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I would greatly appreciate people passing along their current/recent experiences or knowledge as to where we stand with NCAA recruiting rules for baseball.  In particular, the following questions are on my mind:

1.  Are we done with COVID exceptions to the roster limit (normally 35), the aggregate scholarship limit (normally 11.7 equivalencies) and the number of players who may receive aid (normally 27)?  If not, when are those slated to revert to pre-2020?  Or will they stick?

2.  Is the ability to transfer without sitting out a year going to be here to stay, or will we revert to the pre-COVID applicability of the one-year sit-out requirement?

3.  Are all Power 5 conference programs still required to include 4/5-year guarantees in their NLI's to recruits?

4. What are people experiencing with respect to programs being willing, or unwilling, to extend the 4/5-year guarantees?

5.  Are baseball players able to cash in to any extent on the new world order of name, image and likeness?  I've heard a few rumors of unique situations, but is it likely to become prevalent?  If so, this would really help close financial gaps for players who typically get 25-60%, perhaps even for "walk-ons," and especially for high cost private university players.

Thanks in advance for any factual information people can provide.  (I would ask that people refrain from posting messages that don't, so that we can focus on actual, fact-based information.)

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I believe next year will be the last year of Covid for the majority. Red shirts or Juco transfers may have one more possible year but I’m not sure.

i think you can still only transfer once d1-d1 without sitting out but someone correct me if that’s changed in the last few months.

i haven’t heard that P5, changed but regardless they can get you out if they really want to unless you are willing to finish without baseball.

Are you referring to extending to a grad year? Depends how good you are.

Some top players are making good money on NIL. The vast majority are probably under 20k if any. Top 5% make more. Some make a lot. That said, some of the wealthy and IL programs are not doing well. There is something to be said for team chemistry and dynamics. I think there are definitely some issues when some players are getting paid a lot and others are not, and the ones that are being paid a lot aren’t always the biggest contributors. There are also instances where players are getting NIL instead of scholarship. It doesn’t always close the gap, sometimes it just replaces scholarship money.

@baseballhs posted:

i think you can still only transfer once d1-d1 without sitting out but someone correct me if that’s changed in the last few months.

This is possibly changing really soon. We thought the transfer portal was bad now, if this passes, it will literally be a yearly free agency.

"The NCAA Division I Council could adopt emergency legislation this month for a new transfer rule that would allow all undergraduate athletes to transfer and play immediately if they meet specific academic requirements, a source confirmed to ESPN on Monday.

The proposed legislation, which was first reported by The Athletic, would not limit the number of times an athlete can transfer. Athletes would still have two transfer windows and wouldn't be able to transfer midyear and play for a second school in the same season."

Some of the rules are being forced to change for the benefit of the athletes. Congress is on the NCAAs tail threatening them. More freedom creates chaos. But for the individual student looking for change it’s a benefit.

The government getting on the NCAAs tail makes me wonder if it’s why they chose Charlie Baker, a former politician and a former CEO as its president.

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