So how is the battlefield district this year, the season has begun for some and others are getting started with this brutal weather.  How is everyone and what is the outlook.

Spotsylvania- has some nice bats returning, coming off a state run, but lost alot in pitching not sure how they will do

Caroline- returns alot of a young players from last years team but lost player of the year catacher/pitcher Matt Carter

Eastern View- returns alot from last year after beating chancellor in the championship.

Chancellor- returns a fair amount from last years runner up team including one of the best arms in the district in Zuna.

Courtland-returns a solid squad from last year including probably the best arm in the district in Kobersteen and a solid bad in Lawson but we will see if they can get over the hump. 

King George-Lost alot last year and it will be tuff to replace the senior loaded team of last year, but as always KG is competitive and tuff. 

James Monroe- They have gotten more competitive over the years but for some reason a school full of athletes still won't come out to baseball, we will see how they end up. 


If I heard correctly maybe someone can get this better then me, but here are some scores already:

Courtland over Riverbend 6-5

EV over Culpeper 6-5

Spotsy over Culpeper 11-6

Brooke point over KG 11-10

Brooke Point over chancellor 10-4

Garfield over JM 10-0


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From last night:

Spotsy over Orange 7-2

Hermatige over Caroline 4-2

Colonial Beach over Courtland 4-2 (Conner Lutz (CB) with a 3 run HR)


thanks for sharing, I was able to read it and for those that can't basically it said it has a prediction and shared some insight on each team:

Predicted Order of Finish: 1. Spotsylvania, 2. Eastern View, 3. Courtland, 4. King George, 5. Caroline, 6. Chancellor, 7. James Monroe

Player of the Year: Zach Thomas, Eastern View

Pitcher of the Year: Alex Kobersteen, Courtland 

Tonight I heard some final scores:

EV 9 over Liberty 3

Culpeper 2 over Courtland 1

Wash & Lee 11 over JM 5

MV 8 over KG 0

Spotsy 8 over Warren 4

Not sure if anyone else moved games from Tues to Monday. 

I think this is correct for games expected to be played today 3/27 ? Not sure about rest of the week as rain expected wed and possibly thursday in the area

Caroline at Spotsy

EV at KG

Colonial Beach at Courtland

Chancellor at JM

So games Tuesday

Spotsy 6 over Caroline 0

EV 0 KG 0 suspended in 4th 

From what I was told with the two games that were suspended they start where they leave off and pitch count is in effect so if the teams play thursday some pitchers might not have had the amount of rest needed and might not be eligible. 


right arm of zeus posted:

From what I was told with the two games that were suspended they start where they leave off and pitch count is in effect so if the teams play thursday some pitchers might not have had the amount of rest needed and might not be eligible. 


Both KG and Courtland have regular scheduled season games on Thursday (KG @ Caroline and JM @ Courtland).

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Correct.  KG is scheduled to play at Caroline on 3/29 (5 pm).  At this time the continuation of last night's game (KG vs EV) has not been noted on the schedule.

Here’s tonight’s results.

KG over Caroline 5-1

Courtland over JM 13-3

Spotsy over Chancellor 5-2

EV didn’t play.


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“There is a rumor that has Colonial Beach @ Courtland continuing on Friday. More to follow...”

Bad rumor.

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The only game played Friday or Saturday to my knowledge in Old Battlefield was:

Spotsy over Fluvanna 11-10.  It was 11-3 going into the bottom of the 7th, where Fluvanna got 7 runs in.


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Finished the 3/27 rain delayed Colonial Beach @ Courtland last night:

Colonial Beach over Courtland 2-1 with both pitchers (Lutz & Kobersteen) throwing 11 Ks.

The only game I see being played tonight is Courtland traveling to Massaponax.

So from what I gathered this is the schedule for today and tomorrow?


KG at Spotsy

Caroline at Courtland

JM at EV


EV  at Culpeper

Chancellor at Courtland

Massaponax at Spotsy

From tonight:

Chancellor over Caroline 10-8

Eastern View over Spotsy 4-0

Patrick Henry over KG 12-1


On tap for tomorrow:

Spotsy @ Courtland 4:30

JM @ Caroline 5:00

Chancellor @ EV 6:00

Courtland over Spotsy 5-4

EV over Chancellor 14-11

Caroline over JM 14-4


On tap Friday:

JM @ Colonial Beach

EV @ Liberty

Don't count on it.   The last weather forecast I saw is calling for rain beginning tonight (4/23), go all day Tuesday and be out of the area around mid-day Wednesday.  More showers in the forecast for Friday.

Tonight’s action

Rappahannock over JM 16-5

Courtland over Chancellor 16-7


We shall see if any games get played Tuesday.

Ok then, it looks like today was a bust.

EV vs Caroline was postponed to 4/30

KG vs JM was postponed to 4/27


I don’t see anything for Wednesday, so coming up Thursday:

JM @ Chancellor

Spotsy @ Caroline

Courtland @ Mountain View



From the FLS this morning.  I’m not 100% on the accuracy, considering it’s by W/L and not points.

Team - District - Overall

EV - 6-0 - 10-3

Courtland - 5-2 - 7-7

Caroline - 3-3 - 4-9

Spotsy - 3-3 - 10-4

KG - 2-4 - 4-8

Chancellor - 2-4 - 2-8

JM - 0-5 - 0-10


This is the week as far as I see.


EV @ Caroline

Courtland @ Riverbend



Courtland @ JM

Caroline @ KG

EV @ Liberty

Chancellor @ Spotsy



EV @ Courtland (this is always a good one)

JM @ Spotsy

Colonial Beach @ Caroline

KG @ Chancellor


Here is the way I understand things, not every district has a district tournament, but battlefield does and whom ever wins the battlefield district tournament gets a automatic 1 or 3 seed in the region, everything else goes towards power points in the regional standings. So no matter a team is 10-10 or 20-0 if they win the tournament they are automatically a 1 or 3 seed in the region.  No one is posting power points its hard to find. Our Region has 5 districts. We have, Caroline, Courtland, EV, Chancellor, KG, Dinwiddie, Hanover, Patrick Henry (Ashland), Huguenot, Louisa, Midlo, Monacan, Powhatan. Region seeding (1-4 get a bye) (12/13 play in game), 5-12 first round playoffs.  


results from yesterday:

Courtland 6 EV 4 

Spotsy 8 JM 3

Not sure if anyone is playing today or not.

Next week is a big week and should determine alot.  Right now top 4 are 1) EV 2) Court 3) spotsy 4) KG for district tourney 

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