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The "Chicago Way"


Certainly by now all of us throughout the wide, wide world of the High School Baseball Web are familiar with the "Chicago Way" of doing things. Primarily enmeshed with Chicago politics, the "Chicago Way" obviously is a preferred route for non-politicians as well to corruptly stuff their pockets to the point where their gussets flat just give out.

Given that the gentlemen involved with this scam have lost their privilege to sit with Kenny in Jerry's private box it begs the question...what could these gentlemen have done differently?

If the above tactic did not work what else could these gentlemen have done?

From the article: "Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf asked for MLB to conduct an independent investigation." Given that, who gets credit for not following the "Chicago Way" and allowing the FBI to usher these gentlemen to their Federal seats (or cots)?

Who should the Latin American prospects be grateful for?

Who deserves our gratitude?


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