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What about umpire critique guy? I'm not talking about the typical "get in the game blue" guy. I'm talking about the guy who maybe used to be an ump, or saw a training video online or something, and now he knows all the mechanics of umpiring and (of course) ALL the rules. So he spends the game letting everyone know when an ump was out of position or when the infield fly rule was applied incorrectly.
This is a hilarious thread, thanks for starting it hsbaseballfan! After reading through the responses, I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been guilty of being "Mr High School Baseball Watcher" on many occasions. Heck, I didn't think my son's team was going to get their game in yesterday, as it was supposed to rain (Mr. Weather Guy), and yes I went to to check the status! Cool I've been known to yell heads up more than once on foul balls (Mr. Foulball Guy). Guilty as charged for umpire critique this last tournament (Mr. Umpire QC Guy), however I acknowledged that they were consistently inconsistent both ways! Wink I receive plenty of "what's your score?" texting during league play from a couple dad's (Mr. Text Guy), but they know not to text me if my kid is pitching (Mr. Intensity Guy? Smile). Seeds??? I prefer Spitz, usually Pepper, Dill, or Barbecue flavor (Mr. Seeds Guy). And lastly, my wife and I do have a camera with a Big lense (Mr/Mrs Big Lense Camera guy/gal), and we do share photos with everyone on the team!

If you're on this website posting at all, you're bound to be at least half of the guys that are mentioned on this thread...whether your in Virginia, California or any of the fifty states and's all good!
Originally posted by AntzDad:
Hmmm... never heard of Spitz. All we have here is David.

"Who is DAVID? DAVID was founded in 1926 by David Der Herbedian of Fresno, California."

Yes indeed, but DAVID is old school. I had never heard of Spitz either until a couple years ago when I went on a visit to my mom's house in South Dakota. I bought a half case of various flavors to bring home, and within six months California stores had them in stock. Jim Beam has sunflower seeds too that are pretty good...Yep, call me Mr Seed Guy! Wink
Has anyone mentioned the "NO class guy", you know the guy that his son is the dominating pitcher on the other team. This is the guy that likes to yell "C Yaaa" or "Sit down" after his kid strikes the opposing hitters out ? My guess is that this is the same guy that either played "END" for his baseball team, or perhaps never played @ all !
I was at a game Wednesday (not my son's) standing among several dad/friends in a backstop viewing area several yards away from the field. One has a son that is the runner on second. Pick move to second. I hear "baaaaack" louder than I've ever heard a human voice yell coming from the dad. This came mid-sentence for him... totally drowned out bench yell. I almost dropped my drink. Not another loud sound from him the rest of the game.

A mom from the past - every time son was at bat and made any contact, she would throw out a high pitch euphoric scream of excitement that I've only heard in, well, never mind. Everyone on the block would hear. Never any other cheering (or screams) for anyone else.

"Household Homers"
Never any other cheering (or screams) for anyone else.

It's interesting. Of course I always pull for my own son to do well, and he invariably does what he does. And of course I'm his biggest fan. WOO HOO Way to go FIVE!!!!

But somehow that makes it that much more fun to pull for the other guys on the team that's around him. Angel, Manny, Tyler, Sam, Fletch, Alex, Justin, Sean, Cody, Zach, James, Kevin, Will!

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Great thread!

Let me add this few characters:

1)Mr. Positive Guy - I met him this season. His son did great last year and now son had a slow start this season but getting it around. Always cheering for other kids and never changes his demeanor despite his son's initial struggles. Never made excuses for his son and just continued to support the team. Also sees positive things from opposing teams. This is my guy and we need more of this types. I could relate that it's is even harder for a parent to feel their son's agony. Continued positive re-inforcement, parent's love and support and faith helped his kid turn it around.

2) Mr. Classy Guy - Met him this season as well. Dad is RR23JR's teammate in Scout team but we are playing in opposing teams this season. Lefty Son hit a 450ft bomb in RF.Congratulated him and he just smiled and politely said " Thank You, that's his 1st HR of the season."

absolutley the most fun thread in history of this site

How about Mr. Chain Smoker just out of site/ fringe of the school grounds Guy? It is April and this parent is smoking like Earl Weaver in the 66 World Series. Might need to keep it perspective Dad. It is still just HS baseball.

or Mr. Face Paint for the big game Guy. If this is you, you really have some issues that will require some type of therapy. Face Paint in school colors for a HS baseball game? It really does not get much better/ badder than that in my opion
Originally posted by VaRHPmom:
Got one from tonight's game (or at least the "almost" game). Lightning Watcher Guy/Gal. This is followed by many irate parents yelling when Blue fails to get the kids off the field after three flashes of lightning accompanied with thunder.

And the first flash was before the game even started!

Shocking! One flash n thunder means get off the field n wait 30 mins for no further flashes! YIKES!
Hey! You've quit talkin' and gone to meddlin' hsbasballfan! I have one of those buttons from son's 9 year old team. BUT, it never leaves my house. I intended to carry it in my pocket during his Senior Night presentation last year but the event was rained out. Son would have KILLED me if I had taken it out of my pocket but I think he secretly likes that I still have it!
All of you dads please allow this mama just a minute of your time. The world is full of folks who want/try to tear all our kids down these days. I think it is my God-given right to build up all kids who at least try to do something with their time other than roam the streets looking for their next hook-up or even worse. I know you didn't intend to turn this into a "soap-box", hsbasballfan but we moms tend to take our boys and girls seriously. Whew, there, I feel better! Now I can get down on level ground again. Have a great day, guys! PLAY BALL!
its OK cabbagedad...we know. We have very broad shoulders from years of being teased Smile
And, even though it wasn't my button, but my last name on the back of my baseball t-shirt, I had a college coach approach me after a game to ask about my son. Sometimes its OK to where identifying never know what might happen.
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Originally posted by cb12:
its OK cabbagedad...we know. We have very broad shoulders from years of being teased Smile
And, even though it wasn't my button, but my last name on the back of my baseball t-shirt, I had a college coach approach me after a game to ask about my son. Sometimes its OK to where identifying never know what might happen.

