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Style is a personal choice. The size should be 12.75 or 13 inches. 13 is the largest allowed. My son used a Wilson A2000 12.75 in high school. He had to use a Rawlings Pro Preferred 12.75 in college. I used a Rawlings 12.75 in high school and college. I don’t remember the model.

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12.75 or 13"  H-web or Trapeze web are typical outfielder gloves.   At that price point I've been a fan of Rawlings Gold Glove Gamers if you can find them.  They were replaced by the Gamer and then the R9 which just somehow don't feel quite the same as the original GG Gamer.  But that's a personal feel.

Mizuno has some good gloves at that pricepoint,  the MVP Prime and Elite Prime.

Really you are talking about 3 levels of gloves in your price range, so there should be a wide variety to choose from.  I only mention the lower end ones that I felt were good enough to get away with even at HS level.

My HS sophomore son tends to stick around at this level for anything but his catchers mitt, since he sees much less time out in front of the plate.  No sense buying a $350  glove if you play the outfield 2 or 3 times a year.

the difference is usually the stiffness and quality of the leather, ie the more expensive gloves last longer, if you are going to go through a new one every two years, no sense buying something that will last 5.  Especially if you are not in an adult size glove yet.

So those are ideas,  but the only way to pick a glove is to go try it on, you'll know right away if you like it.  just start at the lower end and go up, not the other way around otherwise you might be stuck buying a more expensive glove than you wanted to. ;-)

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