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I'm not from Canada, but I grew up in northern Minnesota and I've been to Canada on canoe trips.

Congratulations to you for accomplishing something that other Canadian HS baseball players on these forums would like to do. Perhaps you could share your story. How did a player from Canada manage to be seen by US coaches or recruiters and end up playing college baseball here in the U.S.?

I'd be more then happy to share my story...

BUT I'm not quite sure that everyone would want to hear or believe everything that I've endured, As always there is that one person or group of people who don't belive what you say, and I'm tired of seeing it on the HSBBW, people have in the past shot down my stories of what I've went through and I don't quite appreciate their comments.

I'm more then willing to privatley tell people my story and help fellow aspiring ball players out. But as far as publicly I'm not so sure... maybe I will if I see there's enough intrest for it.

That is really an amazing story, very interesting to read. I hope that some other players from Canada learn from your description of how you researched college opportunities, attended a US showcase, got some help from a few people on these forums, etc.

I hope that your shoulder problems work out and that you can get back to playing college baseball!

Thanks for taking the time to read my reply and post a comment.

I know it was very lengthy, and I still left a fair amount out.

I hope that this starts to help kids out (In Canada or even people who aren't from Canada who happen to view this forum, though I doubt that'll happen due to the title of the Forum.) for what all to do to get college attention. I'm more then happy to take the time to help out anyone who is serious in advancing towrds college baseball.
That is really an amazing story, very interesting to read. I hope that some other players from Canada learn from your description of how you researched college opportunities, attended a US showcase

I think the reason why I'm not anywhere right now is because I had no knowledge whatsoever about how to get a scholarship, and things like that until it was too late. I did attend a community college that had a team, the league was a wood-bat league too so it was really fun, and it did open my eyes to play with wood to so just where I'm really at, and what I need to work on. I only have a couple years till it's too late to be signed or drafted. I'm attending a college right now, doesn't have a team unfortuanetly, to get my marks up so I can attend a local university that has a team, one guy played there and got signed by the Marlins a couple years ago.
I'm also gonna try and get into a league nearby that is really challening (wood bat, some ex-major leaguers) which is also the league that the Marlins guy played in before he got signed. So now I gotta bust my butt if I have any chance at playing pro ball.

Doc, what are you gonna do if you cant' play anymore?

Me, once the pro dream is gone, I think I'd like to be a coach. I been spending a lot of time recently reading books and internet sites on baseball skills, and studying games on TV. I think I have plenty of knowledge to pass on to other ppl who wanna go pro.

As for me if ball doesn't pan out, I'm gonna get as degree andget a decent job, but I'll still be involved in baseball somewhat.

I was a pitching coach in 2004 and I think I'd enjoy doing that on a more regualr basis once ball's over for me, I'm currently in the process of opening and running a Pither's only clinic for this spring/summer for players aged 13-21.

What Province are you in, cause the league your talking about sounds like one my buddy played in this summer in Soutwestern Ontario, but it also too sounds like the WMBL.

I've figured out that if I hadn't come across this site and met the right people on here I too would of been in the same baot you're in.

I wish there was something for Canadian kids to find out how to go on and get the exposure and college attention. That just might be something I'll persue more once my ball is over with.
Doc K Kid...
"I hope that this starts to help kids out (In Canada or even people who aren't from Canada who happen to view this forum, though I doubt that'll happen due to the title of the Forum.) for what all to do to get college attention. I'm more then happy to take the time to help out anyone who is serious in advancing towrds college baseball."

I'm from Texas and I am reading this post ....very interesting, and I've found that all information is valuable. Knowledge is power. Thanks for sharing.

I have spent a considerable amount of time in Canada - I love it. Great country with great people. I have had the pleasure of working with a Canadian artist and I know the issues Canadians face with living/working/studying in the U.S. You guys are definately handicapped in that respect, and things are going to get even tougher with the new legislation here in the US requiring passports for visitors on both sides of the boarder(s).

Keep your chin up and continue to work hard towards your gaols, whatever they ultimately pan out to be.