Wait a minute... a picture button AND the T-shirt with player last name? You're double dipping!

Sorry, I'm just giving you a bad time too. I did rip on myself earlier in the thread so I feel entitled. Wink

Besides, if it got you a coach asking about your son, I might need to reconsider. Although, if I put my last name on a shirt, no telling who might be asking what.
I think those buttons are cute. I offered to do them for the senior moms on senior night, but no one else liked the idea...

OK, this thread is 8 pages long; can I contribute something original? How about Mr. Used to Be a Travel Baseball Coach? Coached or coached against every kid in the county and loudly gives scouting reports based on what the kid did five years ago.
Oh, oh, oh.....I have another one.

"Mr College Baseball Parent Internet Guy".

You can't make all home/away the games, so you turn on that computer and pay your $6.95 one day for away games. You decide if you will or won't mute the sound because the other team has the worst "homer" announcers (kind of like Susan Waldman or John Sterling). $6.95 is such a deal if you can't be there!
So here's to you HSbasbalfan for starting this off, I've attempted to list them all but I may have missed some.

I've listed most as 'guy's' but thats just in keeping with the theme, no doubt most of these could be gals too!

Get a huge lead off
College Baseball Parent Internet Guy
Used to Be a Travel Baseball Coach
umpire critique guy
High School Baseball Watcher Guy
Weather Guy
Foulball Guy
Umpire QC Guy
Text Guy
Intensity Guy
Seeds Guy
Big Lense Camera guy
NO class guy
Big Mouth Mamma
I told You So guy
baaaaack guy
Positive Guy
Classy Guy
Lightning Watcher Guy
Chain Smoker guy
Face Paint guy
Score Board Monitor guy
Key Man
Dress Like One of the HS Girls Mama (ok,hopefully not a guy)
mrs button with a photograph of her son on it
played for the local coaching legend guy
Mechanical Flaw Fixer/Analyst guy
pitcher's dad guy
Movie Guy
Intensity guy
Injury Eval Guy
One upper guy
Hitter’s Dad Pitch Predictor guy
bullpen watcher guy
grumpy old guy
Inappropriate Cheering Guy
down the line guy
where are they now guy
Grounds Crew Guy
The Seeds Guy
Seed Coniseur Guy
coach his kid from the stands guy
it's OK - it's not your fault guy
Self-policed guy
Scorebook Lady
Stat lady
Cell phone mom
run for the home run ball MOM
thats OK johnny Moms
Mr Glory Days guy
Great Hit Guy
Good Eye, Way to Watch guy
It's Not Your Fault Mom
The cheerleader guy
The Older I get the Better I was guy
Pumped and Excited Frosh on Varsity Parent guy
Mr.Handicapper Guy
Dugout Visitor guy
video tape every single game in its entirety guy
Relief Pitcher Bullpen Warmup Watcher/Evaluator guy
Right/Don't You Think/Are you following me/Am I seeing this right Guy
Senior Backup Catcher's Dad Guy
News I picked up today from other teams in the league guy
radar gun messenger guy
scout locator/counter guy
flask smuggler guy
Back of the Bleachers Guy
Proud Dad guy
You Can Do It, Gal
Great Hit, Nice Pitch, Guy
I Keep my Own Book Guy
I have my OWN pitch Counter Guy
chatter guy
Concession Stand Boss Lady
weather man guy
physics expert guy
gatorade fetcher right now because water is just not good enough for my kid guy
Great Hit Guy
Signs guy
Mr Old Timer Guy
Mr Announcer Guy
Mr Special Effects/Sound Bites Guy
Fence Dweller Guy
Foul Ball Guy
Mr. Real Estate Guy
The Foul Ball Guy
The Rules Guy
The Electronic Communications Guy
The Strategy Guy
The Cliches Guy
Look Out Guy
Scout spotter guy
umpiring quality control guy
Disgruntled Parent guy
Connected Parent guy
Stats Guy
the Other Team guy
Coach Questioner guy

that's nearly 100.....

Who is the next Here's to you Mr. .... ***. ..... Guy?
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Originally posted by hsbasballfan:
some overlap but i count about 60 different "roles" have been identified...just think some guys can move in and out of all 60 over the course of a game!
we have heard from people in VA,CA,RI,Fl,TN,NC, and others.
lets keep going and see if we can get to 100!

how about some fan s in NY,NJ and other states!

Bumping this up to the newest post, another great hsbasblfan move!
We have a designated "College Scout Interceptor Guy". Not sure if he was officially designated but if there is a college scout anywhere in the area you will end up seeing this guy rubbing shoulders with him within two innings. The last game we had a scout there and his son was out sick. Thought he was going to have a cow. He immediately was on the phone to his son telling him to drag himself out of bed to come to the field... (The son stayed in bed)
This has got to be one of the funniest threads I have ever read. Although my son is a 2015, I've seen just about (or been one) every one of these guys/gals over the years during travel ball. Can't wait to see and be one of these guys during HS ball. .

BTW. I'm new to these boards and I look forward to reading and participating...

Who do I talk to, so that a popcorn eating "smiley" can be added? Cool
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