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Elite Training

CoachTraub ·
Dear DFW Baseball Families,"You don't have to be sick to get better."-Trevor Moawad, Mental Conditioning Coach of the Alabama Football ProgramJust FYI - I always take clients who want to commit to training their mental skills, but that's an investment...

When can a 06 verbally commit?

outfielder79 ·
When can a 2006 grad verbally commit to a DI/IIschool?

DIII schools

gimages ·
Need some help with DIII recruiting info. Need some specific answers from all of you that have gone through the DIII process. Am very confused.1. How did your player get the interest of a DIII coach?I know about sending letters and emails but everyone...

Official visit after verbal commitment

Rob Kremer ·
OK, how common is it to verbally commit before visiting the campus, and then doing the official visit after committing?

Division III Process

fob ·
I need some insight into the Division III recruiting and "commmitment" process. My son will likely plan Division III baseball with several schools genuinely interested in him. I fully understand D3 schools don't go through the National Letter of...

Big week! 2009 commits.

Panther Dad ·
Tomorrow is July 1 -- the phone will be ringing. I just want to contribute a little sage old advice from a sage old poster. For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting this day for your son, I encourage you to be patient (I missed the boat on...

What are the mental keys

CoachTraub ·
Another question I receive from ball players is:What are the mental keys for playing well in baseball?The goal is to give a best effort performance one pitch at a time and accept whatever happens. This happens when an athlete gets his mind and body...

Looking For 12U Players; Mid-Missouri

mofireman ·
I am looking for some quality 12U players who live in the Mid-Missouri area to play on a team based out of Columbia. This team will play in the BC Baseball League, which is the most competitive league around. I am looking for players who love and...

Patriotic Day this weekend! Walk for America

Bear ·
WALK NAKED IN AMERICA DAYDon't forget to mark your calendars.As you may already know, it is a sin for a Muslim males to see any woman other than his wife naked and if he does, he must commit suicide.So next Saturday at 1 PM Eastern Time, all American...

"Signee", "Commit" for walk-on?

gitnby ·
I thought I had read somewhere that an NCAA school could not "announce" or publish the names of non-scholarship players (walk-ons) until the player is actually enrolled and on the team?Also,they can not publish or announce commitments, only actual...


doubleday ·
Freshman accepts USC offerYet to play a varsity game, Wando's Nick Ciuffo commits to GamecocksWritten by PHILIP M. BOWMANThe (Charleston) Post and CourierWando High School freshman Nick Ciuffo has not played in a varsity baseball game. But the...

2010 College Commits (Texas HS players)

HaltomScout ·
Found this list on PG CrossChecker ...PG Crosscheckerthese are the players from Texas ... (there is a complete list on the website)Player/HS/St/Pos/College CommitAlex Silver Bellaire TX SS Texas Andrew Blum Plano West TX RHP Andrew Mitchell Stratford...

Tanner Wilt, N. Allegany Pa. to Coastal Carolina

ccu89 ·
Tanner Wilt (P - No Allegheny - 2011) commits to Coastal Carolina NorCal East pitcher, Tanner Wilt, commits to Coastal Carolina UniversityNorCal East pitcher, Tanner Wilt, has chosen to continue his baseball career at Coastal Carolina University in...


TRhit ·
We have had many discussions regarding early commits---look at all the football players decommitting with less than two weeks to go until signing day--I saw one kid who committed and decommitted to 4 different programs

Brave Commits to Georgia

osfan ·
I was on the Braves website and saw they recently had a 2012 commit to Georgia. Where in VA is he from? What HS does he go to?

Commiting Early

warningtrack ·
This has been discussed before at length. But if you had the opportunity to commit early to a big time school would you do it? What would be the factors that would make you say yes? When I say early I mean during your freshman or sophomore year. The...

D-BAT Bonesio 16U Captues 2014 Mickey Mantle World Series Championship

catcher ·
D-BAT Bonesio won the AABC Mickey Mantle World Series going 5-1 and improving their Summer record to 40-12-2.  Winning the Mickey Mantle World Series was the team goal and this accomplishment tops the long list of accolades they have already...

Arizona Senior Fall Classic for 2015?

