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Roll Pride


Be Physically Ready for Showcases/Camps

hokieone ·
We had the misfortune of having my son royally sprain an ankle in a tournament on the eve of a camp at a school he was very interested in; he checked in and went straight to the trainer for more ice. Not good. The school was wonderful about it but his...

Headfirst Honor roll camp - Rocklin California

gimages ·
Thought I would take a chance and talk about son's experience at the camp. There were 115 players. The camp was held at Rocklin HS on their Varsity and JV fields. It was a two day event. The camp began as most camps do with a short talk from the camp...

Zach Duke already has his own bobble-head doll

FutureBack.Mom ·
The Minor League Baseball site has an interesting feature where they highlight the week's upcoming 10 "best" promotions at the minor league ball parks. On today's site, the following blurb highlights an upcoming promotion at the Pirates' AAA Altoona...

SFA head coach named

Infield08 ·
From College Baseball Insider:July 10, 2008Cardenas Promoted at Stephen F. Austin Johnny Cardenas has been named head coach at Stephen F. Austin. He has served as interim head coach for the past month.Cardenas has been as assistant coach and...


irishkid33 ·
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has heard of Headfirst or their showcases/camps. The brochure seems very professional and gave a list of college coaches/scouts attending. They have a showcase in Va Aug 13-14 and in Jupiter FL Nov 5-6. Chris Young...

Wouldnt it be nice to have

itsinthegame ·
every single member logged in on May 30th.As a show of support - respect - honor and most importantly - sincere gratitude - to Bob Howdeshell.I would log in from the moon if I had to - and I would love to see the heading board read:"Online Now" - 4...

We Want Bob - We want Bob!

mrmom ·
Who thinks it would be fitting to "name the Ball ParK" so to speak in honor of Bob.We could ask the new owner to name the message boards. What do ya think HSBBWEBSTERS?Pardon Bob but some ideas allbeit corny - but well meaning!1. Bob's ballboard2....

Youth baseball age cutoff moves

Savannah ·
-Reprint: Author Allan Simpson, Baseball America, Feb.'05 Issue #0504 -(got it today) USA Baseball has enacted a change in the age cutoff date for youth organizations that could have far-reaching ramifications for the game, possibly even affecting the...


reggie-3-77 ·
Thomas signs extension to remain head coach through 2010-2011 seasonJuly 22, 2008ARLINGTON, Texas - The University of Texas at Arlington and head baseball coach Darin Thomas have agreed on a contract extension that will keep Thomas with the Mavericks...

When to start?

njbaseballkid2015 ·
I'm currently a 2015 prospect with interest in committing, I made honor roll the past year and play for a pretty well known program. I've been to a few Baseball Factory events and one PG event. When would the right time be to start sending out...

All You Are Doing Is...

tasmit ·
Hurting the kids that play baseball.What am I talking about? I'm talking about umpires that have personal agendas for their team or against another. And the Kentucky High School Athletic Association for letting these things to go on.In the 14th region...

CIF rules violation?

Garry ·
Hi all!! This is my first post, although I've been reading this great baseball forum for a couple of weeks now.Situation: My son and three other 8th. graders' were invited a couple of weeks ago to play on a Colt team comprised of returning high school...

Coaches, players and parents

She realized he probably wouldn’t be able to hear her.Still, as Tywanna Patterson watched her son, Patrick, get lambasted by former Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie during a game at Rupp Arena last season, the outspoken mother felt...

TRHit - You have an

itsinthegame ·
email also.Here is what I did.I downloaded a song from Amazon (A Joey Ramones thing). Its a rock and roll jam.I then edited the MP3 file - and inserted my voice in the place of the lead vocal. The lyrics have also been changed - and there is a message...

HeadFirst Honor Roll Showcase and Other Showcases

MOShortStop08 ·
Just reading the offerings of Headfirst Honor Roll Showcase, along with other showcases, for example Perfect Game. We are considering the Headfirst showcase since the distance to travel to the venue is within three hours of driving.The registration...