Please tell us more about ICBaseball and WMBL.
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My buddy didn't play in the IBL, he played in the Senior Can-Am league that had a lot of former guys who had been drafted,one kid by seattle whoose helping him play for the Edmonton Firecats or something like that that's in the Northern League and Managed by Terry Bevington and has Stubby Clapp playing it currently amongst other guys.

I'm very familiar with the IBL, I had an offer to play for the London Majors this summer, but decided to play in the WMBL.

The WMBL is the Western Major Baseball League ( it's played in Saskatchewan and Alberta only. It claims key word claims to be the Canadian Cape and the same level as Single A and the best wood bat league in all of Canada.
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The Intercounty Baseball League is a league much like an independant league that you guys have down there, the only leauges I know of is the Frontier League or the Northern League or the league that Rickey Henderson has been playing in for the past few years,I'm not sure if it'd be the same level as the leagues in Mexico for I don't know what those are like.

Basically to play in these types of leagues you have to have at least played college baseball or been drafted or be very good enough to get the attention of the scouts and coaches in the league.

It too is a league very similar to Single A depending where you play.

In the ICBL there is many former MLB players in it such as Paul Spoljaric and Brett Butler who both play on the Toronto team for example.

Now one thing to point out about the ICBL is that there are some Highschool aged kids in it, I know the London Majors have played with kids on the London Badgers Senior Midget team (ages 16-18), the Stratford team has alot of Highschool aged players playing on it, they've never really been a contender so I'm not sure if they just can't draw the talent right now or are trying a new approach.

I hope this sheds some light on these leagues
I was gonna try to get on the Hamilton Thunderbirds team, the new owner of the teams owns the Canadian Thunderbirds team in the CEBC and they 'expanded' so that the guys over 18 have a place to play elite ball as there aren't really any Cape leagues around except this one. Hamilton is also the closest team to where I live, about 45 minutes away.
I think my chances are good because I played on an elite 18u wooden bat team, and played college ball which was also wood bat. Two guys I played with in college play in the ICB league, and don't mean to brag or anything, but they weren't even one of the better players on the team, they were more in the middle of our college team's talent, and our college team was brutal, one played for Toronto Maple Leafs which must be a hard team to play on as they're the best team in the league exepcially with 3 ex-major leaguers, the other guy played for Guelph. So I'm pretty confident in my chances of playing for a team. Plus the one guy I mentioned ealier got signed by the Marlins, so that just gives me hope as well. I would like to play centrefield as it's my best position. If I can't play there, then as long as I play anywhere in the outfield and get to hit, run, I'll be happy. I was thinking of trying out for the Toronto team since my old college was in Toronto at the time, but I'd much rather face the toughest guys than play with them against the worse guys. It would be more of a challenge and would increase my skills.

Doc, the coach you described in th WMBL sounds like the coaches we have around here for the 'bum league teams', they just show up, make the lineup and that's it. I'm hoping the ICB has at least some kind of instruction, or coaches who develop relationships with the players, or some kind of team chemistry effect.

Yes Trust me in the regards to the ICBL the Coaches there are very involved and have a very good structure and they do develop good reports with players, the ICBL is a much better league to play for in that sense. As far as talent goes, it's pretty much equal, only the WMBL doesn't have as many former MLB players.

I'm not sure as to how hard it is to make the Toronto Maple Leafs, yes they are the top team in the league and have been for many years, but as far as making it who knows, as you said about the guy on your college team who played for them you said he was only middle of the pact talent wise on a brutal college team, alot of it has to do with recuriting the right guys for both on field and in the dugout and clubhouse.

I think I'm going to contact the Majors late winter/early spring to see if I can get back in with them for the upcomming season.

Are you currently working out somewhere to stay in shape or what are you doing so that you don't loose your edge? I'm going nuts not being able to throw right now and only am going to the gym and lifting and working out from my abs/obliques down.

