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My 15yo has a goal of adding 25lbs the next 18 months.  Is that possible? I know,hard to say without knowing where he is with maturation  and what genes he has.  He has a lot of lean muscle and a high metabolism and very little body fat. His height is probably close to his max potential.  How best to safely add mass? Can you share daily food plans if you have them? Any success stories of how much healthy weight your high schoolers have put on since 15yo?

Also, he is a 3 sport athlete (football, basketball, baseball) with 2 overlapping seemingly all the time so calories are being burned all the time...

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What is his height, wt and BF%? What is his daily caloric intake? How much sports activity is he doing? Can he squeeze in a day or more of lifting? I think it is very possible to add 25 lbs in 18 months, however it will require a very strict diet and some amount of heavy lifting...a discipline very challenging to teenagers

Do Starting Strength + gallon of milk a day. Squats and oats = mass. Focus on strength gains and the mass comes with it. Gotta eat big to get big. Work toward a 4 plate squat, and the mass will pour on; building strong hips, glutes and core. DON'T neglect straight bar deadlifts, it has no equal for building the posterior chain.

I did starting strength several times at different points. Started my son on a modified version (dumb bench bench, trapbar deadlifts, and landline press.) and more of a high bar squat than low bar. Worked very well. Just keep in mind that at some point you'll have to switch to another program once you're out of the beginner phase.

In addition to normal eating and his workout plan ...peanut butter and jelly sandwich between each normal meal ...double the chicken at Chipotle for lunch...banana split before bed...mine went from 168 - 187 between June 9th and August 18th...coaches were happy about the *ss he put on over the summer...eventually shed back to 182...still runs between 6.74 - 6.82 on every timed 60 just as he did before...don't overcomplicate it...

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