GPA Baseball Camp

academicbaseballfan ·
GPA Baseball (Grades Plus Athletics) is comprised of 7 coaches from academic institutions. Their goal is to bring their camp to the academic student athlete. They will be coming to Dallas this summer on June 15-17 for their summer showcase camp. One...

2010 Pitch & Hit Club of Chicago Awards Dinner, January 17

jarthur ·
Hall of Famers Fergie Jenkins and Ryne Sandberg Headline 64th Annual Pitch and Hit Club Awards Banquet (Chicago, IL) Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins will be the featured speaker and Ryne Sandberg will join Fergie atop the list of baseball royalty at...

1st Christmas Joke of Season

Bear ·
This Year's First Christmas Joke Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates."In honor of this holy season" Saint Peter said, "You must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven."The first...

Windscreen Sources

Coachee ·
Anyone have any contacts for roll windscreen at a lower price than the major suppliers ? Thanks

#1 Alabama vs #2 Texas

Out in LF ·
Roll Tide!

Headfirst Honor Roll Camp in McKinney, TX - June 8-9

Headfirst Honor Roll Camp is returning to The Ballfields at Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX, on June 8-9, 2010. Last year, over thirty colleges and universities from across the country (full list below) were represented at the event, and we are expecting...

Using the Impactbat

Impactbat ·
One of the biggest problem that I see in young hitters is that they want to roll the wrists over at contact. Once you have the proper grip on the Impactbat there is only one direct or square path to the ball. This path is a head on collision with the...

Parents and Coaches What Would You Do?

nhmonty ·
Our son signed NLI with ACC school. Yesterday he received a letter saying he was elected to play in Maple Shrine Football Game (NH vs VT) in early August. Best 36 senior football players are selected to represent their state.Ok its not Texas vs...

Headfirst's Early Registration Discount for Honor Roll Camp ($100) Expires 3/1

Headfirst Honor Roll Camps ·
Headfirst Honor Roll Camp is returning for another year at The Ballfields at Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX, on June 8-9, 2010. To date, more than 30 college coaches have expressed interest in attending this event, and we expect many more to do as the...
Topic 2010 Top Virginia Positional Players

Bobby McKinney ·
Class of 2010 VirginiaPre Season Top Positional PlayersPlayers selected are based on future projection in college and professional baseball. It is our opinion that these players have passed a certain skills threshold that elevates them in their peer...

Getting across the "little things"

Coach Labeots ·
How do you get across the little things that make you team that much better than your opponents? As an example, I picked this up a few years ago as a way to get players to let go of errors so they don't compound. This is done by a Captain as all...

Talking to coaches at baseball showcase

MassMom ·
My 2016 RHP is attending a Headfirst Honor Roll Camp this week and we have been told that he should definitely reach out to the coaches during the camp; however, I have also heard that coaches at showcases are not allowed to engage in conversations...

Highland Park Travel Baseball Coach Positions Available

CMaliszewski ·
Travel Baseball Coach Position Baseball coaches are needed for the Park District of Highland Park's baseball program(Grades 3-8). He/she will develop and implement weekly practice plans, teach baseball fundamentals and develop and implement strategy to various grade levels. The candidate must effectively communicate with the Park District, parents and players in a positive and effective manner. Games and practices are are on weekends and the evening(10-15 hours per week). Qualifications:...

D-BAT Gallegos Wins the 2014 AABC Connie Mack World Series

catcher ·
FARMINGTON — D-BAT Gallegos entered the Connie Mack World Series with the distinction of being the youngest team in the tournament, but the Dallas-based squad exited with another honor — series champions. The team out of Texas knocked off the 13-time series champion Midland Redskins twice on Friday evening at Ricketts Park, including a 7-5 win in the final game to secure the title. "I think we shocked the world with a bunch of 17-year-olds and a couple 18-year-olds," D-BAT manager Roberto...

