I am so sad I can hardly type. I am so devaszxtated for deldad and their whole family...I have no words! God Bless you all!
I am just speechless right now.I dont think this week could get any worse

I just watched him pitch beautifully last night, its like this is a bad dream. He was taken far before his time, and for what?What has society become? I am a huge angels fan, and I have tracked Nick for years.I am just moved right now.

Rest in peace nick.I was looking forward to watching you make a name for yourself in the angels organization. I respected the fact that he battled through so many injuries to get to the show.
Prayers to the Adenhart family. Nick was known throughout Northern Virginia in his high school days as one that was going places. His name came up quite often around the showcase circuit back then.

I think he was pitching in a benefit game to raise money for his high school when he injured his elbow, had the TJ surgery and recovered stronger than ever as evidenced last night.

How horrible that a hard working talented kid is taken away so young in life. Really makes you think.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Nick's family, friends, and teammates.

Our deepest condolences, Deldad, to you and yours.
My thoughts go out to all family and friends affected.
Just a reminder to cherish everything you have in life. Never take it for granted that tomorrow is promised, live for today. Enjoy watching your kid play the game he loves. Grow up with your kid and cherish every moment you have with them.
Players, always leave everything on the field. Enjoy being on the field and appreciate everything all the gifts you have in life. You never know what will happen.
Again to Deldad and all the family and friends, my deepest condolences
Thoughts and prayers to the Adenhart family from our family as well. I can't even imagine where I would find the strength to deal with such a tragedy, but I pray that you find it.
We live and are from Orange County CA. As a community we are grieving. We were so excited to have Nick on the Angels. He was the real deal.

Our family to Deldad and family; We are so sorry for your loss. You raised a great ball player and an even better son. All of our sons will be better from Nick's example.

My heart is sick, but as a believer in our Lord I feel sure he is in a better place today.

RIP Nick Adenhart
Our thoughts and prayers are with Nick and his family. What a sad reminder as to how fragile life is. I think we all will hug our kids (children and adult) a little tighter.
Just came in from out of town. I am so sorry to hear such horrible news. God bless This family and my prayers will be with them.
I was in Fort Myers, FL this morning when I saw the news. I got sick to my stomach thinking what Nick's family and friends back in Western MD were going through.

To a person, those who came to know Nick through his recruitment at UNC soon learned that he was as fine or finer a person than he was a player...and, he was a very special player.

My deepest and sincerest sympathies go out to the Adenhart family.
Wow. We all have sons but none of us can even imagine how painful the loss is. I pray for Nick's parents and friends. I pray that somehow some way, God will find a way in time to give comfort to Nick's parents.

There are no words to make it better. Pray and pray, then pray some more. May God bless you all.
My son called me and told me yesterday and the horror that went through my mind. I just couldn't imagine. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
To the family, friends and teammates of Nick Adenhart and the family of the others who died in this tragic death:

Nothing I can say can adequately express my sincere sorrow over the loss you are feeling. As a baseball fan, I feel this loss but I imagine it is nothing compared to how you feel at this moment.

This is my first post but I have been reading these boards for a few months now. Nobody wants their first post to be like this.
To the Adenhart family,

Our hearts and prayers go out to you. May God give you strength.

The McConnell family
Midst all the grief involved with this event not to be overlooked is the manner in which the Angels organization has reacted, not to mention the entire MLB family---they are all to be commended
This was the middle of the afternoon, when the players normally would be stretching, playing catch, taking batting practice.

There was no game on this day; the Angels were to have played the Oakland A's, but it was postponed.
There was no one else on the field.

Jim Adenhart, wearing a red Angels pullover, walked slowly to the pitcher's mound. He lingered for a few minutes. He crouched, appearing to cry.

He stood up and looked to the heavens. He fixed his gaze there for a few moments. He bid farewell to his son, from the very place that made him so happy.

Oh no... my heart goes out to Nick's family, friends, and teammates. What a sad, sad time for them. I wish them strength, loving support, faith, and peace.
The article describing Nick's dad, being let into the stadium to grieve is perhaps the saddest thing I have ever read or heard in my life cry

A few hours before, he was experiencing the highest of all highs as his son pitched the game of his life in the BIG leagues. A few hours later as he was comfortably dreaming about that wonderful performance in his hotel, he received the most horrifying phone call. Unimaginable saddness and grief.... Unimaginable turn of events, tragically so. Even the Greeks could not have invented a tragedy of such devastating proportions.
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He wasn't just a major leaguer. He was a man who started his baseball career as an 18-year old boy with his arm in a sling. It took incredible will and determination to overcome his injury and recover. He not only did that, but he climbed to the top of professional baseball at the same time, which we all know is hard enough to do with a healthy arm. Talk about a leap of faith and guts.

He was very, very special from a baseball talent point of view, but that obviously paled in comparison to the size of his heart.....very big sniff.
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I first read about Nick in Baseball America a couple of years back and found myself rooting for him when I learned he was starting on Wednesday. I didn't know Nick or his family and until this thread I had no idea his dad posted here.

Wednesday night we turned on the game and my son and I watched him pitch a couple of innings. I explained what I'd read about Nick and the injury he'd overcome to achieve his dream. I had the DVR going and made a clip of him pitching. I hope nobody minds me sharing it.

Here is Nick striking out an Oakland batter with a 93mph fastball...

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Unimaginable saddness and grief....

Thanks, CD, your post put into words what my heart has been feeling............

We all know about highs and lows.

But, not many of us have experienced that high and that low.

All of us here are on that journey.

The longer you've been on the journey, the more it's understood.

To reach that pinnacle and have this happen is "Unimaginable saddness and grief.."

Then to see the power and strenth of that beautiful human being in that post above and know that one of our "sons" has been lost is.....

"Unimaginable saddness and grief..
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I recall having chatted with deldad a few times, but I did not connect the dots that Nick was his son. My family was driving home from a baseball tournie in Vegas, I was passing the time reading the news on my iPhone and read about Nick's death in a car accident. The other passenger that is in ICU (former Fullerton catcher) was slated to be catching coach for a Connie Mack team my son was invited to play for this summer....Not to mention the others in the car - so horrific.

Today I came on to this site, as I suspected Nick's family probably posted here, and I was right - only to find out it was deldad.

Everyone knows that alcohol and automobiles do not mix. Even despite the unspeakable actual loss of life, the driver of the minivan has also almost certainly had his "life" taken away from him for doing something so unimaginably stupid - driving while intoxicated (again). I cannot imagine a greater tragedy than losing a child - I do not know how the human being recovers from such a loss. In the past few years our home town community has seen far too much loss like this.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Adenhart family and to all others who have suffered the loss of a child. God must have a special place for all of them, God must give them extra strength to exist in the face of such tragedy.
Dad04, Thanks for sharing that article. I have thought so very much about the Adenhart's since hearing what has happened. Thinking of a dad performing the scene described has tears rolling down my face. To have such emotional highs followed the lowest of lows. May God be with this family and the families of the other victims. cry

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