SluggerDad ·
Is the Arizona Senior Fall Classic a good event for a not yet committed 2015 to attend?  I've heard it said that the Junior Fall Classic is very cost effective investment for younger guys, but that for uncommitted 2015 maybe not -- as a lot of...

Pro Advantage Training? (AZ people please help?)

FlyEmirates7 ·
Sorry to keep posting about this, but does anyone at all, or their children, have experience working out here? It seems really attractive, and Keith Wilson seems to have a good reputation, but is it really worth it? It is really pricey and am just...

General timeframe for catcher recruitment

PA2016Backstopdad ·
Just wondering, typically when are catchers recuited? Just trying to gauge the current climate of the coming years of catcher committments. I understand that top notch studs will get scoped up right away but what about the next tier of qualified...

UVA Commit

PA2016Backstopdad ·
Congrats to 2016 RHP Myles Gayman of Greencastle, PA for verbally committing to UVA, your hard work payed off.

College camp invite. go or not?

dolphindan1 ·
My son, as has been documented on this site, has dealt with some shoulder issues. He was cleared about a month ago to start throwing and to continue physical therapy. He hasn't been in a game since April or on the mound or in a batting age. He is...

Texas Blackhawks Tryouts

TexasBlackhawks ·
The Texas Blackhawks organization will be holding private tryouts to fill out positions for the fall and summer of 2014 and 2015 for our 15u -18u high school age teams. The 2013 class had 3 draft picks. The 2014 class had all 14 players from one team...

2015 Commit and Thanks

Bennyandthejets ·
My 2015 signed a NLI with his dream school last Wednesday. It was the culmination of a long process and a lot of hard work. He took care of business in the classroom, in the weight room, and on the field and it finally paid off.   When he was a...

The process

Laststretch ·
Have been reading here, for several years. Young (16y/o) 2016 has been reading for @ 6months. Handles his baseball journey and business, for the most part.The legal stuff he runs by us 1st. Replies to colleges, we have discussed before he hits send,...

Holiday Wishes and Thanks!

piaa_ump ·
As has become tradition, when we come to the end of the year and a few days prior to Christmas, we like to take this opportunity to thank the HSBBW Umpire family for another wonderful year. The opportunity to come together, discuss, share and help others through this sport we all love, is outstanding. First off, we always want to thank Julie (mn mom) for keeping the site up and running.......many of us do not know how much time and personal $$'s that it takes to keep this site open and for...

4A Conference 22 talk

Brian Smith ·
Happy New Year everyone!   I guess it's time for some pre season discussions  and possible predictions Conference 22 appears to be very wide open this year.     Eastern View - 2014 champs last year.  They will be very good...

Offer commitment time.

jpk3 ·
Hi All.  Things heating up now.  Son got offer which happened very quickly.  Visited school once, got tour and met with coach.  Had nice conversation.  Three days later they call with offer.   Coach told son he had 1 week...

6A States

joemktg ·
Brackets at   McLean vs. Western Branch Cosby vs. Chantilly   For McLean, guessing the ball goes to Joey Sullivan, VT commit. Consistent 90-91, good breaking ball, hits his spots. Fun...

Early commit

leftysdad ·
I am sure this has been covered somewhere on the board but I have not seen it. I know a few 2017's who have already committed. If a college coach cannot email a player before Sept. first of his junior year, how can a sophomore commit?   Please...

when to commit

name ·
My son is a 2013 pitcher. At the beginning of his sophmore year he went to a headfirst event and recorded 80 mph as a high. By the end of his sophmore year he was up to 88 mph at the PG showcases and tournaments. He is getting stronger and still not...

D3 Question

Tx-Husker ·
I know the story on D3 is because there are no athletic scholarships the players are true "student athletes." And, because there's no NLI, they never know who is going to show up on campus till the first day of class. D3 coaches seem to want a verbal...


collikar ·
For several years I've read Guthrie's posts about kids needing to commit to playing for their summer teams. Now, I finally understand the importance of his posts regarding the "team" effect! He's been dead on! It's great for kids to go out and get...

Teaching your son to control his emotions in a ball game.

rain delay ·
I am sure others have been through this with their sons and their teams and hopefully you have some suggestions on how you handled this situation. My son is 14 years old, his positions are a pitcher, a first baseman, and an outfielder. Currently,he...

