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Where to find Total draft List

windmill ·
Anybody know where I can find the complete list of players drafted?thx

Recruiting; Summer Camps v. Showcases v. Summer Team

Roundingthird ·
Hello All. Hopefully someone (or many someones) can help me with a question.My son is an '06 that currently plays on a very competitive 18U summer team. This past year he has written many letters to schools he is interested in (Div 1 and Div 3) and...

Current HOF List for 2012

birdman14 ·
Here is the current 2012 list of former players up for election:Bernie Williams, Bill Mueller, Lee Smith, Jeff Bagwell, Barry Larkin, Brett Murphy, Jack Morris, Don Mattingly, Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro, Juan Gonzalez, Jeromy Burnitz, Vinny...

Elite Training

CoachTraub ·
Dear DFW Baseball Families,"You don't have to be sick to get better."-Trevor Moawad, Mental Conditioning Coach of the Alabama Football ProgramJust FYI - I always take clients who want to commit to training their mental skills, but that's an investment...

colleges in each division

chefmike7777 ·
I know I have seen on here a place to go to find all colleges in each division but I am having a hard time finding it. 2014 son is putting together his "wish list" this weekend of colleges at each level to contact and I thought that website would be...

injury-what to do?

bballdad62 ·
My son is 09 LHP. He has received considerable interest based on around 30 phone calls after 7/1 from D1 schools. Unfortunately, he has elbow tendinitis and needs to shut down for the rest of the summer-he tried to battle through but he needs a good...

Hsbaseballweb shutting down

denisr400 ·
Sad news but I'm sure its a ton of work to keep the site going. I've learned a ton on here and met lots of great people, hopefully everyone can maybe list email addresses and keep in touch.


irishkid33 ·
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has heard of Headfirst or their showcases/camps. The brochure seems very professional and gave a list of college coaches/scouts attending. They have a showcase in Va Aug 13-14 and in Jupiter FL Nov 5-6. Chris Young...

SEC announces honors

Fungo ·
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Florida sophomore first baseman Matt LaPorta was selected 2005 SEC Baseball Player of the Year, Tennessee’s junior righthander Luke Hochevar was named SEC Pitcher of the Year and Tennessee catcher J.P. Arencibia was named SEC...

Proud Parent

hsbbweb ·
I have rarely (maybe never) done this but today for some reason I feel the need to do so .... I am going to post an email that we received from our son Andy, this morning. As most of you know I have a hard time bragging about either of our sons. Both...

Good Luck to All.

soxnole ·
Just wanted to say that it has been great fun and extremely enjoyable to participate in this forum.From OPRF to NT to Lockport, I'll be following all the great people I've come to know. (player's,coaches,Scout's,Dad's, Mom's etc.)My wish list is as...

Twenty-Two Million Big Ones:$22,000,000.00

hokieone ·
We all know A-Rod's contract was just nutty, but that's history. Roger, good-guy, in Houston-to-be-with-my-family, future hall of famer, etc. wants $22,000,000.00, to pitch for Houston for one lousy season. So if he wins 22 games, $1,000,000.00 per...

Attn: Mr. Legg...request advice

rdfrazier ·
Dear sir,Could you please recommend the best course of action for helping my '07 HS grad get a decent look over ? He has good skills with the LH bat and a fairly good arm but he's not fast. He plays primarily OF and he is a good catcher but he doesn't...

2005 July 4th Tournament

larrythompson ·
Our organization, the Columbia Reds (MD), are currently in negotiations with a mid-West university to host a July 4th baseball tournament in the summer of '05. We have been very fortunate over the past 15 years to play great teams from all over the...

List for College dorm life?

I know it's a little early. But, I know there were lists on here last year about things our boys need for college life.03Parent reminded me that we need to start shopping early and jump on those sales.So me...cuz my 04 doesn't have a...

Nomination requested for Pre-Season All-Americans

btlbaseball ·
Between The Lines Baseball is preparing to annouce our pre-season All-American list for the upcoming season. Everyone in the country knows the obvious players but we are looking for nominations of players we may not have heard of and you feel should...

