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doing it on your own

ghouse ·
I am obviously a big supporter of parents and students getting as involved in the recruiting process as possible, learning as much as possible and doing as much as they possibly can.I am not against recruiting services, I know some terrific people who...

Dilemma..Newbie with a drafted son?

Hey Guys, I'm new here so be gentle as this is all very new to me. I do have a problem and need some advice form some of the experienced people on this forum. My son was just drafted out of high school in the 43rd round. He is a RHP and throws...

Four-Year Guarantees Approved by NCAA

Midlo Dad ·
The NCAA board approved the rules change to permit schools to offer scholarships on a multi-year basis, as opposed to the current, standard year-to-year deals.While some coaches give their word that they won't reduce money year to year as long as the...


Shoeless Joe ·
CV, There was a question asked earlier about a 2 player rule for the Commonwealth games. You have been around a while, do you know the answer?

Ethical Question?

bballnh ·
Umpire's,What would you do if you were in this situation.*You have been selected to umpire behind the dish for a semi-final div 1 high school baseball game.Note: The game you have been selected for has one of the teams that you once were the head...

Earned Run or Unearned Run?

Smokey ·
I have a question regarding the scoring of an earned run. The following are actual events that took place in a HS game.The first batter of the inning is walked (BB). The first batter advances to second as the result a throwing error by the catcher on...

A Smile and A Tear

cong ·
One Night Changes a Life, and Calif. Town By TIM DAHLBERG, AP Sports Writer Fri Jun 10, 3:40 PMCLOVIS, Calif. - The chant began late in the fourth quarter in the basketball gym at Clovis East High. The students started it first, clapping their hands...

Recruiting; Summer Camps v. Showcases v. Summer Team

Roundingthird ·
Hello All. Hopefully someone (or many someones) can help me with a question.My son is an '06 that currently plays on a very competitive 18U summer team. This past year he has written many letters to schools he is interested in (Div 1 and Div 3) and...

Question about the Draft and being in College

Chuck ·
Ok heres my deal, Im going to a division 1 school next year to play ball, I didn't enter the draft because i would of been selected very late. I feel that I'm getting better with every outing as i proceed into my first year of college. And i believe...

Missed base?

rapidfirerob ·
My question has to do with USSSA 6u t-ball state tourney. Witch I believe play under OBR rules. Can a home plate umpire call a kid out for missing a bag, if he is the only one who saw it, and there was no appeal. The other team had no idea what the...

JUCO's and CC's

PopTime ·
We're trying to compile lists of target schools from NCAA Div I, II and III. Obviously there are many more D1 schools which have the academic programs my son is interested in (Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology) but we've also found some very nice...

Do community college players get drafted often?

Keystone47 ·
HelloI'm an 18 year old player from the netherlands. I could go play baseball for baltimore city community college. If I decide to go there and play for two years, i will be 20 years old then. Could somebody tell me how big of a chance i have to get...

Size and pitching

bballmom36 ·
I'm sure this sounds like a dumb question but, Why is the height of a pitcher so important?? I have seen many very tall pitchers and have seen average size pitchers. If your good your good no matter what size you are.

Is it interference?

jjk ·
Runner on 3rd < two out, batter hits a nubber which the catcher pounces on, the batter/runner running in fair territory outside the running lane is struck by the catchers throw to first, the throw is snagged by the first baseman for an out, the...

High School Play Question

plp556 ·
I am a 16 yo kid from NY and i played on JV last year. Next year i will be a junior and will be hoping to make varisty but we have a VERY stacked team with 16-19 returning Seniors (that were juniors) so playing time might not come along much. I know i...

Rule verification

amaump ·
Ok, let me set up a crazy senario I had in a HS game:Runners on the corners, 1 out, pitcher on rubber prior to coming set: when I (field ump) look over, I notice the kid on 1st walking way off the bag towards the outfield grass (I mean he literally...

