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@RJM posted:

Fenway, are you aware they lowered the seams on the college ball a few years ago? It makes it harder on pitchers to get spin and less wind resistance when the ball is launched.

Thanks.  Yah, I forgot about that.   Still it is bordering on ridiculous.

My oldest son and I were watching the games, and couldn't help noticing some very poor swings going out.   These are not small men, and don't necessarily need the help of lowered seams.  Honestly, I don't understand the logic here.  In 2010 they mandated BBCOR bats to lower exit velocity off the bat to make it safer for the players.  10+ years later they are "juicing" the ball which is adding to the exit velocity, and making it dangerous for the players (mostly pitchers) once again.   Make up your mind NCAA!

Make Up Your Mind! – 

@fenwaysouth posted:

Crazy that only the ACC and SEC are represented at this years CWS.  Looking forward to it none the less.   You could argue there are no bona fide underdogs this year.

A couple observations from the regionals and super regionals games that I watched.

1) Glad to see Florida win over Clemson.  @TPM must have been torn up.   I was not impressed with Clemson's bush league first base running that ended up getting Crighton ejected.  Ridiculous.  Not clear on the Bakich/Leggett ejection, but I can only guess that something was said to the folks in blue that was not embraced.  That made a Florida fan out of me quickly.

2) The balls have to be juiced.  I saw some terrible swings go for HRs this year in regionals and super regionals.  Some almost looked like check swings.  There shouldn't be any cheap homers in Omaha.   That is a huge outfield.

As always, JMO.


I was not torn up over Clemson Actually I was quite surprised at somethings that happened.

The story I heard  was that Jack Leggett came out of dugout to argue why player was ejected (for spiking bat after HR), and according to my understanding that was not his responsibility. Backich was ejected for arguing about Jack being ejected.

More than likely the umpires had some nasty stuff said to them.


@Master P posted:

Here you go.

This is really interesting. Remember when posters were adamant that HS recruits were the future of every program? Remember when some said older players wouldn’t stay in college as long as possible just to play baseball?? Remember when some claimed that good programs will always choose to develop their freshman recruits instead of going to get hired guns??? I do. I remember all of that. It wasn’t hard to see this coming. This is all by design. MLB wants development to be done at the college level. They want the upper echelon of college baseball (which, less face it, is the SEC & ACC) to be the lowest level of professional baseball. And IMO MLB has colluded with the NCAA to make it happen. That’s why the MLB draft was cut in half. That’s why MLB used Covid as an opportunity to get rid of 2 levels of MiLB. Just as every other corporation has done in the past 4 years, MLB has used the Covid pandemic to maximize profits at the expense of the general public. And the NCAA has cooperated by issuing asinine ruling regarding extra years of eligibility. The powers that be don’t want the logjam of college players to break loose. This is exactly what they want.

So for the starters, it's:

56 recruits (58.3%)
8 juco transfers (8.3%)
32 4yr transfers (33.3%)

I guess you could parse that in a variety of ways.  Recruits are still (just barely) the majority.  I wonder how many are upperclassmen?

I am thinking many of those "4yr transfers" are 5th year guys with a higher percentage of them being portal undergrad players. I am guessing 1-4 years from now the percentage of JUCO kids will cut into the 4 year transfers (specifically the 5th year grad student kids) and recruiting might get another couple of players. The covid window is closing but covid + redshirt will still be around a little while longer.

Yes lots of the 8 teams have JUCO and other transfers, but the majority of the kids playing in the CWS are playing for the schools that recruited them.

The #1 team (Tennessee) in the tournament had recruits taking 73% of the ABs.

Florida recruits are pitching 99% of the post season innings.

Yes, things are a mess but clearly it's not all doom and gloom.

Other thing that stands out is other than Florida State it seems that 4 year transfers are getting more innings and ABs than JUCO players.

Obviously this is very specific to the best of the best.

Link to the full article:

Here is the team roster turnover for the remaining teams

Only NC State has Roster turnover less than 50%


This underscores that you have to be in the top half of the roster on any team that you play for. You will be replaced if you aren’t. And this applies to the first school you go to out of HS - which is a different mindset than most HS players and parents have historically demonstrated

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