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Spring Fling In Murfreesboro for three years

Tenndad ·
With the Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletics Association decision to move Spring Fling to Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee, area athletes are hoping they have an advantage against the competition.By a majority vote, the TSSAA picked the city and...

NCAA compressed 08 D1 schedule

In chat last night, some discussion on the difficulty of the 5 game per week D1 schedule and academics.I was wondering, in general how players performed academically with the new schedule. Better, worse, same? I have actually heard some players did...

First-Base Mitt

slugger1379 ·
Wasup guys,Ive been playin ball my whole life and have had a few first base mitts, but just today i went looking for an upgrade because at a D1 high school i thought it would help going into my junior year. I was looking at the Rawlings PROSSC21. It...

Area Code Tryout Rules and Ideas.

Catcher Mom ·
My son will be attending the upcoming Area Code tryouts on Monday and I was wondering if anyone who has been thru this process the do's and don'ts of what to do and also does anyone know when we would hear something back about making or not making the...

An old Ball glove I found Yesterday...

Willieg90 ·
I found my new favorite glove in the attic of the house I recently moved into. All I know is that it is an older model Mizuno. It Says Professional model, and in the Palm it says United states Steer Hide,MZ 4500. Has anyone else had this glove in the...

Dilemma..Newbie with a drafted son?

Hey Guys, I'm new here so be gentle as this is all very new to me. I do have a problem and need some advice form some of the experienced people on this forum. My son was just drafted out of high school in the 43rd round. He is a RHP and throws...

new SAT scores

Bob15 ·
with the new sat and the scores being able to read into the 2000 range what is a good score. And also how do you determine what your score is. I recieved a letter with 3 different scores. I do I figure my score, and what is good ? Thanks

Team Arm Development Problem

cabbagedad ·
OK, coaches, I need help with developing the arms of our HS program. The last few years, we’ve used the basics from the Jaeger long toss program. Some of the boys progressed nicely while the progress of others was quite disappointing. We do have...

Baylor pitcher

Bighit15 ·
Mark Mccormack looked like seasoned pro today. Great to see a pitcher with that kind of stuff in college. I was rooting for Clemson and some of the kids I have seen and know, but the Baylor pitcher is a stud. Wow, St. Louis has a new starter as soon...

A Helpful Mental Approach to Pitching

Krakatoa ·
I picked up a little book a few years ago when my boys were probably too young to absorb the thought contained within. We just moved a week ago and this book, forgotten somewhere, just happened to end up sitting on the table in the computer room --...

New Big East Baseball Teams

BK_Razorback ·
For those more familiar with the Big East, can you confirm the 2015/16 Big East Baseball conference will include: Memphis, Houston, St Johns, Central Florida, UConn, Cinci, Georgetown, Louisville, Rutgers, Seton Hall, South Florida, Temple and...


05_dad_SJM ·
that with two New York teams, several superstations and a cable package of 10 or so games a day from MLB it is more fun to watch the college games on ESPN. I don't think I've watched a major league game since the Regionals started broadcasting.

Best of the 757 High School Athlete Showcase!

Velocity Sports Performance, in conjunction with Nike, SPARQ, Z104 and the YMCA, is launching the First Annual Best of the 757 Athlete Showcase! The inaugural Best of the 757 is a community event celebrating all of the high school athletes from...

Bio-Mechanical Aspects of the Kinetic Chain In The Swing

Quincy ·
I figured there had to be a place for this discussion.Many aspects of human movements in sport can be readily understood by Newtonian rigid-body mechanics. Many of these laws and biomechanical principles, however, are counterintuitive to a lot of...


TRhit ·
Here they are :CONNECTICUTRD # Team NAME POS School06 172 KC Ryan Di Pietro LHP E.CT State09 263 SEA Brayn Sabatella RHP Qunnipiac26 773 SEA Ari Kafka RHP Quinnipiac27 806 TOR Robert Nicoll RHP Avery Point32 978 BOS Jeff Natale 2B Trinity 35 1053 BAL...

Multi-Sport Athletes

BatDad ·
What is your opinion on kids playing multiple sports in high school? I have a son that will be entering high school this fall, and he has shown potential in football, track, wrestling, and baseball. He’s also interested in giving basketball a...