PG Underclass All American Games

redbird5 ·
Congrats to EvoShield Canes Zach Hess (Liberty Christian) and Garrett Stallings (Grassfield) for their selection into the PG Underclass Games. Great  kids who are very deserving of this honor.   EvoCane Joe Rizzo was invited as well but is...

Is your son a Tweener ????

vikingboy ·
Folks, let me start out by saying that after watching the Perfect Game All Star game in California this week and seeing all those studs on the field, I began to wonder where I went wrong as a father that I couldn't have directed my son in a direction...

Responses to coaches' emails

MassMom ·
My 2016 RHP son just returned from the Headfirst Honor Roll Showcase last week (it was a phenomenal showcase!), where he pitched very well (mid 80's) and some coaches approached him at the showcase and he was told he stood out.  In addition, ever...

Been Irking Me For A While...

OldSkool2 ·
I don't understand why "God Bless America" is the go-to patriotic ballad that halts play in the middle of the 7th inning. This practice didn't start until after September 11th. It has no historical significance in the game. Not to mention, the song in...

Headfirst Honor Roll is awesome

New thread to replace the "disappointing" one.   So here's my question ... if my kid focuses on high academic D3 (or maybe Patriot League) and I am only willing and able  to pay for one Headfirst camp (and maybe Stanford too)  is he...


NYdad2017 ·
Ok, first of all... $549.99 for a bat?!!  This is a baseball bat, correct?   Anyway, we all knew that was coming.  My question though revolves around the new handle (TORQ) that allows your hands to rotate through the swing....

Field Paint

Coach_Sampson ·
So what type of paint do you guys use? Spray or roll? What brand?

I Don't Like Field Turf

biggerpapi ·
I will fully agree that most people will decide that the pros outweigh the cons here.   Minimal maintenance Fewer games affected by weather Pays for itself over time (?) I doubt that but I'm sure they tell you that.   I have two big problems...

Rescinding NLI

Aleebaba ·
The last week I have heard 3 stories of D1 programs rescinding NLIs for 2014 kids about to start school in the Fall.  Something about over committing.  I thought the NLI was a binding contract that the school had to honor.  Any...

So you want an advantage?

Coach_May ·
Your getting ready to start your High School career. You want to come in and make a splash with the coaching staff. You know get your name out there. Get them to notice you. You are wondering what are some of the things you can do accomplish this...

Name other Schools that are Recruiting you

When you get that question on a questionnaire,  I am wondering what level of recruiting they are referring to.  My son has some initial emails that state things such as "The _______ baseball program has the honor of recruiting you" or " ! I...

Roster only spot - curious

My son was offered a roster-only spot at his dream D1 school - with the suggestion he could earn scholarship money perhaps his so, jr or sr year.  Tough decision - but we chose another (both instate and scholarship) route.  We just weren't...

Thoughts on HeadFirst Honor Roll Camps?

kennfitz ·
So, I'm going down to Jupiter, Fl next Saturday and Sunday for Headfirst's "Florida Showcase" and I was curious if anyone has had any prior experience with it? I've seen the videos and read the FAQ's but I was wondering if anyone had any particularly...

Transition from HS to College

5tools22 ·
Hello Everyone:   I've posted some other topics ever the last couple of years about a kid who has never played an inning of Varsity baseball.  I'm happy to say after a solid work ethic and hard work for last 3 years he has two solid offers...

60-yard dash speed, recruiting

coachold ·
HS senior runs a 6.6, will likely be faster by end of winter track season; singles/doubles hitter, a little over .400 during legion and travel ball seasons; National Honor Society member, etc. Great showcase performances, but having trouble getting...

New hitting instructor needed?

Batty67 ·
My 2017 son, a catcher, made tremendous strides in his hitting by working with a local fellow (and HS hitting guru) for whom I have tremendous respect.For about 18 months pretty regularly. That was until Fall 2017 when a hitch in his swing got...