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Logan 2015


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Hi, Logan.

Do you still need some advice and assistance with your pitching?

I have viewed your video clip and I see some very good things during your pitching movements.

All  that I will comment on at the present time is that through scientific research brought out by Dr. James Andrews, his associates and others whom I will mention at another time, is that the pitchers movement from the rubber to it's final flat back fielding position should be executed within a series of sequenced, chained reactive body movements being executed at the proper time in their proper sequence, indifference as to how one's body presently executes the pitching movements during old conventional present day pitching/body movements, which does not allow the body to execute the brunt of the physical effort, so consequently the arm takes a beating during each throwing movement.

The body movement from the rubber to stride foot touch, plant down is a {SIDE WAYS BODY MOVEMENT.}

The {HIPS} should be the first movement away from the rubber.

The stride foot and leg {should not} move first, ahead of the hips which is what the majority of pitchers presently do.

There three body pivots to be executed during each individual throwing/pitching movement.

Tim Lincecum says that his body does the work and his arm just goes along for the ride which is very true but there is more to it than just that due to the fact that the throwing side hip, shoulder and forearm must generate tremendous forward movement to ball release along with/following the body movement.

Let me know if you are interested in my assistance.

Best of luck.

Don Ervin



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