Because of the recent site clean up one of my favorite topics was deleted, that being the one about top hitting instructors. It was through that that we found Steve Hayward at Strikes. I know there are alot of other great places to take lessons so I was hoping the topic would get started again. If it can help point someone else in the right direction then it will be worth it. There are alot of new people on the site lately so maybe we can help them out.

I'll start out and obviously I'd pick Steve Hayward at Strikes. Besides his technical knowledge on hitting he makes it fun for the players. Also, the atmosphere at Strikes is great.
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This is always a great thread. But my vote always go's to Steve Hayward at Strikes Baseball Acadamy. I always leave Strikes knowing that I am a better hitter than when I got there. Thanks Steve for all you have done for me.
The newest fellow with the best instruction is Joe Mazzuca. One of the best hitter's in Illinois HS history is giving lessons @ Mother Guerin on weekends. He can be contacted @ (708)227-4819
Sox...agreed. Joe is certainly one of the best and the kids respond well to him. Bobby Stevens has improved greatly working with Joe, as have others. Anyone interested in getting lessons from Joe can call the number that Sox provided or PM me.
stickwatcher, Joe has received offers and is evaluating them. He has a few options as he asked for and received his release from the Florida Marlins.
lol...In my opinion, when you hit .207 and strike out 1 out of every 4 times to the plate and you're 22 or so, they release you, you don't ask them for a release.

MLB organizations are real harsh on college players who they deem to be "organizational players" and don't produce immediately...Their attitude: let's see what we get in the next draft.

I was a hamburger, I know. All of you in high school hoping to get drafted and then give up some college and college money for $750 per month (for 3 months and then you have to get a real job) and a couple of coupons to McDonald's.

That is why school/college is so important for high schoolers...Can take away your dream of playing professional baseball, but they can't take what you have in your mind away from you.
Pony Mom- We come from Batavia to go to Strikes, it's about 35 minutes on a Sunday afternoon so it's about 30 miles. It's worth it!
Just Curious if the following take hitting lesson's and with who?
R.O'connor- oprf
D.Cales ss- mt.carmel
B.Steven's Holy Cross
M.Stalowy JCA.
N.Mitidiero Lockport.
J. Benson Jca.
k.Smalley St.Charles
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Stevens - works with Joe Mazzuca and at WSA with Marco (sorry don't know last name), but he has worked with many pros including A-Rod.
David Cales hits 3 or 4 nights a week from Nov to the end of Feburay at line drive . Works out with John Malee once a month for the past two years went he's in. Also had about 5 lessons with Steve at strikes.
batboy - hope all is well. I know David & Zagone signed with Mizzou but I never saw the rest of their class, do you have any info on that. Thanks
Hope every thing going well with you. I can't wait for is final year of HS baseball to start. Hope your son the best.This is what i found . Missouri Signing Class
RHP Aaron Crow - Wakarusa, Kansas (Washburn Rural)
LHP Ron Martin - St. Louis, Missouri (Forest Park CC)
C Dan Wise - Olathe, Kansas (North)
LHP Rick Zagone - Crystal Lake, Illinois (Prairie Ridge)
INF Kyle Mach - Chesterfield, Missouri (Parkway West)
RHP Brett Reynolds - Pea Ridge, Arkansas (Crowder CC)
2B Clay Ivy - Knoxville, Tennessee (Farragut)
LHP Ryan Lollis - Houston, Texas (Houston Christian)
RHP Jeff Duda - British Columbia (Central Arizona CC)
LHP Cory Lambert - Bryant, Arkansas (Bryant)
There are a lot of great hitting instructor's in the Chicago area. Here are my pick's to hit.
Jim Donovan Strikes
Jack Perconte Jack Perconte sports acadmy
Mark Hayward Ball Yard
Todd Fine
Pat Whaley Strikes
Joe Rodeghero USA
Jim Hall
Shaun Sanderson
This is just a few of the great instructors that are in the Illinois area.
Connor Powers,
Saw your article in the New HS baseball Mag. COngrats on being rated the best junior in the state! I have seen you play in the summer, and think you mite be the on of the best hitter's in the State!!!
Boy! that Truth baseball mag. is awesome!

Keep up the good work.
You are one of the nicest & most humble young men that I've had the pleasure to get to know.

Give "party Patti" our best.

Steve Sonen
new2thisite- My son is a freshman at Batavia and played for Wasco 13's last summer. This summer his playing with the Wisconsin Diamond Kings as well as the high school summer team. If your from LT do you work out at Strikes?
New- Sorry just read your profile, thought you might be a player. Any chance your son's are players I've heard of?
i hit with steve hayward 2 to 3 times a week. He makes me a 100 time better hitter. I've been hitting with him since i was a Sophomore. Steve is the man. Ummm BOP Steve!!
If lt-brew-ss is Dan Brewer I just wanted to say my dad saw you play, and said your the best short-stop he has seen since he played against Paul Petrulus of Oak Park,back a while ago . He say's you are a better hitter but he gives the edge to petrulus in fielding so work on your fielding lol, my dad told me to write this.
There are many more geat hitting instructors, most of the ones people have named i have seen work with other and they really dont do anything they just throw short toss and thats it. I have never ever seen any of them throw farther back than that.

I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but doesn't it stand to reason that if you were standing further away from the hitter, wouldn't it be more difficult to properly see the swing. After all, wouldn't the tosser/pitcher be trying to avoid being hit by the batted ball (we know there is some sort of screen being used)?

Have you ever tried tossing or pitching from behind a screen from some far distance (more than 15 feet), get it over the plate, and still be able to evaluate the hitters swing. I DON'T THINK SO!!! Smile

If you can do this, let me know, because I would love to see this. I will even be more than happy to have my son take a lesson from you.


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