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Four-Year Guarantees Approved by NCAA

Midlo Dad ·
The NCAA board approved the rules change to permit schools to offer scholarships on a multi-year basis, as opposed to the current, standard year-to-year deals.While some coaches give their word that they won't reduce money year to year as long as the...

N Ill U

Just saw that NIU has almost all guys from ILL so I wanted to point out that they must be a great program subce they recruit IL kids, so good luck to them this yr.

JUCO's and CC's

PopTime ·
We're trying to compile lists of target schools from NCAA Div I, II and III. Obviously there are many more D1 schools which have the academic programs my son is interested in (Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology) but we've also found some very nice...

College recruitor files suit against fibbing parent.

Dibble ·
Neuter NewsCollege recuitor sues fibbing parent.This will go down among insane lawsuits. Bob Jones assisant coach at Southwest College has filed suit against a parent of a potential recruit for severely exaggerating the fastball of his son by over ten...

Medium Priority Recruit?

chimera ·
My son was told a by a D3 coach that he was a "medium priority recruit". The coach felt he could be a starter by the end of his freshman year or by his soph year. Our question is how to interpret this. Would the coach support his college application?...

Oklahoma Showcases/Teams

NCMtnBBDad ·
My 2012 nephew in Edmond OK is trying to locate some showcases in OK for next summer as well as any showcase teams in OK. He currently plays for one of the elite USSSA OK teams. I know PG does some showcases in TX. Does anyone know if "showcase"...

recruiting services??....

BaseballParentRHP06NV ·
My 06 son got a call from a recruiting service after he filled out his name on their website. They want about $300 to recruit him to August 1, 2006, the day of letter of intent.I went to Yahoo, searched their directory, and came up with MANY other...

Stock Piling or Over Recruiting

CB Son ·
In 2002 Bob Howdeshell did a great series of articles on Stock Piling which finished with a list of schools that were the "Prize Winners" for 2002. On a recent post on "actual performance" I read a stat that 50% of D1 freshman transfer to a different...

DIII schools

gimages ·
Need some help with DIII recruiting info. Need some specific answers from all of you that have gone through the DIII process. Am very confused.1. How did your player get the interest of a DIII coach?I know about sending letters and emails but everyone...


RHP05Parent ·
Just another reminder to our younger players and parents. Good grades in high school are so important these days to a baseball recruit! I keep running across guys this season that would make great college players but are not getting the recruiting...

FSU recruiting

baseballstud ·
I have gotten letters from numerous notable DI colleges in the past few weeks, but none from Florida State. My friend told me that they only recruit out of their camp, is this true?thanx.

How a coach found players...

advisor ·
in this case they found him! This is a long post, but I thought it was worth the time.A lot of times, on this site, peeople ask how they can be discovered and there is an adundance of good information provided about that. In speaking with a local...

Louisburg Junior College?

crollss ·
Can anyone share some info regarding the Louisburg program? I am intrested in any info regarding quality D1 JUCO programs in the Carolina/Florida area. Do they generally recruit kids from the northeast region? We are from NJ.

College catchers

Fungo ·
Catchers in college are unique. I get the feeling some aren’t sure of where they fit in their program even after they have been there a year or more. Is there anything a parent or a player can ask during the recruiting visits that could help?...

Recruit attending college game

baseballfam4 ·
Just thought I'd ask since I think it might be an etiquette issue.My son mentioned to a college coach A ,he was going to attend one of his local games in our area vs. college B. Well he is actively being recruited by both A and B schools.The coach A...

Need ideas or advice

Tooldforthis ·
My son finally is able to play for his J.C. team after knee surgery and redshirting last year.Here's where I need the advice.Son was recruited as a catcher and choose the school he is at after talking to several others. Unable to catch last year...

If height and weight don't matter, then why?

NP13 ·
I did not want to take another discussion further off topic, but I must respectfully disagree with several of the statements."It really was fairly unimportant." - That not even close to being true... If it was, why list it at all. Sure if you are a...

public to private transfer rules/ethics

hocobaseballfan ·
What are the rules, both written and unwritten for public school players transferring to private schools? Is is ethical for a private school to recruit a public school player? I seem to recall that there used to be a rule that if a public school...

How to contact college coaches

je00019 ·
Outside of filling out recruitment questionarre's and sending in video, what would you consider the normal process for contacting college coaches? Should it come directly from the recruit or his parents? Should the recruit talk with his coach or AD...

Terp Recruits 2010-2011

Bear ·
Just out and on-line.... In case you did not see it. nine Terp Baseball recruits for 2010-2011 season 2 JUCO ....P & Inf 7 HS ..2 C ..1b ..Inf ..3 OF ------------------- David Carroll | RHP | Western Nevada College | Las, Vegas, Nev. Kyle Convissar | INF | Severna Park HS | Severna Park, Md. Tomo Delp | INF | College of Southern Nevada | Las Vegas, Nev. Tim Kiene | 1B | Avon Old Farms HS | South Windsor, Conn. Austin Kilbourne | OF/RHP | Matoaca HS | Chesterfield, Va. Patrick Leyland |...

Under what circumstances

ne14bb ·
would a D1 school provide a recruit with an NLI if at time of doing so HS player was far below academic standards (classroom and standardized test scores)to be admitted into same school?


infielddad ·
While I think it is interesting to follow the situation at TTU, I wonder if there are implications from that situation that need to be discussed.I, for one, have some doubts that college recruiting and coaching relationships will be the same as they...

