As a father of two in Alaska:

So far the measurables are:

2019 6'1" 170 lbs R/R -P/OF

60 yd: 6.8

90 ft: 3.8

FB : 86 mph- 

2021 5'11" 150 R/R -SS/P/Util

60 yd: 7.2

90 ft: 4.0

FB: 78 mph

They both have room to grow. I'm 6'3" 250+

Grandfather played professional baseball in the Red Sox organization. I played at the JUCO level.

After looking at them and the forum they look like they compare to rest of the boys on average. The problem is we live in Alaska. Both boys have done really well up here.

Lots of inconsistent levels of play and inclement weather during the spring,summer and fall. Winter is a no-go up here for play.

What things should I be doing that will increase their ability to be seen by staff and schools?

What is the likelihood of going and walking on a Juco, D III, D II?


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Hi Alaska,

You have a couple talented kids!

The recruiting timeline on this site is a great starting point.  And there is so much more information here that can be searched that lays out a gameplan for helping kids play ball in college. 

1) Baseball tools matter.  You've listed some of those. 

2) Standardized test scores and grades/curriculum matter. 

It's that intersection of where a player fits athletically AND academically that helps you and your boys create a vetted list of colleges to target.  And when your boys target those schools, then they're fishing in the right pond.

There are thousands of potential colleges.  Kids from Alaska will be unique and valued demographically at many schools in my experience.  So they have an admissions (but not a baseball) edge at some schools already.

Targeting schools (baseball coaches and Admissions reps) and expressing interest has a lot of components to it.  One component is showcasing in front of coaches from schools on your sons' vetted lists.  Where to do that depends on what schools are on their lists!

Sooooo, I recommend for your 2019 to start compiling a list of colleges.  Then test that list...does he fit academically?  AND does he fit for baseball?  No guarantees on either of course, but you want to target schools that makes sense.  Then start targeting those colleges.   Summer 2018 is the prime recruiting time for most colleges recruiting 2019's.  Top 50 programs will mostly be done by then, but most colleges will not.

For a 2021, I'd focus on getting better athletically and academically.  There's plenty of time left for college baseball recruiting for a new freshman.

Good luck! 

Thanks for the reponse:

2019 GPA : 3.4 + will be doing SATs and ACT when that time comes

2021 GPA seeing where High school goes, but has consistently been 3.8 or higher-has to be better than big brother  

We continually talk about where ( the northwest and AZ come up a lot). (GCU, Western Oregon, UW, etc...) and if those programs are within reach of their skill sets. Jucos in Northern CA ( Shasta, Feather River, COS,etc.)

The next question is: 

Do I  or my son make contact and cold call or email the staff? 

If so, what are some things they will want besides stat and athletic numbers?


Welcome to the site. Your sons should initiate contact with the  college staff. Geography will definitely play a role in your sons's recruiting. One thing I would suggest (in your things to do) is to complete the RECRUITING QUESTIONNAIRES to the schools which interest your 2019. You'll find them on the baseball pages for each school. Some are more comprehensive then others. Son should make sure that he knows something about schools which he completes questionnaires. Could make good talking points in an e-mail, the event he receives a correspondence from a coach. The questionnaire can also help answer your question, "What type of information do they want?" Good luck.

Welcome Alaskan.  Regarding your 2019 and your answer on the ACT/SAT "when the time comes."  There is a wide window for an incoming junior to take both.  My 2017 had a similar GPA.  But he started with the SAT in October of his Junior year, retook it in January (after paying a study program) and improved 200+ points (old 2400 scale).  Then he shifted gears and took the ACT in early April.  Did well but also retook in Sept of Sr year and scored 2 points higher.  SAT/ACT results had my 2017 in the 95-97th percentile in all of the areas and a whole range of academic schools opened up for him despite his mediocre GPA. 

But the key part is those tests need to be done and best scores achieved before the end of his Junior year if you want to be able to use them as a recruiting advantage in that Summer leading into Senior year when all but the top D1s are still recruiting.  That is if you think they will help him. Allow time for retakes, as most kids do better on the second try.  My son did not like the year long focus on the tests and study programs, but that was the consequence of him being lazy and not getting all A's.  In the end, without those really high test scores, he does not get recruited by a very high academic D2 and get the privilege of being able to play college baseball.

Is there someone they could live with for the summer in an area of the contiguous 48 and play ball?  It would provide perspective on where they fit, provide time to play in some showcases and get in front of some college programs.

Well, the boys certainly have some tools and/or projectability.  

Trying to offer up something others haven't...

Where do you live?  Are they able to make a trip to the states at some point for a few key exposure events?

If you live anywhere near where the Alaskan Baseball League plays games, you may want to try to utilize that resource.  You could possibly ask a coach for an evaluation.  I think if one of those coaches sees numbers like what 2019 currently has, he would be willing to help you out and take a look.  Most of those coaches are current college coaches and may have needs and certainly network with other college coaches that are always looking for players.

I think it would be important to put together a video.  There is tons of info here on putting together a good one.  

