Good hitters don't always make great hitting coaches. I've been going to Perconte's for 6 years now and Jack has helped out a ton. I think it is important that the player gets along with the instructor also. Perconte was a good hitter, triple A batting champ, but also has a great knowledge for the game.
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I agree with you, there are a lot of Hitting Instructors out there that are bad, and just want your money. But there are a select few that are good, and who would probably do it for free if they could. If you or your child was not happy after a lesson, it may not have been the instructors fault. Athletes have to want to learn, they have to be coachable. If the kid does not have the drive and determination, you are right, don't waste your time or money ... because you darn well aren't going to get anything out of it.

Everybody wants to point a finger instead of looking in the mirror.
To me, a good instructer is somebody that was a combination great hitter/ pitcher,and who played a high level of the game. Thats not to say guys who didnt play up can not be good. With experience comes knowledge and I think longer you play the game or coach the game the more you learn from the Coaches you play for. Jack Perconte would be a guy I would feel real comfortable sending a kid to. He was given many different philosophies from many different coaches and used what worked for him. There are alot of guys out there with great credentials, my advise is to use the good ones but don't stay with the same guy all the time. Get as much knowledge from as many different creditable people as you can. Much of being a good teacher is making the player beleive that what your telling him works. There are a whole bunch of different ways of getting it done. Being confident and beleiving in what your doing at the plate or on the mound is a big a part of game as any. Get your lessons and your Reps, what about the guys that played 20 yrs ago, Lessons? This isnt a lesson basher message, I have done a few, I beleive in giving some of the info back, just get blown away with the way people talk about whos the best. Am I the only guy who thinks this way? To the last guy , I beleive Powers is a strike guy, Weston is a Sam Sorci guy, Tommy Cervin I know has worked with John Cangelosi, The kid Courtright I beleive is better known for the leather and the speed and i couldnt tell you who he works with. Despensa is a strikes guy.
NL fan , I see where you are coming from, I wasnt saying I hit / pitched in college, just saying whatever the instructer you are looking for I think you A- should have done it a a high level, B- can teach it at a high level. Pleanty of good players and instructers out there just find one that makes you happy and better.
I am not sure it is possible to ever name "the" man. There are, however, a number of very good ones. Jack Perconte, Steve Hayward, Tony Tichy, and Phil Apostle, just to name a FEW. I know there are a number of other tremendous hitting instructors out there. Find the guy that is "the" guy for you--and stick with it!
I restarted this thread way back when the first one was wiped out. I hope that it continues to serve a purpose and help players and parents get connected to someone who can help them get better. It was never intended to find out who the best was but to let people what's out there for them. From the looks of things there are a lot of great options.

One side topic about this. I've noticed a few high school coaches named. Who do people consider the better high school hitting coaches? In other words, guys not charging $ but as a general result of coaching their HS team produce good hitters.

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