Goodluck to you in your tryouts in the Hammer
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Doc_K_Kid, I really learned some things in your story that I was not aware of. My son 2007 RHP/OF has just left this morning for the PG WWBA tournament in Fort Myers Florida and he plays for Team Ontario. He has received letters from 5 different schools in the US and been talked to by a Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves scout. The Minnesota Twins scout also told him not to let coaches tell him to throw his fastest which he has been clocked at 92 but averaging 85-89. He told him to not overdo it and use his offspeed pitches etc. I think how will my son my a decision on what college or university to attend if possible as we are in the same financial situation as your family. What I really learned from you is about OSAP and the Banks and OHIP. I did not know this. Also my sons grades are not very good, averaging 60, I keep telling him that he has to improve those grades because he has to write the SAT or ACT. So you think the ACT is better for him to take? Any other information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I'll see if I can change the forum title. I just picked this title cause I thought it was kind of funny.

I believe Brantford or maybe it was Kitchener who has a 40 year old player/head coach. He must be well invovled with the team then.
I'm only aware of the 3 ex-majors on the Toronto team, the Butler bros. and Spoljaric. Who else do you know of?
I talked to my old college coach a while back and he says he knows the head coach at Brock University and says they have a really good program, so he told me to keep in touch so he can help me get into the Brock program. I was actually thinking of going to a Brock game this weekedn and confront the coach and pick his brain for league info etc., and ask hiom if he could help me get on the Hamilton team, since most coaches in the area keep in touch with each other. Hopefully he has some connections.
It would be exciting to play against you if you can get on the London team. Hope your arm holds up.
As for practice/works out, this is the problem I've run in to since I started training hard. I always slack off or get sidetracked. But this winter I promised myself to stick with it.
I set up a gym in my garage. I got a bench press bench with the leg curls/extensions and butterfly attachments and a barbell and 2 bumbell bars along with free weights. I went out and got some ankle weights, resistance tubes and not quite medicine balls, but these 3 and 5 pound 'bean' balls which work just the same.
For books I have Complete Conditioning for Baseball, a sports nutrition book, a weight lifting book that teaches proper techniques, a book on sports speed, agility, plyometrics etc.and I just bought a few books and bookmarked some sites that teach baseball drills and fundamentals. Im trying to read up on specific things like how to lead off, and try all the techniques and see which one feels/works best for me. I also just bought a tee, and I'm working on building a stand for this punching bag I made, so I can take swings into the bag, it's hard to explain what that's about but it's on, I got the video they sell there, and it's been alomst magical the new technique I'm trying to master.
A lot of times I'll just run outside greab my bat, and just practice my batting stance, or gfab a ball and pretend throw while focusing on my technique and other creative little things like that. I don't have much space or resources, plus it's hard to play outdoors in the slow so I'm trying to make do wtih what I got. I wish snow was more slippery so I could practice sliding in it, hehe.
I sjut wish I had someone to long toss with. I have only one friend who's willing to play catch but he can't throw half as far as me as he doesn't play baseball.
I also have the weight room at my college to use.
I can't imagine what it would be like to not be able to pick up a baseabll. My suggestion is to grab a bat and become a DH, hehe.
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First of all best wishes to your son and his baseball career. I have one question though, how can 5 schools send your son letters if he doesnt graduate until 07, Schools are only allowed to send you info or talk to you after July 1st of your junior year, in your case July 1st 2006 (you can call them but they can not start recruiting you until that date), or are the NAIA and JUCO schools?

Personally for me if I was to write the SAT now I'd hate to do it because I'm the type of guy who prefers to just sit there answer the questions and have the test over with plus I hate writing essays cause I write so darn small that people never think I've written enough. It really comes down to how well he performs under the pressure of exams.

Your son might benefit from the SAT though because now all students must take a course (kind of how they prepped us Ontario Students before taking the EQAO Math test and the Literacy tests, speaking of those if your son did well on those 2 tests he has absolutley nothing to worry about when he writes his SAT or his ACT, those test are very very similiar in regards to our gr 9 and 10 testing.) before they write the SAT, so that just might help your son out.

Although I've heard from my college buddies that they found the ACT to be much easier for them to take then the SAT, also the ACT is becomming more and more popular, BUT keep in mind that some schools still do require you to write your SAT over your ACT, with that in mind the SAT is the safest way to go but sometimes not necessarily needed. If he does decide to take the SAT I have a great book that I'll give you the author and title for and you can get it at Chapters, it's great.

