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Originally posted by KellerDad:
...but there are rules in place for backup fields for a reason and apparently they were not followed by Coach English.

I'm still really curious about these mysterious rules. If you were wrong in bashing Coach English over rules that don't exist, at least admit you were wrong. Or explain to me the rules. Either one.
PD ~ This is for you,
When opposing coaches meet they get all the details settled either by agreement or a flip of a coin. They should, (but it is not required) get backup plans in case it rains on any of the days involved in the playoff round. Getting an alternate site for worst case scenario is an option but not required. Bottom line is only those who were at the meeting know the truth about any backup plan involving Coppell and Keller.
That's the two head coaches and anyone they brought with them. And Yes ~ Plan B's get trashed sometimes when a nuetral field accepts another series to avoid being left empty all weekend. There's money to be made out of those concession stands. When that happens, neither of those schools who got stood up will ever be back there to play. JMO
Hey Meatsdad

Nice Post about the game at Coppell, but possibly because of all the noise and playoff tension your facts are not truly accurate. Unfortunately; I had to sit near the Keller kids and watched the incident. First of all the Coppell fans where on the Third Base side and the Keller kids were in the middle secton on the 3rd base side - not the right field side.

While they were loud, there were being kids - I never heard them say anything about a pither's arm pop, or add profanity - but to your defense; maybe I tuned them out. What I did see was some Coppell parent yelling at the kids, rather than being an adult and walking over and talking to them - again - dont know who it was a dont care.

Bottom line is that WE ADULTS; need to set examples for the kids. Both sides of parents need to learn something for this. I think what might have added to the problem was when Coppell parents immediately started clapping after a Keller kid was hit by a pitch. He was on his knees the plate and it seem to excite some fans.

Both teams had a heck of a Double Header and it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if that ball had been caught by Keller. Great kids, Great baseball.

Good Luck to Coppell - I hope you go all the way
ok heres my view on this subject:

I dont agree at all with the fans, but most of these kids havnt played baseball since they were 6 or 7, and frankly dont like the sport.

these kids are going to the games because there friends are in the playoffs and they want to have something to cheer for, baseball is put on the backburner until all sports are done (at least at Jesuit)

these kids dont understand the logistics of baseball and therefore are reduced to this offensive heckling..

Well, let me see if I have this right.
The party of the first part is discontent over the party of the second part's actions.
The party of the second part has admitted said role in alleged dealings.
The party of the first part has alluded to conspiring to manipulate opponent’s mental and physical limitations through what is deemed inappropriate verbiage.
Meanwhile, the party of the second part is remorseful for actions of cerebral flatulation.
Wherein therefore, all parties are unsympathetic to the plight of all other party's parts.

By Jove, I think I've got it...the rain in Coppell stays mainly on the field. Big Grin
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Raining again....I wonder if all this rain is Coach English's fault.

As for whatever other sub-topic I had commented on in this thread, I deleted my comments.

If cutter1 and STD3 want to continue that's fine.

Please post the video....or we could just talk about the weather some more....or we could talk about baseball.

But wait, Keller has to wait until next year to talk about baseball while at least the Coppell faithful still have baseball to talk about at least for this week....maybe longer if Coach English keeps making it rain.

The only video our fans shot during the game was of the play at the plate. The catcher wasn't on the plate and he didn't make the tag in time, the player was safe. The orginal call should have stood and the run should counted. Excellent two strike bunt and great jump by the player on third. I will admit the play by the third baseman was almost as good, incrediable play dropping to his knees and sliding. Did he barehand the ball to toss it to the catcher? Now that play would be worth posting on Utube.

I do think it is telling that Keller fans video the crowd and Coppell fans video the game.
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Originally posted by Ken Guthrie:
Originally posted by Line Drive:

Ken, you may have been on to something for a long time.

fixed it for you. Wink

And now I've fixed it. Big Grin

LineDrive - Shhh, the sweet angels I taught would never behave in such a manner. Their parents; however, are a different story.
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Originally posted by strandedon3rd:
I think MeatsDad's memory must be clouded by his rage towards some kids. One Keller parent has most of your exchange with the kids and with an adult who had stood up and told you to get over it on video maybe it should end up on utube and then we can let everyone form their own opinions of the truth.

Originally posted by FormerObserver:
T-Bird, you are an amazing man.

As they say about the little old lady at FBC, with cerebral flatulation........

Bless her heart.


With a 16 YO son, an 11 YO son, a 5 YO male (although he is fixed) dog and MAYBE a 45 YO husband (may be fixed if he keeps posting), she has become an expert at flatulence. Eek

Bless her heart! Cool

Glad you deleteted your comments since they were not accurate. Had Keller filmed the crowd it would have shown some un-Christian actions. Hope it was not you.