Baseline Question

amaump ·
Ok, let me set up a crazy senario I had in a HS game:Runners on the corners, 1 out, pitcher on rubber prior to coming set: when I (field ump) look over, I notice the kid on 1st walking way off the bag towards the outfield grass (I mean he literally...

equipment question

bbmom15 ·
My 17 year old son was hit by a foul ball in the face and has fractured his nose. His doctor has said that he can play after the surgery but must wear face protection. No problem at the plate but anyone have any suggestions for while he is pitching...

Contract Problems

Fungo ·
Being new to all this I have no idea about what is happening when the ESPN states a particular professional player’s start is in question because there is a problem with his contract. After a week or two I’m starting to get a feel for...

Headfirst Honor roll camp - Rocklin California

gimages ·
Thought I would take a chance and talk about son's experience at the camp. There were 115 players. The camp was held at Rocklin HS on their Varsity and JV fields. It was a two day event. The camp began as most camps do with a short talk from the camp...

Transfer Question

shortstop2007 ·
Does anyone know the details on what needs to happen for a player to transfer from an NAIA school to a D1 or D2 school?

Blue-Grey Question

JT ·
Are the B-G Events wood bat? My son has a tryout this coming Saturday. Thanks.JT

Appeal Play process

Pirate Fan ·
I have a question regarding the proper procedure to make an appeal under OBR. I know the ball has to be live, and the team making the appeal only has one attempt.Here is the situation - runner misses 3rd base. The 3rd baseman is yelling to the coach,...

Psychological Effects of Competition

smalltownmom ·
Hello, My name is Joey Starling and I am an incoming senior at the IB at Bartow High School. My mom enjoys this site, and I know she has learned a good bit on here that she has shared with my dad and I. I am hoping some of you might be able to help...

injury-what to do?

bballdad62 ·
My son is 09 LHP. He has received considerable interest based on around 30 phone calls after 7/1 from D1 schools. Unfortunately, he has elbow tendinitis and needs to shut down for the rest of the summer-he tried to battle through but he needs a good...

Summer Rules Questions

piaa_ump ·
With HS baseball winding down in most of the US, I'd like to ask that if you post a summer league question that you also identify the age group and league affiliation so that any answers can be more accurately quoted.There are some significant...

Arm Speed

Hunter10 ·
just a quick question. I've heard it said, if you can throw 93 from the outfield for example, then you have arm speed. Lets say an OF/P is throwing 93 from the outfield is it true they will eventually be able to throw 93 from the mound as they mature...

Hypothetical flyball/appeal situation

Jan Willem ·
I have got a question on a hypothetical situation:Less then two out and a runner on 1st base. The batter hits one deep in left field and the runner thinks it won't be cought, rounds 2nd, but then he can see the ball is cought. Therefore he has to go...

He Can, but Should He????

Catching Coach ·
Have a 15yr-5month son that is HS Freshman. He is 5’9”, weighs 154lbs-soaking wet. Fastball cruises 83-86, tops at 88, just hit 89 for the first time this past weekend. Great control, good change, curve, and knuckle.Here’s the...

bbcor wood certified

wogdoggy ·
what makes a wood bat bbcor certified..are any of these bbcor certified wood bats as good or BETTER than a regular netal bbcor? I know a regular wood bat has more pop than a bbcor question is what makes a wood bat bbcor woord certified?,is...

MN-Mom - a tech support question

Krakatoa ·
Julie, I'm unable to use the forum search feature. I keep getting a page that says "the requested page is not available" (not that there are no posts with my search keyword). Any ideas?Thanks!!Krak

Medium Priority Recruit?

chimera ·
My son was told a by a D3 coach that he was a "medium priority recruit". The coach felt he could be a starter by the end of his freshman year or by his soph year. Our question is how to interpret this. Would the coach support his college application?...

field maintenance

jojoriles ·
I have a question about keeping up the maintenance at my high school field, Im always looking for ways to improve the field I play on. I live in northern California and it rains quite often through late winter/ early spring. Over the years it seems...