Also since your son is an 07 he's got one more year to get those marks up like even into the 70s and he'll be fine, even if he takes the college level courses those should be good enough for him to get into any school down in the states. Does your son truly try in school or does he kinda of blow his school work off, because if he kind of blows his school work off I have a great story to tell him that our asst. Coach told me last year that really hit home in relation to marks, scholarships and being redshirted.

One thing for you and your son to keep in mind is when you look at schools approach it the same way as if he was going to attend a regular University/College up here in Ontario, remember Education first Baseball second, once he's narrowed down his choices to schools he'd prefer to go to because of his program then I'd start getting more and more involved in the baseball aspect, like I'd love to go to Virginia Tech and play with my good buddy from Miami but the classes offered tehre wouldn't do me any good. Remember and make sure he remembers Baseball will not always be there, like if he gets an injury like myself outta nowhere and has expected Baseball to be his life he could be sitting wondering what to do with his life, and injuries can come out of no where, like I've done everything humanly possible to prevent an arm injury and currently I've got a rotator cuff problem, hopefully only a minor injury that'll be fixed soon enough.

One of the hardest things to do is reading the Coaches that are recruiting him and making sure he can tell if they are putting on a smoke show so that not only the school and program seem's great but that the coach himself looks good as well, our Head Coach told me that when he signed with St.Leo he thought he was going to be gravy until he got there the first day and realised the H-ell he was going to be put through, he went back to his hotel room and was like what did I get myself into, he spent a semester at a school he thought was going to be great for him but when he got there he hated it and wasted a semester. Try and go on as many visits as possible to the schools that are recruiting your son, which I know can be hard for a family that is financially strapped, or ask the Coach for some players (Captain, a Senior player and a Freshman) phone numbers so that he can talk to the players and get a real true sense of what the school and coach and program is like. That's what was great at Urbana I lived with 5 future teammates at the time for 3 days that's the best way to get a feel is to actually be put in those types of situations.

A great asset that your son has that many kids don't is his Coaching staff, pick their brains about things as well, they should be well knowledged in this area since afterall your sons on Team Ontario, I'm sure that they can also give you and son advice.

I hope that this has helped you. If you have any questions feel free to post on here as soon as you get them, I check the HSBBW regularly 3 or 4 times a day, so I'll be sure to reply as soon as I see it.
Doc, I am sorry but what my son has received is letters from the school, inviting him to some of there showcases and cd's telling him about the school etc., not letters promising him anything, I should have been more clear. His Team Ontario coach did tell us that the schools cannot talk to him until next July 1. The coaches though for Team Ontario like to be partial about the schools and not recomend 1 school over the other. My son does say he is going to buckle down and try harder, I hope he does because he really does need the marks. All of the schools that have sent him info are D1 and I would hate for this opportunity to pass him. He would listen more to his coaches or other players over his parents though. We asked the Team Ontario coaches to really emphasize how important grades are and to make the boys take school work with them when they are away. I have heard that there are some got Junior Colleges that I think we should start looking for, I just think it is a pheononal task. I would like to know the name of book please. I heard it is raining in Florida. Team Ontario's first game is scheduled for tomorrow at 12:30 pm. I will be checking the website for updates. It is hard being here and not being able to watch the games. I think over the winter my son will try and work out at the Baseball Zone in Missisauga. Have you ever been there, it seems like a good complex. Thanks for your reply

As far as ex-bigleaguers in there I only can recall off the top of my head are the 3 you named off.

It sounds like you have a pretty decent setup in your garage, I suggest using your gym at you college as well you'll be able to do more, the Complete Conditioning book you have is excellent, I own it as well as 5 other very valuable books but most of them are strictly for pitchers, I do have a good Baseball Strategy book and a great Mental book that I suggest you buy,

Its called The Mental Game of Baseball written by H.A. Dorfman and Karl Kuehl, it's helped elevate my game in huge strides.

Make sure you stay focused on that goal of yours, make up signs that'll motivate you or remind you to not loose focus and put them in places you'll commonly see, this has helped me in the past not loose focus on the goal.

If I lived closer to you and I didn't have my rotator cuff problem I'd be more then willing to long toss with you, I know what its like not having anyone to throw with, I went through that last fall/winter, it's very very tough to overcome.

