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BishopLefty vs. Case Western

BishopLefty vs. Case Western
Bishoplefty pitching against Case Western

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Part of it is the angle of the shot. Also if you are viewing through IE the image is skewed a bit. Not sure why. In Firefox the image is proportioned correctly. Also the sleeves may make th elbow look lower than it is. The sleeves he is wearing here are loose fitting. There is quite a bit hanging below were his elbow is.  

Thanks for the comments and concerns. We will continue to watch this and take a closer look at it.

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Pro:When it is cold and wet the mound holds up well. It is not hard as a rock in the cold and the footing is firm in the wet.

Con: The plant foot does not move at all when it lands. When it lands it stops and does not slide at all.



This is at Vetrans stadium in Chillicothe Ohio, Home of the paints. The mound is turf like the rest of the field. This was on Feb 25 2012. It was very Cold and the wind was blowing pretty hard. It was 25 before wind chill.



Thanks, this is my son Charles.


Thanks all.

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