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Contract Problems

Fungo ·
Being new to all this I have no idea about what is happening when the ESPN states a particular professional player’s start is in question because there is a problem with his contract. After a week or two I’m starting to get a feel for...

2-4 Transfer Rule

BBParent ·
My son went to a JUCO out of high school. He started and played half of his freshmen year and then he tore his labrum and had a partially torn rotator. He had surgery a year ago and took a medical redshirt this year. He will go back to the JUCO next...


BBB08 ·

Difference between a Tear and Partial Labrum Tear

BK_Razorback ·
What’s the difference between a partial labrum tear and a full labrum tear in the shoulder? My 13 year old went to the ortho today and we were told he had a partial tear of the thick tissue. After speaking to the PT later, he agreed that it was...

Which Travel Team is "Better" ??

WestCoastPapa ·
My son has arrived at the proverbial "fork-in-the-road" in terms of a potential move to a new team as he transitions to 14U in the Fall. Here are both scenarios regarding travel ball team choices - I've always received no-nonsense honest feedback on...

What should we do?

Wahoo82 ·
Looking for some advice to guide in a decision making process. My son is a rising senior, OF/RHP. He has one solid offer from a D2 and has strong feelers, including requests for campus visits that are clearly not camp pitches, from four or five...


MrSnappy ·
What college options would be available to a 2015 RHP who is relatively unknown due to minor injuries occurring at the worst possible times if he goes to the pre-draft showcase and hits 90-91 with a very sharp curveball?  Son is 602/170 with a...

advice on upcoming season

therookie ·
My son has typically played little league and fills in the year playing on a travel team for a few tournaments in the summer and 2 or 3 in the fall.    In little league he is one of the top players in a competitive program,  all star...

Happy Father's Day

cabbagedad ·
A great day, although somewhat torn between appreciating my kids, remembering my dad, and recognizing that my oldest has joined the frat.  I hope it's meaningful in a good way for y'all.

Hot stove talk

Three Bagger ·
While we wait for the high school and collegiate seasons to start I was wandering what some of yall's thoughts are on the big moves taking place in the last few days around ML baseball. I will post my thoughts but of course feel free to agree or...

Repeating a year of high school

proudpapa ·
15 year old high school sophomore lefty pitcher having surgery on torn labrum, and will miss this season. (Thanks to those who gave advice.) Same injury kept him from pitching last summer, and now he wants to transfer and repeat. Figures that a...

Garland Boys Die in Car Crash

SGDad ·
I understand these kids weren't baseball players.These boys went to a school that was a rival. My heart is torn...3 Key Club kids burning in thier car makes me upset to my stomach. Remind our kiddos to stay slow, look around and be the smart driver....

Advice on medical insurance

06catcherdad ·
As some of you know, my son suffered an elbow injury in January, likely a torn ulnar collateral ligament that will require Tommy John surgery. Since that time, I've received quite an education about the differences of insurance plans and the...

Club Baseball and Division 3, Drexel, F&M

nickm118 ·
Hi there. I have been in the college application process for a little while now, and right now I have two schools that I think are my favorite options right now. However, there are some major things I have to consider when picking one, and I honestly...

Shoulder Injury

proudpapa ·
I would appreciate some feedback from any parent whose son has had shoulder injuries and/or surgery. My son is a soon to be 16 year old h.s. sophomore lefty pitcher, who is passionate about baseball, and wants to pitch in college.Sometime last April,...

Supplement Question

linedriver ·
About a month ago I had surgery to repair my torn acl so I havent been able to play yet this season so I recently started lifting 2 times instead of 1 time per day. In the afternoon, I focus mostly on my rehab while also doing some upper body lifting....

Sad Article in today's FWST

KellerDad · High School athlete dies days after surgeryTRYSTAN ROBERT YANCY | 1988 - 2006By CHARLES POLANSKYStar-Telegram Staff WriterEditor's note: The original version of this report contained incorrect...

College Player Desperately seeking Summer Team

CanesFan5 ·
I know that this is really late, but this is my last ditch try to find a team. I didn't look for a team before this because I was just cleared by my doctor to play full-time after labrum/shoulder repair surgery last summer. I'll give you the basics...

Bad coaching advice - what to do

stayinside11 ·
My son has been going to a baseball academy(run by guy whose managed double AA) in the winter months for a couple years now. This year is his first year playing JV and the coach wants him to change his hitting mechanics around that go opposite of...

Next Step

Well son had his last high school game yesterday. Of course like the rest of the teams except for the state champ his high school career ended with a loss. Was it tough to watch him and his other senior friends embracing the coaches and underclass...

Central Region Playoffs

ctandc ·
Thursday May 26th:Godwin 4 Cosby 3Deep Run 2 Manchester 0Matoaca vs Hanover???Thomas Dale 6 Lee Davis 5Great game. Cullen for TD pitched well. Especially after getting torn up on a play at the plate. Was a 2 run game into the 7th, when an error in CF...

A Dilemma

SluggerDad ·
A friend confided his dilemma to me.  He's torn.  His minority son was called a racial epithet by a teammate.  Kid was furious, but held his temper and just walked away said nothing to anyone, including his parents.  Another kid,...

Conflicting UCL Tear Diagnosis

Tim B ·
My son has recently experienced an elbow injury.  Immediately after the injury, the trainer performed a battery of tests to determine if the UCL has been compromised or torn.  He passed these tests and given the pain was in the back of the...

UCL Tear?

AlexisLefty ·
Hi guys,   I am a senior left handed pitcher in high school. It has been difficult for me to pitch and do well throughout my high school career because of my elbow. During my 8th to late 9th grade year, I dealt with growth plate problems in my...