I'd deffinately go to the Brock game and try and talk to the Coach and see if he can help you out, or at least talk to him adn show interest in his program. Also it doesn't hurt to email the Hamilton team or send them a letter with all your baseball info, the HSBBW has a great shell that you should use to set up the letter, its in the recruiting timeline I do believe.

How good were your numbers that season you played college ball, and what team were you on in that 18U elite team?

The book is called Barron's How to Prepare for the SAT* I 21st Edition (I imagine that they have another edition out already)

The ISB number is 0-7641-1390-9

They also have a website

No unfortunately I haven't been to the Baseball Zone though I've read up on it and would like to workout there for it is one of the best if not the best place to workout for in Ontario from what I've been told.

I do agree with the point about a kid will listen more to a Coach or a player then a parent, if you wish I'd be more then happy to talk to your son one on one and share my stories and help get the point accross to him about school.

Yea JUCOs are great for 2 reasons
1.) If you don't have the marks to get into NCAA or NAIA school
2.) You can get drafted after your freshman year at a JUCO

Yes looking can be quite overwhelming just remember to take your time (a side note that you might want to look into is Schollys for JUCOs I remember my Coach [who used to be a Coach at a JUCO] say something along the lines of JUCOs can't offer schollys for athletics only academics, so that might be something to fuel your son more) and don't rush through looking at them.

Somethings to keep in mind that can narrow out schools quickly is size and location if that matters to you and your son.

I hope this helps, and remember I'm always here to answer any question, keep me posted.
Doc, Thanks for the info and I am sure going to get this book. When my son comes back from Florida, which is next Tuesday I will tell him about the site and I am sure he would like to talk to you and hear your experiences. It is very hard for Canadians as you already know. He was really looking forward to this PG tournament and I hope he does well. This is the first PG event he has attended. Sometimes he is too hard on himself. If you are interested to have a look at the teams and scores etc. the website is . Next time you are in Toronto you should check out Baseball Zone. Team Ontario has certain times they go. I can get the times and address for you if you like. Thanks

Since Minnesota is ALMOST in Canada Wink I thought I would suggest that you check out the University of Minnesota as a possible option for your son. It is a very good school in many ways (good academics, nice campus, cultural events, degree is respected by employers) and has a strong D1 baseball program. Although it is not the warmest climate, they play some of their early spring games indoors in the Metrodome (where the Minnesota Twins play). My son who is now a D3 college sophomore participated in their Fall baseball league and one camp in HS - he liked Siebert Field a lot and was very impressed with the whole coaching staff. I've heard from several sources that they are good coaches to play for. They also seem to typically have a few players drafted most years. My younger son who is a HS senior plans to attend U of Minn next year for music (not playing college sports).
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The main thing that the players from Canada need to do in their search for colleges in the US is to make sure they can do things financially---many schools cannot do things finanically while others can--players from Canada are not entitled to federal financial aid as they are not US citizens

Check it out carefully and in depth

There some schools who have special financial and academic programs for those from Canada
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I fully agree with what TRhit has mentioned,

I know from my experiences that Central in Iowa for example can give a Canadian student up to $10,000.00 (american) in International Student Financial Aid, depending upon what they determine you qualify for along with an Academic Scholarship. But the school I'm at (Urbana) doesn't offer International Student Financial Aid whatsoever, so all we get is our Athletic scholly or a scholly based upon marks because as I've mentioned earlier my school doesn't allow for us to stack our schollys.

Another thing that every Canadian should get a.s.a.p. is a passport, as briefly touched upon by itsagreatgame. The way things are going it does indeed look as though we are going to need a passport to get across the border, they've been toying with this idea for a few years now, but it really does look like it's going to happen, so you might as well get it done now rather then later, one less thing to chek off the list!

A suggestion for this is to go to the office don't do it through the mail it takes much more longer if you do it through the mail plus you'll be sure to not have your birth certificate or healthcard or drivers liscence lost in the mail.

