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You'll find many types of baseball people here, on this website. Very knowledgable, at times very funny, and at other times argumentative, but friendly. All sharing ideas, experiences, information. Coaches, scouts, pros, ex-pro's, college and high school students, moms and of course, dads!

Sometimes topics can be become repetitive, but that's because as people move on in their baseball and social lives, information can become lost or forgotten about. It will re-cycle eventually.

Where do you go to school? Since your from the 'midwest' tell us about some of your collegiate, and even high school experiences. My son goes to D3 school as well out east.

Hope you have fun here, and continued success in school and baseball.
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Hey, thanks for the welcome!

HS ball was great of course, because I played with guys I had known for years, and I was top dog and won every game I pitched in senior year.

College ball is a big change. Almost every guy on my team was a top dog in HS. It's important to put your ego aside. It might take a while to earn playing time or innings, but being part of a college team is something special. These guys are like family to me.

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JJ: glad to see your post! I think we'd all appreciate a few more nuggets from you about how it "really" is in college. My son will be starting college in the Fall. The recruiting coach suggested that he come and "hang out" with the team over the next couple of months (i.e. take a yoga class with the players, etc.). Son is not sure that he'd feel welcome by the players..after all, he's just a highschool senior and not part of the team yet...I said "yeah, but you'll have to break in with these guys eventually and think of the incoming freshman who live out of state who won't have had the chance you're getting now to hang out with the team."..Do you think it would be weird for son to go hang out with this team?
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Newcomer, I guess it depends on the team. "Team bonding" is a big deal with my coach, and all of us "old guys" try to make the new guys feel comfortable and part of the team right away. But if a freshman came in trying to make sure we all knew how great he was in high school, it wouldn't help him very much (in terms of being accepted). So it depends on your son too. My advice is for your son to go in there knowing he is the "newcomer" and look at the older players like big brothers who might have something to teach him. Yeah, he will be competing with them for a spot on the team or a place on the field later on, but this isn't the time to be showing that.
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