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PGStaff posted:

The master...

Is he cheating? Try to stop the video on first pop of catchers glove and check out his position. What would college coaches think?

PG-  What I see is he has a slightly turned body while waiting to receive.  As he is receiving the ball he has already initiated his body to turn as the ball hits the mitt.  In the initial posters video, he never moves till after the ball hits the mitt.   This was what I was trying to get the initial poster to understand.  And if I recall his video he was completely square to the pitcher during his throw downs...I would also have him in a stance where his right foot would be slightly behind the left...

Am I seeing this the same way you are?

Kevin A posted:


Here is Lucroy "cheating" receiving a pitch while warming up.

Freddy-  Why dont you tell me what major league teams, college teams would say about it...


I don't know about MLB or college.

But I think that a typical HS catcher increases his risk of mishandling the pitch if he's coached to try to get a headstart on his jumpshift (In a game.)  Especially on lower pitches.

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