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Nick Adenhart Memorial Fund

I found this by Googling.

A follow up...there is a nice way to remember Nick with a donation of any size. The memorial fund targets assistance to youth baseball leagues in need. It appears the memorial fund was set up with the help of Nick's mother and deldad.

Nick Adenhart Memorial Fund to Assist Youth Baseball Leagues

The short of it is...

Donations to the

Nick Adenhart Memorial Fund
C/O Geier Financial Group
2205 Warwick Way, Suite 200
Marriottsville, MD 21104
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I wanted to share the photos below with the board. They were displayed on the big screen in left field as part of a tribute to Nick Adenhart during this year's AFLAC All-American game.

One photo has special meaning to me because of the fact that it is a picture of my son's jersey sleeve. Each player's jersey had "Nick A." proudly displayed.

AFLAC & PG did a great job with the tribute and had the entire stadium give a moment of silence in remembrance of Nick.

I was not smart enough to attach the photos myself, so MN-Mom was gracious enough to upload the photos to the server and provide the links... Thanks Julie.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

This next one had nothing to do with the tribute to Nick, but somehow it seemed fitting to post.

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Originally posted by justbaseball:
sportsfan - Thanks for posting those photos. Our son played with Nick in the very first AFLAC game. Both he and I have very fond memories of Nick. I think having a child in the same age brings it awfully close.

Hang onto that jersey, its priceless!

Geez it still feels so awful. Always will I guess.

Tom, your comment is what struck me when I looked at these pictures. Seeing Nick's birthdate up there reminded me that my own son was born one year later. He had so much life left to live and so many blessings ahead.... it's hard to understand losses like that.

Thanks for sharing those pictures sportsfan.
This appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer sports section yesterday along with other American League notes:

"A tribute to Angels' AdenhartThe Little League field in Halfway, Md., where former Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart began his career was named after the player Sunday. A red, white and blue sign designates the diamond as Nicholas James Adenhart Memorial Field. Adenhart and two others were killed by an allegedly drunken driver shortly after a game April 9."
I'd like to bump this thread despite the fact that it is nearly two years old. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story, Nick Adenhart was a young Angels prospect who had been called up to the Major Leagues and pitched on April 9th, 2009. Later that night, his life was tragically taken from him in a car accident in which he and two other friends were killed by a drunk driver.

This past Sunday deldad, Nick's stepfather, joined us on the newly formed HSBBWeb radio show for a very special interview in which we discussed everything from Nick's childhood to his professional career to the aftermath of the incident to his family's perseverance and current affairs. The word "perspective" is certainly a word that comes to mind. I hope each of you take some time out of your day to possibly skim through this memorable thread and tune into the interview, as we were incredibly grateful that Duane was gracious enough to take time out of his life to share the story with us.

Link to the radio show:
njbb, I was just thinking the same thing. My boys were out on the road this holiday weekend and Nick and his family were on my mind in conjunction with that.

This fall, deldad offered my two college sons (play at the same school) a pair of Nick's spikes. It's a California school, so all of their teammates know the situation. The spikes will be placed in a special case and be in the dugout for every home game. It was a very special gesture on deldad's part, and it means so much to these boys on the team.

Meant a lot to me as well.

deldad, you have a PM.
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While I have never met him or his family, Nick's legacy lives on with another great tribute to him here.  He is obviously remembered fondly and continues to touch lives.  May God continue to bless his family and also allow us all to have his memory live on.  Favorite quote from the story:


"Soft spoken and polite, light-hearted and generous of spirit, Adenhart was the kind of guy a father would have loved to see his daughter bring home for dinner. His loss remains incalculable."

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