Id have to go with my instructor Todd Poe at the Future Swings Academy. He has helped me get my rythym back after I tore my PCL and I am now a better hitter than I ever was before. I give many thanks to Todd and his crew for helping me get to where I am now, otherwise I probably would not have gotten a scholarship to college. By far Todd Poe is the best hitting instructor I have worked with.
I would like to add a name here. I took my son to work out last night with Wes Chamberlain, the former Phillies player.

He's a class act and has a very interesting insight on hitting. I was very impressed with him and he was an immediate help.

He is working at the "Triple Crown Academy", in Schererville, IN.
oach Steve Haywood is the name on the street as the best, plus he is a loyal American and wears great hats. (Steve, we met this summer in Indianapolis. You watched my son pitch against and beat a humbled Rawlings National team in 8 innings). One special hitting coach who is not associated with a private school is Al Liermann. Al is currently a coach for Addison Trail and has a son Ryan who was drafted by the White Sox and plays for Rockford I believe. Al understands hitting.
Me and my dad saw you play against Lyden,your hitting was awesome! and my dad said your fielding was awesome too! You still taking lesson's at strikes? We want to see you hit. Plus do you know if Cf from Montini hits at strikes?? we have read about him on these post's and in the Tribune?
i hit with steve hayward at strikes.. i have been hitting with him for 3 years and he is the reason i have had 3 successful hitting seasons for montini. hitting with steve has been my best investment so far.. whats the good of going to the cages if u have a poor swing?
i reccomend steve to every gradeschool/highschool and college ball player.. he is the best
NL fan:
The kid from Texas really did fly from Texas to Strikes for just a lesson!!He hit at llpm sat nite june 4th, and had a game today june 5th at 3pm today! Dan Brewer hit with him last nite, and Dan was named SUN-TIMES First Team Short-Stop, Along with Connor Powers of Benet,who was named First team first baseman! must either own Stella's, have been living in a cave or....your just CHEAP!

O.F.04....The instructor's at WSA run the gamut. Many of ther better fellow's with good current hitting thought are now off for thier pro season. You really need to go to the WSA and pick someone out..they have several former player's and some excellent people to choose from. As I have noted on the board previously, the WSA is really about membership, which is hard to come by. IMO, if membership is unavailable, then Strikes would be a far better venue. Ask for Pat,Jim or Steve. You'll be glad that you did! are way too humble

I know for fact there are quiet a number of players who wouldn't be the hitters they are without your help.

Stand up and take some deserved credit!!

It is quiet obvious that nl fan has no clue about the game and what it takes to be successful. @0 years ago...guys just knew how to hit...but the game has evolved and to be successful, smart players..."even those who know how to hit" fine tune with the help of someone who has a keen I.

I personally wouldn't lose any sleep by postings of nlfan

All the coaches. keep up the great work...the player value your services
I hate to admit it but there hitters, this summer, seem to be improved and maybe better than last years team. And this is coming from an LT dad. pull_hair

BUT, don't let it go to your head to quickly! You still have to play all of the games, and you have seven months to wait! Wink

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