Tournament information Request

FlippJ ·
Hello,My 12 year old son was selected to play for a 13U team that will travel to 3 out of state tournaments through the end of this year. I was hoping someone out there might be able to share some thoughts about the tournaments.Here are the...

List of 2009 signees

gntwin ·
Hi all, I am new to hshhw. Is there a list of 2009 signees somewhere or does one have to read through all the posts? Also where is the right place to ask about Rice's baseball program? My son has been offered a spot there. thank you!

November 19th/20th College Baseball Showcases

The_Complete_Showcase ·
The Complete Showcase - www.TheCompleteShowcase.comShowcase Dates:November 19th - Dallas - 30 College CoachesNovember 20th - Houston - 23 College Coaches***These are confirmed coaches that will be in attendance. All coaches are compensated for their...

I need your help with the HS Baseball Web

MN-Mom ·
I honestly hate making a post like this, and I don't do it very often, but... I need your help in paying this month's bill for the HS Baseball Web.Quite simply, I paid the July bill of $874 out of my pocket and I can't afford to do the same with the...

Clean up in progress

Coach_May ·
I will be working on this as per Julie's request.

Blue Chip Prospects on LI in Dec

BaseballmomandCEP ·
Any thoughts on the Blue Chip Prospects showcase in Dec on LI?It is a good list of colleges that fit my son's goals and includes many 'high academic' schools that have not yet seen him. (He plans to do Head First in august, but this might be a...

Transfers II - A Series of Fortunate Events?

RipEm ·
Well, we are off and running on our quest to transfer. The Coach expressed disappointment, but said he would not stand in the way of transfer approval. (From what I've heard, it's very rare for a school to deny a transfer request).A wrinkle in the...

Catching Lessons

BoomerUsm19 ·
Lokking to expand my catching lessons out to other kids in the DFW area. My name is Travis Graves and I'm currently the Asst. Coach at Eastfield College. A little about myself: I played at the University of Southern Mississippi from 2008-2010 where I...

Stock Piling or Over Recruiting

CB Son ·
In 2002 Bob Howdeshell did a great series of articles on Stock Piling which finished with a list of schools that were the "Prize Winners" for 2002. On a recent post on "actual performance" I read a stat that 50% of D1 freshman transfer to a different...

New Forum

MN-Mom ·
Welcome to the new forum dedicated to questions and advice on building and maintaining your field!This forum was added by request, and coach2709 has offered to moderate the new forum.Welcome!Julie

2004 Draft Signing = Payment/rounds selected?

CoachB25 ·
I have a kid that is currently on a bunch of "watch list." His Mom and Dad want to know what players were paid per round from last year. I can't seem to find a link. Does anyone know what link I need? Thanks in advance!

Newsflash: Limom84 can be a normal person!

Bullwinkle ·
Welcome Bullwinkle has joined the chat. [Bullwinkle] Hello to anyone! limom84 has joined the chat. [limom84] hi [limom84] hello? any1 there [Bullwinkle] hello [limom84] r u a playa or parent [Bullwinkle] Dad [Bullwinkle] u? [limom84] Mom, silly [Bullwinkle] that is the big question... is it true? [limom84] what r u talking about [Bullwinkle] the styles of your writing [Bullwinkle] seems to change [limom84] of course, i'm a mom. i'm moody 2 [limom84] do u like the styles as u call them...

Celebs who Played High Level Baseball

micdsguy ·
There must be a zillion high level baseball players who gained famed outside sports. But I can only think of a few. List has to start with George Bush One, Yale baseball. Also:Billy Crystal, Marshall UniversityRobert Redford, U of Colorado

How to tell what the letters mean

bagsbaseball ·
My son is receiving a lot of letters from major colleges. How can you tell if they have seen him and are truly interested or if his name is on some list that they received?

Congrats to Jeremy

backstop2 ·
Jeremy Hall named to Roger Clemens Award Watch ListJeremy Hall leads the SoCon with nine wins this season JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (May 11, 2005) – East Tennessee State junior right-handed pitcher Jeremy Hall (Gray, Tenn.) was recently named to the...

