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My son just made his verbal to a lower level D1. He is a fine student, but would much prefer the pro atmosphere to the dorm life. We have sent letters to all 30 teams telling them this, and chat with the scouts about it when they call (and hopefully visit). Living in Iowa, there is no spring season, so not many scouts will be making home visits (one scheduled thus far). Any advice as to what else we can do to make it happen?
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I'm not sure we know who you are, but I would guess you go to Urbandale HS. Denny Barton, the excellent coach there is a friend of ours. Urbandale has a good junior MIF that will be playing in the PG League this spring.

I'm surprised, it appears you're unaware of the Spring and Fall Leagues. The PG League is one of the heaviest Scouted HS Leagues in the United States and it is made up of mostly Iowa players (the very best Iowa players). We have had as many as a dozen "Scouting Directors" and other high front office staff at weekend double headers. There have been games with 50 to 100 MLB scouts in attendance.

Here are some facts you may not be aware of. The PG Leagues have produced over 70 draft picks from Iowa and a few surrounding states. In fact, over the past 9 years, every single high school player drafted has played in the PG League. In other words... not one single high school player has been drafted in Iowa for 9 years who did not play in the PG leagues.

I am even more surprised that if you are talking to scouts, they haven't told you this.

Just over the past few years, players in the league have included Jeff Clement (drafted but at Southern Cal), Matt Macri (drafted but at Notre Dame), Joel Hanrahan (drafted 2nd round by Dodgers), Peter Blake (drafted 4th round by Twins), Zach Hammes (drafted 2nd Round by Dodgers), Ryan Sweeney (drafted 2nd round by White Sox), Brad Nelson (drafted 4th round by Brewers), Chris Tritle (drafted by Oakland), Drew Davidson (drafted by Orioles but at Illinois) and several other draft picks. Jhonathan Figueroa, Alfredo Fernandez, Marvin Urdaneta all signed free agent contracts right out of the Iowa SPRING League. Both Figueroa and Fernandez signed for $500,000 plus.

In addition nearly every player who went on to play DI baseball in the past 9 years from Iowa, played in the Leagues. Some are at top 25 programs like Baylor, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Wichita State. Oklahoma State, and USC.

It bothers me when Iowa players use the reason of no Spring Baseball hurting them. The best players in Iowa have about ZERO chance of being overlooked if they are in the League. If any state had a League that included every potential draft pick in that state playing against each other every weekend, it would be the best place to find MLB scouts. Iowa has that big advantage over other states. All of the above mentioned players know this and so do the many others who have played in the leagues.
Thanks for the info PG. We looked into it, but said no, as we knew we'd have selected a college by then. It's a good league, for sure, but we were a bit hesitant about having a couple bad games and losing some luster. My son is a "tools" guy signed to play at D1 level. We're pretty confident he'll be drafted, we just want him to be selected where he should be, not to fall because teams think he'll go to school.
You want him to be selected where he should be????????? Where do you think he should be selected? Should he be selected before all those that dont worry about having bad games and losing luster? I dont think you can hide and get what you want. You mentioned on another thread your son is 5 foot 6 tall. It can happen but Im surprised that your pretty confident he will be drafted. What makes you so confident about that?

Seems to me from all I've read recently, players are slotted pretty well by the Major League Scouts. The way I understand it from all the information I have so far (much of it from this web site) scouts rarely judge a player from one performance alone. They are looking for skills as much as anything. If your son has the skills they will see him more than once. That is if they are interested in drafting your son's position.

There are people that post on this site that are far more knowledgable than I am, so maybe some of them can shed more light on the practicalities of showcasing your son for the draft.
beenthereIL. Just because a parent hasn't gotten his son to a PG
showcase and paraded him all over the country doesn't make him a LOUSY PARENT!. Baseball, is a GAME played between 2 white lines. Talent, is in the eye of the beholder. The beholder, can be any one that appreciates the game. Word of mouth is very powerfull and if a player is good he's going to get noticed.
That's what scouts are for, to go out and FIND the talented players. Yes, going to a PG show case and running all over the country or the world will certainly get a player an edge. But not every one can afford to do that. A LOUSY PARENT! Comeon...

Word of mouth is very powerfull and if a player is good he's going to get noticed.

That is a fallacy and an incorrect statement. The sooner that your skills are detected the better chance you have. Scouts are far more critical of someone they find late. They will allow for a few bad outings, etc if they have been watching overe time. If they have just discovered him late then he has to be on every time out.

Also scouts don't compare a kid to feeble competition. They like to see kids compete against the best. If you hide they will know it and they will not be fooled by a star in feeble competition.

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I agree 100% Jerny!

While we appreciate the support that many show for what we do. A parent deciding not to attend our activities, for any reason, does not qualify as being a lousy parent.

In fact, there are some "GREAT" parents who post on this site, who have outstanding players who never participated in one of our events. Two that come immeadiately to mind are Fungo's son and BBScout's son. Oh yes, here's another one... Bob Howdeshell's son.

While these outstanding players have never been to our events, both Josh Bell and Brett McMillan were highly ranked players by Perfect Game while they were in high school.

That perhaps is the strangest thing regarding "iowakiddad's" comments. We have no idea who his son is! We have over 20 players ranked in Iowa and I don't think any of them are his son. Especially not, if his son is really 5'6. The smallest ranked player we have listed in Iowa is 5'9. If he's from Urbandale high school we have the best prospect from that school in the league. This was based on the coaches recomendation.