Strange how the home plate ump forgot the intentional walk and called the player safe because he was not tagged - but with bases loaded he was out as it was a force at home plate. Get over it - you won the game, even if it was on an error.

Be a man and move on - Keller is out and Coppell is in.

Like I said - the kids did play great baseball and good luck to Coppell.

Maybe the parents can learn to act like adults in future events
Originally posted by cutter1:

Glad you deleteted your comments since they were not accurate. Had Keller filmed the crowd it would have shown some un-Christian actions. Hope it was not you.

Get over it - you won the game, even if it was on an error.

Be a man and move on - Keller is out and Coppell is in.

Maybe the parents can learn to act like adults in future events

I am going to have to be with MeatsDad on this one. He apologized and now your getting all on his case. To me it sounds like your just a bitter keller parent mad that their son is out of the playoffs. I was at the last game of the series watching Mr. Green pitch for a little and I heard kids yelling stuff about his arm popping.

I shouldn't even have gotten into this but I felt that someone needed to say something to your post.
Sorry thats all I have to say about that. Smile
Kids will be 2004, Grapevine kids (fans) were mocking PK of FM (due to an injury sustained the previous fall) and he proceeded to "go yard" and smiled at the appreciative fans as he crossed home. A good friend of mine said "riding the ump or coach is ok but never, never is it acceptable....AS AN mock, argue, ridicule or ride a kid!"
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OK-guess what-I was there too. My wife and I sat between the bleachers behind home plate and the first base line.
The main problem was the JV kids. They were saying things throughout the entire game that were totally out of line. Not just with Cole--everything-they were giving Keller a really bad name.
You could have cut the tension with a knife. Meatsdad was really only trying to offset what was coming from these kids. I did not hear what he said because I was so focused on the game. I did see the Keller parent, who was sitting right next to these kids, stand up and scream "shut up". Gee whiz-it was the start of the second game and we were up 2-0 and Green was pitching. I am sure he just cracked.
Anyway, Meatsdad went back to his spot by the dugout and the parental thing was over as far as I could tell. I can tel you for a fact that Meatsdad is nothing but class. However, the kids kept it up. I can tell you this. If our kids were doing this I would have shut them up. It was really bad.
Ok, umps. The guy who called the game behind the plate Thursday and did first base was ridiculous. Both ways!! Now, the balk was not a balk. Come on-Cole has been pitching for 10 years-I think he knows what a balk is. The kid was safe at home because the catcher tried to block the plate instead of tagging the force. No way the guy umping first makes that call. I think Keller got hosed on some calls too (the last strike call in the first game was inexcusable).
Bottom line, Keller has one heck of a ballclub. Good hitters, well coached and as far as I could tell they made like 1 error in the whole series. It's a shame these 2 met in the first round.

PS-want to talk about umpiring? First, I have done it and it's not easy-every parent should have to call a couple of games to get the feel--but-get this--Cameron got beaned in the 6th inning. The umpire said he did not make an attempt to get out of the way. Well, based on everything else that happened and the close game I was ticked. He walked anyway, but after the game, My wife asked him about it. He said, "Heck yeah I leaned into it-it was a good call"---You never know!
Let's bury this thread and go on. Thanks
Concerning Cam and the practice of learning how to be hit by a pitch....

The kids know what they're doing -- they know how to get hit -- and they know that reaching base in that way may help their team. Most know that there is a chance that the ump will not allow it. They're ok with it -- we should be too.

My oldest son was reprimanded once for "wearing" one -- by his coach! who wanted him to hit in that situation. He was just trying to keep an inning going. *shrug*

We will not reach 100% agreement on the series of events from last weekend....or this weekend....or next....ok, you get my point. I agree that we should move on. There is no shame in losing to Coppell -- or Keller for that matter.
The main reason I told the story about Cameron was to acknowledge (mainly to me) that there is so much going on during the games that we as fans "assume". I am probably the worst with this. I have known this kid for like 18 years and never knew he was taught to look for this opportunity. Man, when I was playing I would never take a hit. Too much of a wimp! Not surprised though. I have had several of the boy's high school coaches comment that Trey and Cameron know the "game" better than they do. That comes directly from Tommy and Linty. Money well spent.

I worried about my post on the Keller game. I was just frustrated by the banter from both sides when there was a pretty darn good game going on. I never thought we could beat Keller twice. Again, a shame they had to meet in the first round. (one other tidbit of stress-our big end of the year Banquet was Sunday night-If we lose a game or we get rained out that banquet is a funeral instead of a party-guess who was in charge of the banquet?--yep--Rene--so imagine what my Saturday was like??!! haha)

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