If it's feasible, maybe you can take a trip down to the states for a week or so and include an appropriate showcase, key tourney or the right prospect camp.  This is going to sound very weird but your situation is somewhat similar to that of many players in Calif.  There are so few in-state openings as compared to supply of players, that many good players have to go across the country to find a spot.  Sometimes it isn't feasible to make trips to showcases or school visits where those coaches can see them personally.

I'm curious to hear what resources are available to you, if any...  any decent legion or travel ball at all?  Training facilities?  Ex-players who they can train with and take lessons from?

Lastly, regarding your walk-on question...  you can search threads here based on topic.  Be sure to read up.  There are different types of walk-ons and you generally want to avoid true walk-on if at all possible.

Thank you all for the responses.

It has really helps to see I was --kinda?-- on the right path.

To answer some  of the questions:

1. We live in the Mat-Su valley -Wasilla, AK -57 miles from Anchorage.

2. There is no way mom will allow the boys to play outside- even at Grandmas.( Redding, Ca)

2a. There are travel ball teams, but  they are quite expensive after administration fees & such ( $600 to start before practices, tournaments outside are $2000 plus airfare ($300-600 a ticket). That brings up a whole another line of questions for a  different time.

3. I actually am a  asst. legion coach and currently coach at a high school. Legion is a very watered down product ( 8 graders on varsity teams). A player can coast pretty easy on the level of pitching up here. 

I have assisted 4 players which have been accepted to Juco's in Northern CA. ( Feather River & Shasta). I am asking most my questions as "Dad". The process is different due to me being "dad" and not "coach".

I feel as their dad, I'm biased in the coaches eye for promoting my child as a coach. So I don't.

Great points on having 2019 contact them.

4. But when comparing the level of play here in Alaska to the lower 48, it is not a good gauge  to judge a players ability. Batter's consistently hit .550 or better. Pitchers who throw 78+ throw " hard"..  Lots of potential players, but small numbers- maybe 250 plus players in all of Alaska high school-maybe.

5. ABL managers - I hadn't thought of that. Great idea. Even have a contact or two.

For my Boys- I don't want them ever to think that because up here- they are "good" - that it's as easy outside. I definitely know it is not, and reiterate every day.

Cool.  Feather River is traditionally a pretty competitive JC program.  If you are sending players there and they are contributing, you know the benchmark.  Totally get the Dad thing.  

Just for clarification, when you say "There is no way mom will allow the boys to play outside- even at Grandmas.( Redding, Ca)", do you mean before finishing HS, for the summer, not even for a few weeks?  How will this translate to what she will allow for leaving for college?


It's been awhile. Both boys are playing well. Surprisingly well for the 2021.I appreciate the help you all have recommended. Mom has watched and seen both contribute to our program. Our school is now using Fieldlevel and its gotten a few of the boys contacted. Thanks for the info.

11 games in:

2021 .592 BA .703 OBP 16 hits in 27 at bats. No K's. 1 triple, 2 2b, 6 RBI, 6 SB-starting 2B/3B,  batting leadoff for Varsity. Accepted into the Varsity AA Legion program. which isn't saying much up here. He's faced 3 of the top pitchers in the state and hit lights out. He's playing out of his mind. I keep telling him the baseball gods are fickle. I think the numbers will adjust later in the season. It's coming too easy right now. 

2019 2 games pitched, 7 innings 15 Ks. 3 BB. No hits. avg 80-82 high 84.  Noticing that his baseball love may be waning- would rather be fishing, hiking/camping/hunting, and friends-girls are talked about a lot more than earlier.. Summer is calling, reality/life is rushing up on him, and I let the boys choose their destinations in life as they grow into young men.  It's a game after all, he says. " I'll play if it fits into my plan." Oh- too be young again.  Typical junior. Awaiting ACT scores. 

Both have slipped academically , holding 3.3 GPA each. The talent level has slipped this year from the past in this region. They? ( mostly likely 2021)  may be attending the PG Showcase in WA in Oct- and the AZ Fall Classic. I'll have to go with him, the only way mom will allow it.That's $2500 at least. The 2021 is pushing to go out to gauge where he is.He's traveled before (twice)and produced with older teams.At 13 yo playing 16U and 11yo with 14U. Not quality tournaments though. Just WA (open?) and AZ  USSSA Majors (i think it was?) kids.  Typical freshman. The 2019 is looking to go to GCU or  U of Washington for academics and life experience. Typical junior. 

The Coach/dad experience has been trying at times, but a blessing all the time. Not being the head coach, and only focusing on the pitching for our program has been great. No drama. Get to work at my craft while I watch them grow up. 

Thanks for all the help,



Sounds like great kids, great perspective and you've found a way to enjoy the ride as it should be!  Not sure if it gets any better than that.

Do you have relatives in the Lower 48 your 2021 could possibly live with for junior year of high school and/or summer travel ball? If this should he a consideration for school check the state transfer eligibility rules. 

