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Considering the info provided, which glove would you purchase?

New to the website and am liking what I see. After searching through the forums for advice on what new glove to get my 13 year old son I decided to go ahead and create a post to see if anyone with more knowledge than myself on the subject could respond/enlighten,


Upon going to all the local sporting goods stores to try some on to get an idea of what size would work and which one is the most comfortable we discovered we needed more information on which one to select. He is just finishing up 7th grade so he has this summer and next summer before he begins high school ball. I am hoping this new glove will at least get his high school career started.


He is a little tricky to buy for because first off he is a lefty and pitches (so any closed web glove would be okay - comfort being the main factor). When he is not pitching he has settled in at 1st, 2nd or outfield. Continuing at 2nd base is highly unlikely in a couple years, so a middle infield glove can be eliminated. If he continues to develop at 1st base I will pry break down and get him a 1st base glove as well. That leaves pitcher and outfield (and 2nd for two years) as the positions to select for.


I have heard a lot about different brands being different sizes (like shoes) and having different pocket depths.Do Easton gloves run small or big?


As the title suggests we are strongly considering one of the Easton Professional Series ($199.99) gloves after first falling in love with the Easton Natural Elite (79.99) because he was able to try these on in person. We went home to see what the online prices were like and stumbled across the Professional Series for under $100 - quite the deal considering how much most sites have them listed for. 


So this brings me to my main question - since he was unable to try these on does anyone have any feedback they can provide on the quality of the Easton EPG Professional Series gloves? I would assume they should be very nice considering the MSRP. We are specifically looking at two of last year's models - the EPG10B (12") and the EPG161B (11.75"). In addition to any comments or feedback, I would also be very curious to know what anyone thinks regarding the size. To some a quarter inch is a big deal, to others it is a moot point. He has done very well with a basic 11" glove until now. 


Easton advertises the 12" as a pitcher/utility glove and the 11.75" as only a pitcher's glove. I personally like the idea of the smaller glove for development purposes, but the 12" would help in the outfield.


Thoughts? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and respond! 

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