Dospeloteros ·
Hi all,     I have been reading some of this posts on this board and was hoping for some helpful feedback. My son is 14 and a freshman. He is playing mostly jv and a little varsity. He had high hopes of playing varsity and is now struggling...

Must you have a PG rating?

2015mom ·
We are really torn about sending our son to another PG event. He has only been to one, and it was not good (in many ways). It was his first, so he was really nervous and did not perform well. They had so many kids there that there were few...

To coach or not to coach

chefmike7777 ·
2 weeks ago, I was asked if I would consider being one of the assistant varsity coaches. I so wanted to.       Background, 2 years ago, when my son (2014) was going into 16u, It was apparent to me, he was done with me coaching...

Small College experiences

daveccpa ·
I'm curious to hear about experiences kids have had going to small colleges to play.  I'm talking like less than 1,000 students small.  My son has been given the chance to play at an NAIA school but his only reservation is the size of the...



Faced with a dilema-help

futurecatcher27 ·
Due to injury we are down to 2 catchers,my self and the starter on varsity.So now I am varsity but all I do is sit on the bench,aside from warming up our starter before the game.I am learning and enjoy the varsity experience so far(we are 5 games into...

Conant's Kevin Koski

itsrosy ·
Congratulations to the Saluki's Kevin Koski. He is on the cover of the new Collegiate Baseball. "Southern Illinois' Kevin Koski Amazing". He just had a 36 game hitting streak stopped but has another streak going as he has reached base in 47...

How to spot a baseball coach.

Ryno23 ·
He's the guy with...1. ...the "white" socks that have that infield red shade to them.2. ...the bruise on his throwing side butt cheek, due to the fact that it has increased in size through the years and now sticks out from behind the cutout of the L...

A Suggestion

I think it would be quite helpful to readers of this website if there were a category called Experts (perhaps in the Announcement Section) that people could go to in order to find others who have a lot of experience dealing with a particular subject....


mattm ·
I am a 2009 OF. I just got a 75% offer from a school that was in My top three. The school is a small private D1. I really liked the atmosphere on the campus when I toured it. I told the coach that I would think about the offer and get back with...

Dad's dilemma

bbdoug ·
Here's the situation. Our HS varsity coach wants to start up a 16-19 Legion team in our town, partially to let his players get more summer playing experience against quality opponents, and partially to give kids throughout the area the same...

Players Missing Games

TCB1 ·
Fellow coaches:I'd like to get your input on a situation that I'll have to deal with next year. I will give a little background information to set the stage.I'm in my 13th season as head coach. 12 winning seasons before last year; we finished 8-16....

Meniscus Tears...

SignCaller'sMa ·
Hi,My son just had a visit with our orthopedic surgeon yeseterday, due to knee pain (both knees) that he's been having, while catching, for nearly a year now... The pain fluctuates in intensity and is sometimes not a problem... The x-rays were good,...

Rehab for UCL

Fungo ·
Anyone had a sucessful rehab (without surgery) from a frayed (not torn) UCL of the elbow? Someone asked me for advice and I don't know. Any info would be appreciated. What was the rehab and how long?Fungo

The Movie "Groundhog Day"

FrankF ·
That's what my son says his days seem like.A brief update to those who don't know and a different slant on the minor league reporting thread.At fall instructs my son said his arm never hurt worse and was shut down. Had an MRA that unfortunately didn't...

Dreaded Day

PCDad ·
Yesterday, my son was given the s*****(surgery) word. His ulnar collateral ligament is torn (Tommy John surgery). There are so many emotions running rampant right now. For all you parents, enjoy the good times and dedicate yourself for the bad...

what is next?

dadchs20 ·
Here is our situation, need some advice. Our son is currently a sophomore on the JV team as a pitcher and 1b. He pitched Thursday night a complete game 2-hitter, 11K against the strongest team we will face all year, and the varsity got clubbed 12-0...

A Great Christmas Story

Tenndad ·
Christmas at a Filling Station>>>The old man sat in his gas station on a cold Christmas Eve. He hadn't >been>anywhere in years since his wife had passed away. He had no >decorations,>no tree, no lights. It was just another day to...

Those "Old Gloves"

CoachB25 ·
My daughter was getting her work in yesterday when I commented on how nice her glove is. She has a Nokona glove that is softer than a baby's butt. It is her first softball glove and we wanted to buy her the best glove we could afford. (When she...

Fla. St. Camp Dec 2005

obrady ·
Anybody out there attend? I'm interested in your opinions of the camp. My son was part of the pitcher portion of the camp. This is the second camp we’ve attended and I can only compare the South Carolina Camp and the Florida State camp.My...

Coming back after Surgery

PROcatch ·
I just recently had surgery on a torn ligament on my thumb.... i wanted to know how long and if it would be possible to catch again

Advice Needed

Batterbing ·
Seeking some feedback from the membership regarding players transitioning from 8th grade to High School. Currently, my son is going through this and was wondering how some of these kids faired as well as what they have done.My son is on a decent team,...

Elbow Surgery

iheartbb ·
Friend needs name of Dr. for elbow surgery. Torn tendon. PM me with any suggestions, or post here.Thanks.

Alex from

coach2709 ·
You've seen the commerical where during a time out in a basketball game Alex is torn over the fact he touched a ball going out of bounds but the ref called in his team's favor.  The end of the commerical shows Alex getting ready to go over to the...

Cut from team...what next?

Oscar ·
My son's a sophomore and was cut from the baseball team.  He was the last player cut, as far as I know.  That's about all I really know though.  He's not talking much.  He's hurting pretty bad.  Very painful to watch as a...

D3 Shoulder Injury

osage10 ·
You folks are a wealth of knowledge and I have always enjoyed reading the comments on this site.  Lots of great information!  I have a situation with my son, thought I would put it out there and get some advice/comments.Son is a Junior...