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I realize this is a loaded question and I am not fishing for validation my son throws harder than he does. Wanted to get that out of the way.

However, the Trackman at his training facility has some wild fluxuations. His velo maxed pre high school season at 82 and sat around 79-80 and now he is at maxing 73 after building innings and strength?

He is healthy and pitched on varsity as a 16 year old with about a K per inning in a very competitive county w/o control of his breaking ball or good command most of the year. He is not a control or off speed artist. I can’t see doing that at 70-73 mph even with movement.

Another pitcher who is legit 87-90 topped out at 79 in the same general session as my son.

He gets frustrated by this and is confused. He does not have other showcase readings to compare with. I don’t know what to tell him except focus on learning how to pitch better and ignore it. But the dang thing is always on.

Anyone else have experience with a facility with wonky readings?

I find the whole thing odd and would like to help my kid avoid frustration. Going to try and get him in game on Pocket Radar to maybe help figure it out.

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Same Trackman and he had some shoulder discomfort pre season but it’s gone now. I just find it odd the kid that throws gas normally (he plays in our county) was below 80 and another big kid full effort was throwing mid 70s.

none of it makes sense and I really wish they would turn the guns off and just do it at strategic points. If my kid was a funky lefty throwing off speed I get it but having a low 70s fastball with iffy command gets you annihilated around here and he pitched very well against two top seeded county powerhouses. He does have a ton of horizontal run (17-20 inches if that’s even accurate) so maybe that’s it.

dunno. All I know is I hate radar guns/

I bought a Stalker Pro 2 many years ago. It was the best available at the time. My son was always lower in pens than in games, resulting in the pen being bad because he was trying to throw harder. One of his HS teammates who threw 89-92 was topping out at 79 with it one day. Used the tuning fork and it was reading normal. Another kid right after him was throwing high 80's and right where he normally is. I guess my point is some kid's velo varies greatly based on the situation.

My son's long-time pitching coach always says, "the hitters will tell you how hard you're throwing". I finally just put the Stalker in the case and stopped using it. I'd lend it out whenever needed, but stopped using it. I finally gave it to his college coaches. Maybe they'll use it on recruiting showcases or something.

I'd wait until the summer and try to get a velo from PG, PBR, or some other event. Verified in game velo will be important.

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