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Here was a recent post by deldad that I really enjoyed:
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Anatomy of a GOOD high school parent:

The five tools-

1. A mouth that only utters positive things about the team.

2. A tongue that refuses to wag.

3. Eyes that are not covered with rose colored lenses

4. Hands that fit a rake.

5. A mind that has the capability of seeing the BIG PICTURE.
This is just so very, very sad.

Just the other day a freshman at USC was killed by a hit and run driver and now more senseless deaths in the same horrific fashion.

My deepest sympathies. There just really are no words but to take some comfort in the fact that this young man had accomplished so much and had realized his dream. Frown

May he rest in peace.
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If anyone hears of a fund/charity or a way to send flowers, please post.

My wife and I are sick to our stomach. Want to do something to help provide the teeniest of comfort if possible.

As TPM posted, Nick's father is a wonderful man...very humble. He helped me immensely with helpful and encouraging words when our son was injured. I want to reach back if its possible.

My prayers continue.
This is heartbreaking:
Adenhart is survived by his father Jim and mother Janet. His family released the following statement:

"Nick's family expresses sincere gratitude for all the help the Angels have provided. He lived his dream and was blessed to be part of an organization comprised of such warm, caring, and compassionate people. The Angels were his extended family. Thanks to all of Nick's loyal supporters and fans throughout his career. He will always be in everyone's hearts forever."

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I am heartbroken to learn of this horrific tragedy that words cannot describe. I will be praying for the Adenhart family. For the presence of the Peace that Passes all Understanding.

May you find comfort in the love and support of your family and find some comfort from those here on the hsbbweb who are praying for you and your family.
God of us all, your love never ends. When all else fails, you still are God.
We pray to you for this family and friends who are in your hands, and for all, everywhere, who mourn with us this day.
To those who doubt, give light;
To those who are weak, strength;
To all who sorrow, your peace.
Keep true in us the love which we ask you to bestow on the Adenhart’s in this their time of need.
In all our ways we trust you. And to you, on earth and in heaven, we offer honor and glory, now and forever.

There are no words to describe my feelings when I learned of this news.
As I listened to the Angels GM describe how this 22 year old impacted every person on the team and in the front office with his leadership and presence, it was touching, heartfelt and conveyed so much about this wonderful person.
I am so saddened to be typing this post.
deldad and family, please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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