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One of the funny stories from the weekend was when Ohio State score this weekend they played their fight song. I am a diehard OSU football fan and generally root for OSU in general, but that was irritating. I asked why our fight song wasn't being played when we scored. Then I got to thinking does Wright State have a fight song?  And if we did I wouldn't know it! I found out later in 2nd game  against OSU when we played them, that our fight song was played. Just that OSU lasts about a minute and our lasted about 5 seconds LOL  


I am assuming you all saw the Deer Gary )

Clemson lost their regoinal to a very impressive Oklahoma State U.  I think their weaknesses showed and I think they all were exhausted. No one expected them to do as well as they did, so alls good. Congrats to Coach Monte Lee for not cutting the players from the previous HC and giving them a chance.

It was pretty bittersweet watching the boys and parents hugging one another.  For many this would be their last college game, or even last baseball game.

Congratulations to all of your sons who made won tje conference title and regionals and will go onto super regionals and perhaps Omaha.  The road to Omaha isnt an easy one that is for sure!



My son just left home this morning to travel to Battle Creek, Michigan. He's pitching for the Battle Creek Bombers. He got be home for a week. I miss already, lol. My wife has family in Northwest Ohio. I plan on seeing some Bombers games over July 4th weekend. Where are your sons playing baseball this summer?

Shane52, keewartson will be playing for the LaCrosse Loggers, in the North Division.  He got home from Regional play on Monday, and he and I will leave at 4am tomorrow for a long drive to Chicago.  LaCrosse is playing away until Sunday, so after a day in Chicago, I will fly home and he will drive the 4.5 hours onward to LaCrosse in time for that game.

We also will be "vacationing" watching baseball in Wisconsin/Minnesota for the 4th of July week.

The drive to Summer Ball was always an odd one. The college season, which was so intense just ended and there is a short window for reflection; pretty much the ride to your summer ball team.

I was always excited to have a full summer of baseball (and no school), but also a sadness that after being with my college teammates for so long, I would now be forced to play with a whole new set of guys.

Every summer though turned out to be a major success. I could play more freely and openly, work on some new things, have fun, and meet new teammates. At the end of every summer I would then be as sad heading back to school, now leaving a new set of friends.


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