Why Oh Why.....

Scooter ·
I have been coming to this site for a few years now. I have learned many new ideas and techniques that have helped me better serve my players as their coach. The one thing that evades my mind is why are their so many on here that think their way is...

Hsbbweb donations? wow no response (anyone)

Hirrel 13 ·
I have a question,i think i donated to hsbbweb and i will continue to donate to hsbbweb but, i have know idea if they are receiving my donations. i tryed many time to e-mail them at the address ... but no response back to find out if they received it....

Best Kind of Baseball

08Dad ·
Well the easy answer is the best kind of baseball is the game you are at... but given a choice, and taking the cost into account, would the fans on this site prefer to go to:A Major League gameB Minor League gameC College game - including summer...

Physical Exam Question??

Sook ·
Hey HSBW!I have a question about the physical/medical exam the mlb club wants you to take before you get drafted.The real question is, is it like any other one what do they do to you?Sook

Camp Question

TripleDad ·
If a college is hosting a camp, are there any rules that prohibit another college coach from watching.I know a lot of camps have other schools coaches participate, but I am wondering if an uninvited coach can just stop by and watch.

LONG TOSS program

texasballer ·
I have been reading about long toss alot on increased velocity as well arm question and my son is 11.... we do long toss now before practices so abotu 2 times a week....Is this somethign i can continue 2-3 times a week in the offseason...

Interesting Recruiting Dilemma

2Fast ·
I would appreciate any input on our particular situation, as follows:Our son is a highly ranked 2009 player at a private D1 high school who played against and in the same league as a 2008 first round draft pick last season. He is being heavily...

Batting gloves

horsehyde ·
Newbie here so be kind, please Thanks! and here goes ->Question came up about pitcher wearing batting glove under fielding glove. Is there a specific rule forbidding this for high school pitchers? Opinions are bountiful, yet frustrating, as is...

what makes a freshman able to step up?

s2fmf ·
my question is what makes a freshman able to step up to a big time D1 program and get significant playing time and have success? It doesn't nessesarily have to do with how high he went in the draft, his high school batting average, whether he played...

Showcases vs HS Play

basesloaded ·
My question is in regards to showcase rating vs HS performance. If a player recieves a mid to high showcase rating (say a 7-8 at a PG event) but due to certain circumstances does not play HS ball or does not start for his HS team, is not all district,...

Are D1 programs more rigorous than other levels in baseball?

Vector ·
I ask this based on some posts in another thread I did not want to derail with this question.Several posters referred to D1 as as grueling along with a high academic load. While I certainly believe that as well, I am wondering if D-2 or D-3 programs...

Pitching question

Hirrel 13 ·
MY son started in his game today(pitcher). he worked 2 innings,when my son left the mound(inning ended) the score was 5-5. now he left the hill and had 2 at bats before the inning ended, then he came out, by now the score was 13-5 (us). my question is...

can an athletic scholarship be pulled

hsbb05 ·
I asked this question in a portion of another post in a different forum and haven't had it answered yet. Can an athletic scholarship be pulled if you have signed a letter of intent because of an injury that has incurred during your senior season?

Pitching Question

GABall ·
I need an offical ruling on how many innings a starting pitcher needs for a win ? A starter pitched 3 innings and left with the lead. The relief pitcher finished the game and completed 4 innings. Who gets the win ?

D1 Interest

Mallot's Dad ·
My 2014 received an email a couple of days ago from a Pac-12 school's recruiter/coach. It wasn't the Camp flyer type of emails that we have been receiving. It was directed at my son, saying they were impressed by his accomplishments and that this...

college freshman difficulties

Fusilli Jerry ·
Although I have frequently sat on the sidelines and checked out the action here, this is my first post.It was my son’s dream to play DI baseball at an academically rigorous school and he is now a freshman at an Ivy League school. He is totally...