Beenthere thats something that gravel has done quite often over the years. Something that these negative posters need to realize before shooting off at the mouth . I dont think that any of the other people making comments here about gravel know anything about their history and their track record of producing quality teams . I doubt that any of the other teams that irish mentioned will come close to gravels longevity.
Got...I thought it was the Connie Mack in Farmington.

Turned out it was the NBC...

(taken from the Illinois State archives/website)...

Anetsberger and Bolt played together for Prairie Gravel of the Chicago Suburban Baseball League. Prairie Gravel competed in the National Baseball Congress World Series, winning the tournament in dramatic fashion for their first NBC title. Anetsberger, the tournament MVP, finished the year with a .376 average while leading the team in RBI's (18), slugging percentage (.561) and total bases (37). Bolt, the 2005 Illinois State MVP, hit .231 while tying for the team lead with 19 RBI's. Illinois State recruit Dan Sorce also played for Prairie Gravel, appearing in four games with a 1-0 record and a 2.70 ERA.
Strikes (Scott Nelson Inc,) is emerging as the place to go for the "Best" hitting instructors, all the top players seem to be heading there, traveling as far as Joliet to the Broadview based Academy....Sam Sorce (Miami Hall of Famer) Line Drive is one of the most respected names in the game and don't forget Jack Gallo (drafted by the Yanks back in the day!) from Elmwood Park!
Big following!
Travel ball select;Do you coach? you are a very good baseball man! As for Strikes, you were right as usual,I believe they have had 8 first team All-State player's since since 2002,take lesson's there,and I know there were more before 2002. Bolt and Anetsberger both took lesson's at Strikes, and my brother told me his son hit with a kid who come's in from Hammond Indiana . I think that's farther than Joliet Wink
Strikes (Scott Nelson Inc,) is emerging as the place to go for the "Best" hitting instructors, all the top players seem to be heading there,

It isn't "emerging" as anything.

Been that way for 10-15 years...or however long Steve Hayward has been teaching hitters.

Simple as that.
I'm the kid from Hammond, IN that goes to Steve Hayward at Strikes -- he is the best, hands down. Well worth the trip! I've been taking hitting lessons for many years and switched to him this off-season. I think that Steve is the best one I've ever gone to -- he's improved my power and I have also had a few laughs while working out there. Wink
Hey, I dont know who this Irish83 person is, and i dont know why your being so negative about the prairie team. i dont know if its just that your upset because you or your son hasnt been getting all the attention they or you need but i think you should stop with the comments that your making, because i know sam sorce personally and if you make comments about him than your pretty much making comments about me to so if you want to keep making comments like that to make yourself feel better than go ahead, but if not, than quit this ****
The "WHO" behind the posts is not the important issue. The integrity of what we are all here for, IS. I suggest that everyone that wants to make issue with the "WHO", do it with PM's to him. We can identify the trolls when they reinvent themselves so our newer members won't get sucked into their black holes. At least that is what I do.
My son Gage has been to Steve Hayward, Marty Patterson and Todd Fine. I think they all are equally great instructors. I personally like to "switch it up" a little because one may find something that another has missed. As far as High School Coaches, I can not say much about here in Illinois as my older son attended Florida High Schools but one of the best I have seen is Rich Hoffman of Westminster Academy Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The guy is fantastic with the kids and one of the most knowledgeable baseball men you will meet. Oh yeah, he also coached some kid named A-Rod in High School. Wink
Traveldad in most instances i would agree with you, but in this case where some of the things that were posted by Irish were mean spirited to go along with some outright lies , i think it wouldnt be a bad idea to reveal the identity. You know who it is. Youve been around him long enough . How can you tolerate it? Why stay quiet instead of speaking out against him if you truly care about this board the way you say you do ? I know a person of your integrity and how you go about teaching your kid goes against everything he stands for. Enough is enough.
This discourse belongs somewhere else, so I applologize to anyone who is looking for the holy grail of hitting instuctors and comes across this garbage. This will be my last post here in reference to this.
It wasn't too long ago the same thing was being asked of me about your "friend" and sponsor to this site. I considered it because of the verbal assault, name calling, and outright lies that were being sent my way about me. I'm glad, now, that I did not. What little shred of friendship that was left was more valuable to preserve than destroy. And ultimately, I would have gained no satisfaction at the unmasking and the humiliation of another. The real loser would have been me(I still shave in the morning) not to mention that person, his family, his kid, and the TEAM (HELLOOO!)his kid plays for.
Please, if enough is enough for you, deal with it privately.
Yeah, i just want to know who this irish83 thinks they are, i just want to know the reason they have to say stuff like this and i want to know who it is. At least i have the balls to tell them who this is, I am his son Danny. I tell you this, he knows more about the game than any of the instructors out there. He will not only give you lessons that will make you better, but lessons on how to play the game from different sides, and how to be better than what they are now. Hes nrot there to take your money either, he does it to develop better ball players both on the field and off the field, i hope you can see that from the players hes had and the players to come. So next time you want to make a negative comment think again.