Some publishing company under the impression people want to read a book about Ron Kit

Dibble ·
from sports pickleSome publishing company under the impression people want to read a book about Ron KittleSports Publishing, LLC, a Champaign, Illinois-based publisher who just released the title “Ron Kittle’s Tales from the White Sox...

Dirt or Grass Infield?

Bulldog 19 ·
Let's start this new area out with a poll of sorts. If you could have your choice, would you go with grass or dirt infield?If you go with the grass, do you have dirt baselines from home to first and from third to home?

Stalker Sport w/ display For Sale

rdfrazier ·
Stalker Sport with display board. Also includes battery handle and charger. All in A-1 condition.$900 firm.

U16 Columbus Premier Tryouts. Columbus, Ohio

Derrick Neff ·
The U16 2012 Columbus Premier will be holding tryouts on Sunday August 14th at New Albany High School in Columbus from 1:00-3:00. If unavailable on that date please contact me for a private tryout. The Premier will play a 8 Tournament showcase...

Baum Bat

DiamondJane ·
Hi, I'm hoping someone with a Baum bat can help. My son just received a AAA Pro model off of ebay, and while I realize it is a composite bat, it feels like it's plastic to me. The bat itself is not smooth, lots of tiny, tiny little bumps on it. Also...

New Forum Started - Going Pro

MN-Mom ·
Recently bbscout posted a thread entitled HSBBWEB??? in which he pointed out that many of the players who started out here discussing high school baseball are now playing in college, or even in professional baseball.We already have a forum for "After...

New Yankee Stadium

HeyBatter ·
Saw yesterday that the Boss revealed plans to demolish Yankee stadium and build a new park close by. Kinda sad. guess I better make some plans, always wanted to see a game at the House that Ruth built and now it's apparently going bye bye. Fenway?...

Top Illinois Seniors at Kaiser Memorial Game

Another quality event kicks off tomorrow the annual Jack Kaiser Memorial Game which is run by the Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association. The Kaiser Game is named after legendary Oak Park coach Jack Kasier. Their goal is to attract some of...

Pitching Sequence

Geff ·
Hello,I am new to the board. It seems to have a lot of good advice. Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me. My son is 15 yrs old and pitches for our local Jr. American Legion team. He has a decent fastball which only a few hitters can catch...

New Pitching Coach @ Salisbury University

Off to College ·
I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Troy Brohawn the new pitching coach at Salisbury University.According to SU website he played in the Majors is is from Cambridge, MD.Any other information other than what is posted?Also, does any one know...

South Georgia College

bbmomva ·
My son is interested in South Georgia College (JuCO). We really like what we have been able to learn so far, but was wondering about others input.ThanksPS New the the site and just love the insite shared here.

S Florida Marlins tryouts looking for players.....

S Florida Marlins ·
The South Florida Marlins, a new Elite travel program for 2012 will be conducting tryouts for 2013, 2014 and 2015 HS Graduates for the summer season on Dec 3rd and Dec 10th. We are looking for dedicated, hard working, committed baseball players. The...

Summer Teams in NY,NJ,PA,MD and DE

wizard of glove ·
Hey guys. I am a college coach at a Division 1 program in the NY Area. I am looking for contacts for teams and coaches in these areas. We will be out heavily recruiting these areas this summer and are looking to make some new contacts with some...

The Dupage Dragon's and a great new Baseball venue in Lisle

soxnole ·
Mike Thiessen, GM of the new C.I.C.L. team playing at Illinois Benedictine should be applauded for helping to bring great college summer baseball to our area.The new complex @ IBC is nothing short of fabulous. It easily rivals Schaumburg or Kane...

Chase Reid

Natural ·
Independence K: Chase Reid strikes out 19 in win over Torrington NEWPORT, R.I. – Newport starter Chase Reid dominated in his first start of the season, striking out 19 batters in a 6-1 victory over Torrington in New England Collegiate Baseball...

Pitch Sequence - What not to do!

CADad ·
This is in response to the pitch sequence thread in the general forum but since I'm using a Pony 13 all-star team as an example I posted it in here.My starter last night essentially threw the ball by the first three hitters. We went up 6-0 in the...