Jupiter? East Cobb? Help!

azallan ·
I don't know where to post this request. So I am making one up. I hope the Old Timers don't spank me for somthing I may or may not have done right or wrong. But I am sure I will get, and hope to get their help! Here it goes. My son has been ranked in...

The Liars Club

There's a wise passage I italicized that applies to any college sport including baseball. It came up in a recent thread.Dan Shaughnessy - Boston GlobeCollege coaches lie. How do these guys sleep at night?It’s unfair, of course, to include all...

2012 RI Sophomore, 16, Where To Play?

RedSoxFan21 ·
My son is one of the better players on his HS team and is looking for advice on the best team to play in the summer. Should I pay $2500+ for a travel team, or nearly nothing for a Jr. Legion or Legion team? Are there showcase teams that recruit just...

Vanderbilt Recruiting

PGStaff ·
Not sure how many heard the comments by the color guys doing the College World Series. One of the players was somewhat of an unknown before getting recruited by Vanderbilt.  For some crazy reason the announcers took the kid as an example of why...

JUCO Player

That's Baseball ·
I was able to be a part of a discussion recently that I will refer to as the JUCO discount. Basically what the person was saying is that JUCO players are not looked at as having proved themselves because of the level of competition they face and that...

Pay-and-Play College Summer Leagues?

DwightMillard33 ·
What are some summer leagues that operate on a pay-and-play and sign-up basis? Much like the Arizona Collegiate League I played on the past 3 summers. Obviously not looking for the summer teams/leagues that recruit and sign players to contracts.

What was your son's velocity when he first got recruited?

2020dad ·
Inspired by the topic of when was your son's first real recruit contact I thought I would put a different twist on that. Kids are recruited at all ages now a days. If you could please just drop a note of what age or school year your son (pitcher)...

D3 SAA Conference

Preston ·
Curious to know anyone's experience with schools of the SAA Conference and recruiting, specifically, which if any programs over recruit, or do the players they recruit get a spot on the roster (assuming nothing odd happens between the time they...

East coast schools

mik ·
My son is just starting his college search and I told him to look at everything D1-D3. Do coaches in the east find it hard to recruit kids from the northwest? The rosters at the few D3 schools I have looked at seem to be all east coast kids..

Two Sport Recruit Question

#1 Assistant Coach ·
Here is a hypothetical recruiting scenario and I'd like some feedback on how this would play out:   1. High school athlete wants to pitch AND play basketball in college. 2. Player verbally commits to play BASEBALL at a D1 school. ...

Overrecruiting & College Junior Varsity Teams?

AnotherBaseballParent ·
I have heard that some coaches over recruit and some players end up on their JV teams. Are there any programs that are known to either over recruit or have JV teams? Thanks.

Low offer

bblov20and12 ·
Would love to get the groups' thoughts on this, as we are dumbfounded.   Recently returned from official visit.  Son is 2015 grad.  D2 state school, which would be junior's first choice. Great baseball program, top in their conference....

D1 vs D3

Rdeangelo5 ·
As of right now I am being looked at by a few decent d1 schools but also by some d3 schools. College baseball is something I want to do but I also don't want to miss out on the college experience. I was really wondering the difference in the workload...

WWBA Championship in Jupiter for recruiting

ngkid ·
I would like to know of instances where kids were recruited at the WWBA World Championships in Jupiter, FL. My son is a 2015 and seems to be at the end of his chances to be recruited. He is hoping that there are still some schools that need...

2015 Grad RHP (85/86 mph) - No Offer Yet, and What To DO

DPBpitcher ·
Hi, My son is a RHP with max FB velocity at 85/86 mph touched one time at 88 mph with GPA 4.75 (UW GPA 4.0) and SAT 2020 in CA, I would appreciate if some would help my questions:   1st Q: My son's got some interests (being considered a top...

Non committable offers

justbaseball ·
Have you heard that term before?  I hadn't, but it popped up on a college message board for football today and just thought I should drop it off here in the interest of 'something new' (to me at least).  This popped up because a kid...

US Elite Tryouts

rssmith4 ·
That time of year is upon us again. You are just getting over the fantastic summer season, maybe wrapping up the fall season before heading into a long (possibly cold) winter filled with the sweat of the offseason. As you dive headlong into offseason...

Commitment then bigger school

blueschedNC ·
I have been old to the board, but new to posting and i have gotten ALOT of good information and now i am stumped which caused me to post.  My son is a 2016 grad who recently committed to a mid major d1 school on the east coast, son had variety of...



Baseball America Article About Clayton Kershaw

Old Pitcher ·
Kershaw Leaps To Front Of Tepid Prep ClassPosition players lacking among high schoolersBy Jim CallisApril 21, 2006 In the eyes of scouts, assessing talent for the 2006 draft has been a challenge. Many of the projected early picks from the college and...

Pitch to Hillcrest's Sulentic At Your Own Risk

Frozen Ropes GM ·
Since it's been a topic of discussion about whether you should or should not pitch to Matt Sulentic I though I'd post a great article from the Dallas Morning News. Way to go Matty!...

Article on the 5 Twin City (Bloomington-Normal) teams

CentralIL ·
Sorry, it's pretty long.ROSTERS FILLED WITH EXPERIENCED STARS - by Randy Kindred, Bloomington Pantagraph Intercity high school baseball teams combined for a 101-68 record last year, with four of the five schools finishing above .500. It appears they...