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Hello, I'm a current redshirt freshman for a D2 school in West Virginia and I'm having an issue with finding a team for next summer. My coach doesn't help new players find summer teams so it's been a little difficult on my end to find a team. I am willing to travel anywhere to play this summer but I'm just having trouble finding the right leagues to look at. If anyone has any suggestions for any leagues that offer good play and give great opportunities or any advice, I'd really appreciate it honestly. Thank you.

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My son had a coach in college who also did not really help with placement. My son emailed coaches of individual teams he was interested in playing for. My advice for you as a freshman is to concentrate on some of the lower level summer leagues where you will have more playing opportunities and as you gain more experience you can seek out opportunities in the more highly regarded leagues.  You will gain experience and improve your playing even in the lesser known leagues.

Target some leagues, then send a short well-written e-mail to the general managers of the teams, plus perhaps to the league president.  In some leagues, the league will forward it to all teams, in others it will get trashed, so stay patient.   In your e-mail, put your name, contact info, size, experience, sell yourself-list your best assets-power, defense, speed, multi-position, etc. and include your coach's contact info.  I see a lot of these and some are horribly written-the good ones stand out because they show the player took the trouble to do it right. List anything of interest-singing the national anthem, community activities, etc.  You are trying to catch someone's eye. Be aware that by now, many rosters are filled.    Good luck.

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Chris F..

Hello, I know a lot of kids go down to Myrtle Beach for the summer to play.

do a google search for the beach leagues.. Ask some fo your teammates where they play.

I heard of a 19U summer team that is starting up this summer in WV 26330 area.

and might be looking for players? 



I hope they had a better experience than most in the two Myrtle Beach leagues. See the posting here to view more of this discussion:



I would not advise anyone to choose any of the two MB leagues unless an athlete has no other choice.


Chris F,

I would also look close to home, most area's have some sort of local league where you live at home and play during the week and weekends. In central ohio we have the Oicba:


The winner goes to the aaaba tournament in Johnstown PA every year.


Take a look around that site and see if one of your local leagues sends a team there. 

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Thanks for the heads up on that beach league.. I will cross them off my list when it comes time for my son to play summer ball somewhere..

@ Group.. thanks for all the other league info too. 

I guess the OP will have to research them all and find his fit... doesnt look like the school is willing to help the players from that school..or dont have the contact info.


good luck to the OP.




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