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Saw Cunningham play and he is smooth, with quick, soft hands. Good, accurate arm. Good hitter and will get more power when he gets stronger.

Son played little league with Doyle back in 2000. Son was twelve and Doyle was eleven. Son and Doyle split time between pitching and shortstop. Mick could hit then, and I'm sure he can hit now. Very close-knit family. If he put time into developing his skills and training, nobody would come close to him. Real smart kid!! Has definite future in next levels of baseball if family would focus on that.

Binder could be better than he is, but is inconsistent at times in both hitting and fielding.
I have seen Brewer play and he is very good! Ihave seen Cunningham play and he need's to get stronger to be all-state but he looks very good! Doyle is very smooth and just needs to get a stronger arm and work on his hitting,saw the ss from Naperville Johnns, and he looks very good to me if he works on his fielding he has a chance to be all-state.
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Ok" mr know it all" as my favorite poster(PEABODY) call'S you , you name one ! Ryan Anetsberger All-State 2004 was not ranked and never attented a Pg show case! and Dan Brewer who will be All-State was never ranked and did not attend a PG show case.And those 3 mentioned all have attened the PG show cases... What do you think PG is going to say if you dont attend our show case you wont get ranked??? DAH!!
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OF04, I don't know what PG has ever done to you personally that you harbor such a resentment towards them. But, never mind that.

I believe that if a player never attended a PG Showcase it would be difficult for PG to have a profile on that player. That would make sense. However, I don't think that the absense of a PG profile would keep a player off of a Baseball America player ranking. Whether it be PG, Team One, Blue-Grey or others, they know who the players are and I don't believe that any one of those organizations would intentionally penalize a player because he didn't attend THEIR event. JMO.
The work ethics of Cales, and Stevens and Brewer, Should be posted! Can you fine short-stops,tell the young shortstops named in this post how hard you work to get to be noticed? I dont think the younger ball player's really knows what it takes! LOve to hear from Cales and Brewer and Stevens. Congrats to Dan Brewer Named Sun-times All-State Shortstop 2005!
Down in the southern part of the state word has it there is an incoming sophmore by the name of Matthew Moore that is one of the "up and coming" shortstops in HS baseball. This kid makes such great plays in the field they have already named him "FlashinTheLeather"!!

He is playing summer baseball on a local Colt team and has already added some dazzling plays to his repitore in just his first four games. Word has it this is his first time to play on a nice solid grass infield and he is getting more experience with each week.
Simotes is a very good all-around shortstop. He has good size, quick hands, and plays the position very well. Like any other high school player, he can continue to improve and will do that based on his attitude. His biggest drawback is, and will always be, his father Those that know Grant's dad, know exactly what I mean.
There are some good young SS in Oak Lawn and Burbank (Sexton and Mueller) -- I don't know how they compare to some of the kids in the suburbs, but Sexton played for the Sox Training Center Team and Mueller was POY in the conference.

The Tribune has announced their all-state team:

First team

June 9, 2005, 10:43 PM CDT

Mike Bowden, Waubonsie Valley, Sr.
Repeat 1st-teamer's unreal numbers: 185 K's, eight walks, 0.41 ERA, 11-1, pitched one-hitter in loss.
College: Arizona State.
Tanner Roark, Wilmington, Sr.
Went 14-0 with a save, hit .516 with 10 HRs and 63 RBIs for Class A champions.
College: Illinois.

Nick Mitidiero, Lockport, Sr.
2nd-time All-Stater moves to first team with school record .621 average, 1.000 slugging percentage.
College: Undecided.

Connor Powers, Benet, Jr.
Powerfully built (6-3, 230) Redwing hit .505 with six HRs, 49 RBIs and .879 slugging percentage.

Jordan Tokarz, Neuqua Val., Sr.
Set school records with .489 average, 66 hits, 52 runs, 28 SBs in first full season as starter.
College: Elgin C.C.

Dan Brewer, Lyons Township, Sr.
Lions' leader socked 13 homers with 57 RBIs and a .903 slugging percentage.
College: Bradley.

Matt Otteman, Lockport, Sr.
Porters' MVP hit .583 with .865 slugging pct.; 11-0 on mound with 0.66 ERA.
College: Undecided.

Jake Christensen, Lockport, Sr.
Hawkeyes QB recruit shines on diamond too: .520 avg., eight HRs, 44 RBIs, 48 runs.
College: Iowa.

Jason Kipnis, Glenbrook N., Sr.
CSL MVP hit .481 with eight HRs, 32-for-32 SBs.
College: Kentucky.

Aaron Barrows, Minooka, Sr.
No errors while hitting .460 with 44 runs.
College: E. Kentucky.

The Sun-Times only has their all-area team listed on the website for now, and the IHSBCA team will probably be announced after the ceremony at the Sox game on June 20.

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