We have not missed a draft potential player in the state of Iowa for 10 years. Most every club does not scout Iowa high school players outside our league. That is a fact!

We have missed drafted players in California, and other states, but we don't miss them in Iowa. Some day the law of averages will find an Iowa player drafted that we're unaware of. It will be difficult because we talk to every full time scout who covers the state. We have an Atlanta Braves scout on our staff. It doesn't seem very likely that someone will surprise us by getting drafted in a good position. But, you can never say never.

Beenthere, as always we appreciate your support, but disagree with calling a father we don't even know a lousy parent. "iowakiddad" might be the greatest of all parents. I do think he needs to be better informed though.

I hope he's correct and things work out great for his son. I'd rather be wrong about this one being a draft pick. But, I'd bet against it!
In my opinion, and please don't take what I say OUT OF CONTEXT, if a parent lives in Iowa; has a son who he (the parent) feels is a professional prospect; and, knowing that Perfect Game is in Iowa; and, doesn't take the son to a PG event, (IF HE HAS THE FUNDS TO DO SO), then, yes, he is a lousy parent!

jerny11...You don't have to go to PG events to get nationally ranked. They get their information from a ton of sources, including but not limited to: high school coaches; college coaches; scouts; and, from time to time, a knowledgeable parent or two.

We know all about your lefthander in Illinois. That is why I tried to get him to join us for a couple of national tournaments...for the exposure!
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I was going to say so much more, but then, I think you have all the answers with all of the scouts at your door in URBANDALE, IOWA.

I applaud your sons academic record.

You, like so many others, take things out of context! In my opinion, as I've said before a couple of times, if you don't get your son the opportunity to be exposed in a PG setting in Iowa (and you live in that thriving metropolis of Urbandale, Iowa (Where is it?)), which is the home state of PG; and, if you can afford it and don't do it for your son, yes, you are a lp.

Has nothing to do with his academic effort and gpa.


Someone pm'd me. Is Urbandale next to Cornfield in Iowa?
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If you really want your son drafted, I am not sure why you won't give your son's name and school. I am a part time scout in Iowa and can say I have no idea who you are talking about. I would think that you would want every MLB organization to be informed of your son's unique situation.

I highly suggest that if you don't feel comfortable announcing the name on this board, that you allow Jerry Ford to help you with some free advice that may help guide you and your son in the right direction if you do want him to be drafted.

Beenthere-I wouldn't put down the state of Iowa too much. This state has produced some top talent over the past 4-5 years. Not much depth, but great quality.
mid...Iowa is one of my favorite states.

I've watched Ryan Sweeney since he was 13. I'm well aware of some of the talent in Iowa, especially, as you say, in the past 4-5 years. I've seen Macri and I've seen Wordekemper, among others.

I just thought it was "unusual" for him to get on this board and talk about his son and not pay attention to the fact that PG is in his home state; and, if he has a few bucks, spend it to get him seen by a national scouting organization.

I'll probably meet him down the road and buy him a coke and a hot dog, too.
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BIGHIT15.....yOU DON'T HAVE TO go to PG events to get NATIONALLY

I never said that you had to go to their events to get nationally ranked. My son played in Jupiter and is ranked. He has not been to aPG showcase. So what. PG doesn't draft anybody or give scholarships.

What is a fallacy is that if you are good that they will find you. Not marketing yourself because you feel that they will find you might not ever happen. There are plenty of places that if you do not play on a travel team and do not go to showcases and only play hs ball then you will not be discovered. Some might get lucky. The superstar will stand out. What about the guy who would be 30th round pick and a great d-1 player, that is the one that needs to market themselves. He may never get seen if not marketed. Yes everyone has their network of people, but many get overlooked. There are players that slip through the cracks. Maybe a hs coach can get a scout or 2 to look at a kid, but it is much easier to get in front of 20 or 30 scouts if you play for the right team or go to high profile showcases. That is a fact. The object is to get a scholarship or get drafted. Not to get noticed by one or 2 scouts and told that you are pretty good.

There is a ss on my sons team right now who is getting some scout notice. He never went anywhere to play or went to showcases. Nobody knew who he was. And we live in south Florida. Home of many scouts. He committed to a school tonight, He runs 6.75 60 and 3.9 home to first. Scouts came to see my son pitch and then called the school and said "hey, I saw this kid". It never would have happened in Podunk. This may be one of the top 30 ss in the country and is not ranked at all by anybody. I talked to everyone I knew about this kid. Nobody listened to me. That is word of mouth, but it took the scouts coming to see someone else. How many good players never get seen.

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Big, Good points. I have my own ideas on being seen by scouts......not the college coaches, but pro scouts. Up until 10-12 years ago, scouts covered summer ball like a glove, and the prospects were not missed. When the showcases started and then became quite popular, teams started having their scouts cover the minor leagues in the summer and then go to the better showcases to see the HS players. So today, a player needs to go to a good showcase during the summer or he may not be seen. During the HS season as you mentioned, players will be noticed if they are on a team with a a player who has been indentified as a prospect. I used to see about a 100 summer games, and now I just see the top showcases in my area and maybe 5-6 summer games because I am covering 10-12 minor league teams.

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