St. Johns Baseball Players Commit

coach scoop ·
I heard recently that 3 2010 SJC baseball players have committed to Division 1 schools:Drew Farber-Catcher- UNC WilmingtonMike Bowie-P/OF- George MasonCharles Flowers-OF- The Citadel

Wake Forest Commit

igball ·
Happy to announce that Jack Fischer, 2010 SS, St. Ignatius College Prep., Chicago, verbally committed to Wake Forest University. The many positive things said about Coach Walter and his assistants on other threads and in the media matched our...

need help

NJUmp ·
I know its not High School. I need help with a little league rule for the Juniors division. Specifically when and how steals happen, when does the runner need to commit? pitcher on the plate or in the circle? Etc.....

VHSCA East-West All Star Game?

Chris Taylor ·
Anyone familiar with this event and/or had a son participate? My son received an invitation to play for the East team in July, but would like to get some input from someone who is familiar with it before we commit. Normally there'd be no problem, but...

When Should a Player Commit to a School?

nhmonty ·
My son is a junior whom in the last 5 months has had a fair amount of mail and email contact from both Division I and II schools - some very personal, some the standard prospect and camp stuff. Athough, the contact has been spotty in the last two...

Early Committ: What does that mean?

BaseballDadNH ·
First, thank you "High School Baseball Web" community, and especially Mr Ford of PerfectGame.Today at the PerfectGame WWBA event in Marietta Georgia, my son was offered an incredible scholarship from a D1 program from an excellent academic school.This...


The Doctor ·
Burned-out...Why is it when someone does something different they are asked if they are burned-out? I hear this in baseball articles all the time. If a kid decides to play AAU basketball this summer instead of baseball it must be because of burn-out....

2-Way Player Tommy John Rehab/Return

BK_Razorback ·
2015 son just completed PRP fora partial elbow UCL tear & will have a consultation visit with Dr James Andrews in early June with the assumption that Tommy John surgery will be needed. ACC D1 commit, PG 1st Team AA & Top 100 player dubbed as a "legit 2-way" player (MIF/RHP). From my limited research, a MIF could start hitting as early as 4 months & playing 2nd Base in 8 months. Obviously pitching will not be realistic for 12 months. Anyone with...

Camps/Clinics in Maine

CoachZ ·
Greetings,    I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good camps to suggest to my high school kids this summer in Maine. So far I've been pushing them to play legion ball, but our nearest team shut down so it would be a lot of travel. I also...

when an offer isn't really one

chefmike7777 ·
Going to vent a bit, 2014 as 2 offers to D1's. One he has had for about a month as a preferred walk on- guaranteed spot. He likes the school but hesitant because of no athletic money. He knows of 2 other RHP offered that haven't accepted to anywhere...

Headfirst Showcase

kfl ·
I just wanted to let everyone know that the Headfirst Showcase is not worth the money they charge. We have done many showcases and this was by far the worst one. They took more time speaking about themselves and their own accomplishments than taking...

Proper Etiquette When Visiting A School That Wants You

mj 8 ·
Tomorrow, my 2014, his mother and I will visit with a D3 school that's made it clear they want him. The worry I have currently is the cost. The coach feels my son's academics could cut the cost in 1/2 but that net amount is still high for...

Happy to Say; Recruiting is over for us!!

First of all; I have been on this website off and on for several years.  The knowledge has been unbelievable.  There have been times when you want to yell at it for not getting a straight answer and times you want to yell at it for getting a...

moving to texas

shaneb ·
We are moving from Michigan to the fort worth area this summer was wondering if any of you could give some input on what high schools division 1 have good baseball programs also what travel teams would you recommend in that area or


Dadcoach ·
After talking with several parents and coaches I can not seem to get a clear answer as to the true advantages of having a Freshman or Sophomore commit to a school so soon. It would seem logical to keep all options open until at least the Junior or...

Must you have a PG rating?

2015mom ·
We are really torn about sending our son to another PG event. He has only been to one, and it was not good (in many ways). It was his first, so he was really nervous and did not perform well. They had so many kids there that there were few...