Met Steve and Scott the other evening. Sat through a few of their lessons and enjoyed watching them work. Good people and I loved the gym rat feeling the place gave. I Don't need all the bells and whistles, just a place to go get better. I left with the feeling that I know why so many people speak highly of both guys. Steve look forward to seeing you again.


Sam has been one of the best out there for some time, nobody on here will tell you different.
Son's hitting coach moved over to strikes recently. Have had the opportunity to meet Steve and his staff and they are great people. Like Deuce metioned, place doesn't have the bells and whistles, but the players get high quality instruction and the results are clearly demonstrated on the field.
Il mom,

I will not speak for LT22catcherdad, but living in Willow Springs and a moniker with LT attached to it suggests that “he”, (catcherdad part ?), is from Lyons Township (bet his son is a catcher and wears #22). LT is a perennial Chicago area & Illinois powerhouse producing, consistently, great teams year after year. They are always in the hunt for the WSC championship & Illinois State Titles, again this year is no different.

As I have said in the past, on this forum and elsewhere, Steve Hayward is the best there is, not only as a hitting instructor but as a person. You will never go wrong giving your son the opportunity to learn from Steve… the best there is! It’s tuff getting into see Steve but there are many instructors at Strikes that are “cut from the same cloth”. Doesn’t surprise me… “Birds of a feather”.

For the record my son has moved on to college and is a pitcher (so they won’t let him pick up a bat unless he is hitting fungos or infield) but he attributes his love and passion for the game from his early friendship with Steve… simply the BEST!

"There are two theories on hitting the knuckleball. Unfortunately, neither of them work." ~ Charlie Lau
sweaty is a Sorce guy and Smokey is a Hayward guy... I am confused , think LS meant Smokey.
I've seen Smokey sweaty and sweaty smokey though.
Both guys are good baseball people...
Their results prove it..

The thing I noticed about Steves lessons was how good he communicated to the kid. Did not matter what the age was, he had the ability to change the lesson to fit the kid. Very impressed, part of being a good coach or instructer is selling it, and he certainly does that. Must come with the kazillionth lessons.
Bill, Danny has been working with Steve for the last year and it has paid big dividends. He and Connor Powers were working together 2 weeks ago and at the time neither one had a homer and 2 weeks later Connor has 5 and Danny has 4, so something may have clicked. Don't get me wrong, Sam is the best Coach as far as game preparation goes. He also let the boys work the games as they saw fit unless Sam knew the hitter then he would call the pitches and it NORMALLY worked out better for our pitchers. I saw Conner vs Naz yesterday and he was swinging VERY well. 2 for 2 and they walked him 2 times. He would have had number 6 except the wind was blowing in and his 370 ft shot became a tweener for a double. He is not the best pitcher I've ever seen but he did the job okay. But he sure can hit the bejesus out of the ball. Steve has done wonders for alot of kids in the area. Alot of LT's kids go to him on off hours and the wholr team is hitting it's stride right now. Thanks Steve.
Thanks for keeping me in the loop , have seen Conner and he can certainly swing it. He will do well at the next level. He has worked his tail off to look good and deserves to reap the rewards of his hard work. Danny as well.

I am with you on Steve though, it is not an accident that so many top hitters come out of his place. For an old baseball freak like myself, I can spend hours just looking at the players on his walls. Actually recognize some scouts and guys from my days, pretty good stuff.
Much like the lessons you get there.(good stuff) Also really like what Scott does with his pitchers too. Funny thing , he and I were talking about who I had with me this yr and it was one strikes kid after another. I think it may be the same with a few other teams out there too.
Two things that my son has picked up from working with Steve are having a plan when your at bat and correcting a bad swing yourself. My son's pretty now good at realizing what went wrong and why he didn't get a hit that at bat. I don't know how many times this year I've seen kids just up there hacking or worse yet just looking with no idea. Going oppo is a good thing.
My brother recently started taking lessons from Steve Hayward. After only one lesson I could see tremendous improvement in him, not only in his swing mechanics but also in his love of hitting. Hitting with Steve has become a highlight to his week and I have to admit mine. I pick up somthing new every week. Steve really knows his hitting and teaches it with great enthusiasm. His personality and sense of humor are second to none. For those of you who have met him, know what I'm talking about. So my vote for best hitting instructor goes to Steve.
Pat Whealy is a great guy and a very good instructor. However that type of swing doesn't fit all players. It is also not condusive to team baseball. Which I think is evident when watching Hinsdale Central baseball. Now if you want to win the hitting derby at state that might be a different question.
Totally agree with LT22catcherdad!!! And please, don't forget Jim Donovan. Jim's style is similar in some respects to Steve's.

Oh, and if anyone has any doubts, just give me a few days and I'll post a list of players in the Chicagoland area, past and present, that have been a part of this great teaching venue!!

Keep up the GREAT WORK, "STRIKES"!!!!!!!
Even though I don't like instructor's I will have to give credit to Sam Source for his work with the L.T. hitter's. Birkes the catcher swings a great bat, Weston swing is so smooth , McMurray has the fastest bat I have ever seen, Filli??? what a confident looking hitter, Dunne swings like Todd Walker,That little left fielder can swing it too. Great job Sam, but I still would not pay for an instructor.

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