they are allowing him to be a part of their program knowing about his past issues. So how are they any different than FSU giving him a second chance?

Now when he moves on in life and goes for a job what happens? How do you give him a job over anyone else that has never been arrested or has any known blemishes on him? So we ban him from life as well? When does the punishment stop in your world? When does a person have an opportunity to make amends for their past? Hmmm one strike and your out in some peoples minds.

I wonder if you would feel the same way if it were your kid or you? Maybe you would. My last post on this topic enough has already been said. I just find it hard to believe people can say they are for second chances and then get upset when a kid gets one. Oh well.
Cleveland/CoachMay--Let's not worry about Hibbs here. Let's focus on the the other 12 kids, age 11 and 12, who stood in line on countless spring mornings at practice and heard the coach tell them that they have to tow the line. What do you say to them at this point now, 8 years later, when they listened and obeyed? I do understand all about 2nd chances. We all get them (though who DESERVES them?). I guess that we just say, well, those kids have other talents and their willingness to follow the law and rules will allow them to excel in some other arena (e.g., business, education, coaching). I'll grant you that we should give these young people second chances--will you grant that the words the coaches preach become, at least, less meaningful, if not meaningless? Will you grant that when we start granting these second chances, we start down the slippery slope of moral relativism? Will you grant that it throws integrity out the window in many cases? I live in the real world, and understand it quite well. But the real world does not HAVE TO BE an unfair, unjust, dishonest one--it is only because we make it so.
Moderator note: CD - I think everyone has had ample opportunity to make their points in this thread. The spirit of the thread was to wish the young man well and now it seems to have veered off somewhere else.
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