5 months post labrum surgery

KBinOK ·
My senior son had right labrum surgery 5/24/12. He had two tears. Three anchors were installed.This Wednesday he is being released to toss the ball lightly overhanded. In one more month, he will be released to start a program to try to get back to...

College visit soon

Chris F ·
Hi, my name is Chris. I am about to go on my first of many college visits in the next week. I am very interested in this school and can't wait to talk with the coach. I am just curious, how much of an interest is there when a coach simply asks me to...

D1 coaching changes

Infield08 ·
From Coaching ChangesHere is a list of the changes in Division I head coaches.2008 Coaching Changes School New Coach Previous Coach Arkansas State Tommy Raffo Keith Kessinger Auburn John...

College rankings?

mtownfan ·
I did a college search and I have a list of good baseball skills. Can someone rank them for me. Stanford, Notre Dame, Amherst, Emory,Clemson, and numerous Cal schools. Some not so good baseball Penn, Harvard, Bucknell. Thanks for the help.

Sam Houston info

3puttpar ·
Now that I am a SHSU fan, I found this on Rivals.comSam Houston 09 Recruiting Looking Good Reply --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Following is a list of Verbals to date. Tyler Farrow- Elkhart High School,...

2005 commited/signed players list (updated)

cvsting ·
Please post additional signees below, so far this is what it looks like for 2005 "Another pretty darn good crop of Virginia kids here": Marcus Rose Amherst Co HS (MadisonHeights) IF Furman Tyler Johnson Lee-Davis HS (Mechanicsville) IF Gardner Webb...

Upcoming Pre Draft Showcases

Dibble ·
Perfect GameNational Pre Draft Showcase May 17th 2005 - Cedar Rapids, IA Rosters Draft Baseball ShowcaseMacon, GeorgiaMay 22,...

Aflac Game on TV?

Midlo Dad ·
I'm having trouble determining if my local cable channels are showing the Aflac game this Saturday live, or maybe later on tape delay.Does anyone have a link to a list of TV stations that are carrying it (a) live? (b) later on?I can't find it on the...

VA Draft Day Results

Justmom ·
Today Virginia is suppose to really put itself on the MLB map with many draft picks.. lets list them here as you hear them..I will go first....JUSTIN UPTON #1 OVERALL PICK - Great Bridge HS

Draft Congratulations

TRhit ·
Congratulations to all the Northeast Region Players who had the good fortune to be draftedI will be compiling a list of ALL THE NORTHEAST REGION players and posting it here once the draft is completedOnce again congratulations to all of you who have...

AJ Shappi Selected to All Stars in MWL

Bighit15 ·
2005 MWL All-Stars Headlined by Patterson, Gallagher Home team has six selected for June 21 game PEORIA, IL— Six Peoria Chiefs players will take the field in front of the home crowd at the 2005 Midwest League All-Star Game Presented by Pepsi on...


w'forddad ·
does anyone know where I can find the complete list of players drafted? I can only find day 1.

Need your prayers

iheartbb ·
Please all, pray for my brother inlaw of one month, David W.Just days before my sister and David were to be married he was diagnosed with a brain virus that most likely he will never recover from. They did marry, but each day since he has been...

batting practice no -no s

swingbuster ·
Went to first varsity BP session yesterday to help.....They started taking BP with no stated objective. Every batter came up and pulled every conceivable pitch location. Our two best lefties began rolling over the top on all inside pitches in a...


TRhit ·
Folks I would suggest that before you ask about a college/university/baseball program that you visit their website and read up on them before you ask questions--- personal opinions on a college/university/baseball program are one thing but they mean...

River City Baseball combine

joe b ·
My son got an invite to this . Has anyone heard of it ? They list quite a number of coaches @ scouts coming .

HV's Top TN Lists

eagle_fan ·
HV,I have enjoyed looking at your Top TN lists, however, I do have a problem with them that I feel compelled to bring to your attention. There has NOT been one single, solitary list that I could be named on. Therefore, I feel I must give you some...