I think it is admirable that you come defend your dad. I met him briefly 7or 8 years ago at Strikes where I teach. I don't claim to know him at all. What I do know is that many think very highly of him as a baseball man. He did very well as a player and has also done well as a coach. I also know some don't think very highly of him. I think there are probably a variety of reasons for that and I think the same is probably true for any really good coach. You can never please everyone. You just have to take the bad with the good. I don't know, but I don't think your dad is losing any sleep over what this guy is saying.

I have never met you but have seen you pitch several times against my boys from Oak Park River Forest. I always knew they would have a hard time beating you but it was fun to watch. You definitely know how to pitch a game(I'm guessing your old man may have had some input in that). Your poise and courage on the mound was impressive. Good luck in college.

Jim Donovan
Boys, we're going to keep all of this civil. It is refreshing to see that some have loads of class! Promote the good in hitting instructors. I can relate to the one posts that basically reflects that every instructor is good for many but not all. Such is life. You will find those that touch upon that one concept that you never understood and bingo a breakthrough. It didn't mean that another instructor wasn't attempting to do the same. It's just that one found that way through to understanding. I've always stood by the theory that all teachers are good. All coaches are good. Good because you learn something. Sometimes that something is how you don't want to act or be. It then makes you a better person. JMHO!
Originally posted by lsc59:
Steve Haywood needs to warned...he is an emerging as a top hitting instruction in the area. He may be labeled as a liberal threat or a Cub fan on the next post.

59 Steve is not only one of the finest hitting instructors in the area but one of the most motivated Republicans you will meet and a certain threat to the liberals out there.
I opened this topic after deleting some posts. THIS IS NOT A SITE FOR EACH POSTERS TO CARRY ON PERSONAL VENDETTAS. ALSO, THREATS OR IMPLIED THREATS CAN BE PROSECUTED BY THOSE INDIVIDUALS RECEIVING THEM. I deleted a posts where one member posted what I percieve to be an implied threat from another. Two members are very close to losing Privileges.

Please posts in a mature, responsible fashion. Most posters don't care and don't want to read your dirty laundry. Don't air it out here. If you have personal attacks to make, you will lose privileges. The topic was Top Hitting Instructors. Do you have to agree - NO. However, personal attacks are not going to be tolerated.

I really want to posts more but I'm going to exercise my own advice and not say what is really on my mind.

Darrell Butler
The word among the in-crowd is that Strikes is the place!
Yes, the In-crowd...the cool kids, (the kind Beenthere wanted to hang out with in High School) ...All Staters...All area...All Americans. Yes this was an unscientific poll..we made some calls and did some research...Just to be clear...before we get deposed again..(catchermom) The place to be is strikes..The aforementioned poll is not intended to slight the other many fine hitting/baseball academies..just relaying the consensus among contributors. Scott Nelson and Steve Hayward are the frontline starters...but the rotation is just as solid. "A contributor mentioned that owner Scott Nelson & wife just welcomed their fourth daughter..congratulations from the TBS staff!

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