Now there is one thing that I've over looked in my posts and that is for our french speaking Canadians who don't classify english as their first language. I'm sure I would of totally forgot about this if I wasn't helping a player from Quebec get things in order! There is a test in which they have to take called the TOEFL (I believe that's the short form of it) basically it's a english comprehension test that they have to pass in order to be accepted by a school in the states, makes sense you'd have to be good enough in english in order to attend clases otherwise you'll be completely lost in the classroom and become redshirted or even worse loose your scholly.

Debroah I'll be sure to check out that site, and I'm sure your son will do fine, whether or not he'll do fine by his standards is another thing, I think all players put too much pressure on themseleves and won't be too happy with how they did, because you can always do better, I'm the same way, for example if I go out there and throw a shutout but walked a guy or to I'm not happy because I walked those guys.

Just let me know if your son does wish for me to talk to him and I'll talk to him whenever would be best for him, as far as the Baseball Zone I'm all for it, I'm trying to get to Toronto in the near future to visit a friend and check out the campus she's at so once I know when that is I'll let you know. This goes for anyone on whoose reading the site, if they want me to email someone or talk to someone via phone or in person depending upon proximity to one another I'd be more then happy to do it.
MN-Mom, Thanks for the information on University of Minnesota, we will definatly check it out. The whole process seems so overwhelming right now, I can't imagine what is going through my sons head. Any other information would be greatly appreciated.

Doc, Thanks for the reminder, I am going to start the process of getting my son a passport, I work downtown Toronto so I will do that next week. My husband told me my son had mentioned about a course he has to take before he writes his SAT's and he is supposed to start this when he gets back from Florida. Another work-out facility in the winter to check out would be Frozen Ropes in Guelph. You probably already know this, but I did read that velocity comes from the strength in a pitchers legs, i would have thought the arm. Our son runs stairs and does a lot of bike riding, which probably helps him with his velocity. I just checked the web-site for the World Wood Bat and Team Ontario beat Team IBC 7-6. It doesn't sound like it was a really good game. The winning run came in on a balk in the final inning. My sons name wasn't mentioned in the Wrap, so I don't know if that's good or bad. I just wish I was there. Yes please let me know when you are coming to Toronto and I will let you know about Baseball Zone.

Yes I did know that velocity is generated in the legs and about Frozen Ropes, it's an alright place, but pales in comparison to Baseball Zone.

But the thing that most people forget is that the core of your body (abs/obliques) actually needs to be quite strong, for this is the transfer spot in which the power generated from your legs goes to your arm. Many people do figure that the arm is where the velo is created, but in fact the arm is more so 'along for the ride' for the most part.

Running stairs does help add velocity because it works on the explosiveness of that is used when one pitches.

Biking mainly is used for endurance aspects though it does in some way aid in velocity.

I have the workout (both strength training and conditioning) for Pitchers that is used by Team Canada, if your son is interested I'll be more then happy to send a copy to him. Also you might want to look at a book called Complete Conditioning for Baseball by Pat Murphy and Jeff Forney ISBN number 0-87322-886-3. Inform your son to remember that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link and for many that link is indeed their core.

I'm glad Team Ontario got the win, hopefully they go deep in this tourney!
I'll be using both the college room and my garage evenly to get a balance in the amount of different lifts I can do. I have a couple pitching books as well but I hardly use them as I don't pitch, mainly just get get the idea of pitching strategy so I know what to expect when I go hit.
The reminder signs around the house sounds like a good idea.
My numbers in college were decent, my luck wasn't though. I'd hit the curveballs, hard line drives and grounders, rarely popped up or chopped out, but it seemed like every hit I got went right to the fielders. Our coach wasn't too good with playing time. He always played the 2 or 3 guys he knew or who's dad's were his friends the playing time every game, everyone else wasn't too pleased with this. Our field condition (Christie Pits) it was like playing in an earthquake. No one could catch even the routine grounders, not even the best fielders. Everyone had lots of errors as well as balls bouncing over their heads or way off to the side.
I played for Team Niagara (Niagara Stompers) in the Ontario Schowcase league. Here's their site
Man I'd love to long toss. Throwing the ball is my favourite part of the game. I love watching guys like Jeff Francouer gunning down runners from the deep outfield. The one year we moved out to the boonies, that fall I tried out for the old Welland Renegades and didn't make it. My arm was horrible. That fall and winter, since had a huge yard (out in the country) I'd chuck balls across the yard as far as I could. Then the spring came around and I tried for Team Niagara and except for two guys, I had one of the best arms there, and I could transfered from infield to the outfield and loved it.