If your 2019 is already showing signs of wanting things other than baseball, that's probably a sign that continuing the sport in college isn't likely to happen.  Baseball in college, even at a smaller school is very, very time consuming.  You have to love it or you'll end up hating it....real quick.   Good luck to your younger son....sounds like he's got some real talent.  Will be interesting to see how he does when he gets a chance in Washington.   It's surprising to me that you're playing in Alaska already....heck, here in NW Ohio, some teams have only gotten half of their scheduled games in due to a ridiculously cold and wet Spring.  Maybe the folks around here need to move north lol

oh , it's snowed during one game.We played. Rains regularly every day in April. They play. our outfield has frostheaves  and wet spots until June. But we play......and it's 33-43 degrees this time of year and they seem to love it. They don't know any better.....

Would Love to see the 2019 in 85 degrees letting a FB go ...

A little history:  My old man played in the Red Sox minors in the 60's. threw pretty hard. I'm a old CA kid. Threw 87-90 in a CA Juco back in the 90's..




Now All I throw is BP for 2 hours. in the cold.rain.snow.......and I LOVE IT.

that and ibuprofen......

and Salmon...... is Alaska after all.




Before you spend $2500 to take your 2021 to a Showcase I would highly recommend finding out his measureables first.  If he isn't running at least a 7.5 sixty with an 85+ Exit Velo and throwing at least 80+ across the diamond or from the Outfield, there really is no point in Showcasing yet... And some would say he should have at least one of the following:

a sixty time below 7.1

an Exit Velo above 90

a throwing velocity above 85

3and2Fastball posted:

Before you spend $2500 to take your 2021 to a Showcase I would highly recommend finding out his measureables first.  If he isn't running at least a 7.5 sixty with an 85+ Exit Velo and throwing at least 80+ across the diamond or from the Outfield, there really is no point in Showcasing yet... And some would say he should have at least one of the following:

a sixty time below 7.1

an Exit Velo above 90

a throwing velocity above 85

Agree that $2500 for a soph to be to travel to a showcase is probably a bit much, but if it's doable financially then I say go for it....but maybe waiting until after his sophomore year would be more beneficial.   He was already a 7.2 kid in the 60 last summer, so he's got plenty of speed.  27 AB's with no K's against even average pitching is phenomenal so he can hit a little bit    To say you need one of the 3 things you listed before showcasing isn't reality.   There are some kids playing at mid-major D1's that don't hit any of those 3 numbers.     My son is a 2-way in college now. 6'1, 180 with a 93mph fastball.  He was  recruited by a couple schools as an IF and a couple as a pitcher.  Went as a PO, but is batting again this year too (junior year)    His best showcase ever during HS was 85mph IF velo, 90 exit velo and he was never a 7.1 guy in the 60 (probably still isn't).   If a kid can play, there is a place for him.  Maybe not at a Power5, but somewhere.  

the numbers have jumped a little- not much

2019 is at 6.78 unofficially and doesn't work at it. Fastest on our team by a lot. he's got the most talent too. Just like my dad used to say about his brother. He didn't play, but went to college (PAC -10 in those days) for track, but then stopped halfway for future wife. Never regretted it either, much as I suspect 2019 won't either.

2019 has had a couple of track looks right now also in by a  local D II for the 400 & triple jump. He told them that while he appreciated the visit but he's going to school outside of Alaska. He loves Seattle, Arizona and the Napa region of CA. I don't see him coming back up after college.

2021 6.9 unofficially - he's really nipping at older brothers heels now. but he also works at it and the game a lot more. Hes usually in our cage or bouncing the ball against the wall working on glove-work when I've got a senior in the cage or on the bump. he hangs out with the seniors and he's been around the program since he was a little dude. Literally have to tell him to go outside our shop some days to go fish or clear the baseball mind. I don't want the burnout that some go through. Even I want a break to fish somedays......

He's hitting all the measurable stats when I look at his age group on PG and Northwest baseball. He throws OK ( 78-80) from 3B and hits exit velo ok-  83-86 . he's still growing - gained about 15lbs to to sit at 165. decent sized freshman..... 

Thanks again for this forum. I see most of questions are answered before I have to ask them. the best place to go when I have a question on the college process.

So much has changed since when I was a kid.

I have had no problem having a coach take a look at any of my others, we have 3  going off to a small community college this year in Montana.

It's when they asked about mine do I start to hem and Haw. I'm pretty blunt, but it's also my kid. They saw him as a eighth grader last year and they asked who he was. I told them he's mine, what grade he's in and he's got along way to go before that dream. And that was it.  I said My head coach addresses anything when a college coach asks for film, stats, or contact info. Keeps us well rounded up here and program oriented. As a dad, the pride was up that day and quickly deflated by the wife... who reminded me that I'm a old, washed up Juco -BP- tossing dad. and 2021 was a 8th grader....



A 2021 with a 6.9 60, an Exit Velo around 85, and throwing Velo of 80 across the infield will likely draw some recruiting interest and get at least an 8 or 8.5 grade from Perfect Game.  Thanks for the updated info.  In that case it may indeed be worth your time to do a PG Showcase.

The 6.9 speed in particular will draw some attention.  If you haven't already you may want to consider him as an OF as a secondary position at a Showcase

Best of luck!  It sounds like you are doing right by those kids!

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