Joe Wladykas C. S. & R. Service

OnTheLastOne ·
A. Does anyone have any knowledge of this gentleman and his services?B. How did he get my sons name and address since we are on the west coast and he/they are based in New Jersey? We haven't spread our sons name around and he is the only one from his...

Connie Mack - Troy, New York

collikar ·
Anyone have a bracket or information on this tournament?

Rule verification

amaump ·
Ok, let me set up a crazy senario I had in a HS game:Runners on the corners, 1 out, pitcher on rubber prior to coming set: when I (field ump) look over, I notice the kid on 1st walking way off the bag towards the outfield grass (I mean he literally...

Baseline Question

amaump ·
Ok, let me set up a crazy senario I had in a HS game:Runners on the corners, 1 out, pitcher on rubber prior to coming set: when I (field ump) look over, I notice the kid on 1st walking way off the bag towards the outfield grass (I mean he literally...

Contract Problems

Fungo ·
Being new to all this I have no idea about what is happening when the ESPN states a particular professional player’s start is in question because there is a problem with his contract. After a week or two I’m starting to get a feel for...

Tourney Sport USA

tasmit ·
Does anyone know anything about this group? My son was invited to go to Hawaii in December for a tournament. It cost $3000+ for plane tickets, lodging, and so on. We recieved a packet from the HS school coach yesterday and he would spend a week in...

Info card received - now what?

Pat H ·
My son received a letter in the mail from a MLB scout asking him to fill out and return the info card that came with it. We are new to this process and just wanted to know if it was ok to do so, and that we weren't violating any recruiting rules. I...


w'forddad ·
I am confused, 06 graduates are the first to take the NEW SAT. Is it scored the same as before? Or is the scoring system different?What is considered a good score?

This explains the Chicago Cubs

micdsguy ·
The Winning Color Of RedPower of Red Linda PaigeCreated: 5/19/2005 4:53:26 PMUpdated: 5/19/2005 5:26:48 PMIs your child's little league team on a losing streak? Well, rather than making everyone practice harder, you might want to change the color of...

CABA High School World Series

lakebomber ·
CABA High Schol World Series in Euclid Ohio Illinois update Top Tier 17's already have two "L's" in jep of being sent home, Midwest Rangers look strong< Jeff Bolens team. They get no respect they are stronger than TT and the Ilinois Sparks. jeff is...

JUCO Rules

Pluto ·
2013 RHP Son battled a nagging shoulder injury all summer and velocity and performance suffered. With Dr's approval he tried to pitch through it as it was more of nagging pain/arm slot issue than a pull, tear or serious injury. Schools that were...

Nike Catcher's gear Opinion

cboz18 ·
I am in the market to buy some new gear before college and was debating on sticking with All Star or going with the Nike Pro Gold gear. Anyone on here having any opinions reguarding the Nike gear? Ive only used easton and all star gear and didnt know...

Advice for a new college player?

7Steps ·
Hi everyone,Since my college career begins next Monday, I've begun to get anxious and - quite honestly - a bit nervous in regards to what to expect and how to approach the whole experience. For all of the seasoned college student-athletes out there,...


irishpride ·
i've never been able to throw a good changeup consistently. i've always thrown a split-finger changeup, but i think i should bag it and try a new grip. someone suggested a palmball. any ideas

New Forum open in case this ones goes down

KellerDad ·
I have started up a national forum in case this one decides to go away. It will only remain active if Bob decides to shut this one down.It has pretty much the same categories as this one, so you shouldn't miss a beat.Please go register now, and...


kevn729 ·
A little plug here for them. THey have a brand new diamond that is just being completed-like a 3 or 4 million dollar complex-beautiful park-coaches are great too

Goodbye My good friends

Tenndad ·
As I watched my last MTSU home game yesterday and did my usual drop by the HSBBweb monday morning pit stop, I saw Bob was shutting down the site.I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful friendships made over the last 7 years. Seems alot of things...


Discontinued style. The best I've used. If anyone can locate please forward to coachblu25@aol.comI have the new style Mizuno, I like the old style