I'm glad that I was able to offer some help in regards to the focusing in on your goal and staying focused.

What college did you play for? I know there's not too many Collegiate baseball leagues that are wood only leagues, the only ones that come to my mind are the few In the Dakota's that my buddies from Saskatchewan played in when they attended college.

Speaking of Wood bats... just a suggestion to anyone reading this forum who plays ball. If you play in a summer league that is a metal bat league and you never touch the real thing (wood) you might want to start learning how to hit with wood, you can do this in the cages or during your teams batting practises. For any showcase you attend is going to be wood bat only, not to mention some college coaches like to see how well you hit with wood when you workout with them, PLUS if you do go on to play college ball in the fall all you hit with is wood during practises, and some schools during the regular season have their players hit with wood during batting practise.

I know from prior experiences with past teammates in metal summer ball leagues it takes a while to adjust to hitting with wood, we had a guy who with metal could just absolutely mash and then when he HAD to hit with wood for a season he could barely get the ball out of the infield, so you might as well start to get used to hitting with wood now rather then later, at first it will be a big blow to your confidence but remember to work hard on it and things will improve, don't give up and just mail it in.

I met a guy a couple years ago who was a lefty pitcher that went to that college. I know exactly what you mean about that Coach, He said the same things when we met at the CBL, I never could remember his name and I never thought to get any info to keep in touch with the kid.

You do know that you could still try and get a scholly in the states right... like your eligibility is still there, even thought you've been to school up here if you really are looking into playing past college.

What Follows is an FYI to anyone reading this Forum;

The percent of getting drafted out of NCAA DI is 10.5 and that odd therefore get lower as you include DII DIII NAIA and JUCO, not to mention Highschoolers and that's just for schools in the States.

The perecent or odds of getting a contract from playing college ball up here is miniscule. (I don't have a number but I wish I did.) Like there's hope as you and I both know people have done it in the past, (some of which was dont only as a fovour to some kids father, I know a guy who got taken in the 12th round by KC whoose a RHP who only throws 75, like you never get picked up that early in the draft throwing like that especially with no above average offspeed) but there ain't much hope and that's a sad hard fact that many guys have to deal with that play up here.

If you are truly hopeful of playing past college you might as well give yourself the best chance possible, like we got scouts up here no doubt, I've worked out infront of 15 of them. We're becomming a dominican republic, MLB is starting to realise we produce some pretty darn fine ball players, but we're still lacking in exposiure up here, (its like how we know theres good hockey players in the states but no one really truly looks at them) if you play up here you really don't stand much of a chance at all.

I hope you realise that I'm not trying to knock what your doing, it's great what your doing, but I just want to make sure you along with anyone reading this forum starts to grasp how much harder it would be to play past college up here, like it's already hard enough when you go to the states.
Doc, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too and to all other posters here. I talked to my son in Forida yesterday and it turns out he has gotten a really bad cold while down there. He could barely speak. What timing he was really looking forward to do his best in this tournament. The coaches left him at the hotel for Saturday mornings game but in the afternoon he insisted on playing and went 2 for 3. The coaches gave him the start this morning against the top team in there division and he didn't last 2 innings, apparently he was pitching a lot of balls. I feel bad for him and the team as they lost the game and are now out of the tournament. I just had to get this off my chest. I think sometimes parents feel worse that the boys do. They are going to play an exhibition game tomorrow. Again Happy Thanksgiving

That's too bad about your son getting sick and the team loosing out, I'm sure that they all enjoyed themselves down there and the experiences gained from playing in Ft.Myers.

Tell your son to keep his head up and that everybody has a bad outing now and then. Prime example Devine of the Braves today, the kid was drafted THIS year and is up with the Big Boys and serves up that walk off homerun and that pitch was a really really good pitch. We all must strugle in order to enjoy success even more.

I imagine that my mother can relate to how your feeling better then I myself can, she's akways taken my baseball falls worse then I have no matter hwo trivial or serious they may be, I think it's a Mom thing.

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