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Major League Infield Training Comes to Plano

Big League Prep · Infield Camp (Plano, Tx) Session 2Ages 12-13Location: Extra Innings -Plano, TXSaturday, January 14, 2012 to Sunday, January 15, 2012Starts: 12:00pm / Ends: 2:30pmCamp Cost: $135.00Camp...

Recruiting Video

Knocturnal ·
I am going to be a junior this year and I plan getting myself exposed more by sending videos of myself to college coaches out there, I am a catcher, so what should I include in the video. . . .

The "marketing" game??

JT ·
TRHit's response in an earlier thread about marketing got me thinking. We have just sent out letters and Video CD's to several colleges. What's next? Follow-up with a phone call in a 10 days to 2 weeks to arrange a campus vist? Another letter? ...

Video: 2012 HR Derby Swings in Slow-mo

mstcks ·
Hey guys, thought some here might be interested in this video. Has some good slow-mo swings of the guys in the HR derby. I've definitely found it useful and wanted to pass it on. 2012 HR DerbyAlso, if you click the poster's page, you can watch the...

College recruitor files suit against fibbing parent.

Dibble ·
Neuter NewsCollege recuitor sues fibbing parent.This will go down among insane lawsuits. Bob Jones assisant coach at Southwest College has filed suit against a parent of a potential recruit for severely exaggerating the fastball of his son by over ten...

Train like a Major League Infielder

Big League Prep · Infield Camp (Plano, Tx) Session 1Ages 9-11Location: Extra Innings -Plano, TXSaturday, January 14, 2012 to Sunday, January 15, 2012Starts: 9:00am / Ends: 11:30amCamp Cost: $135.00Camp...

Senior Moms

bluesky ·
The graduation ceremonies for 2005 have begun....mine walked the stage last night.Throughout May, the school programs and banquets and awards kept bringing home the reminder that we may never pass this way again. The number of "last time to...."...

Before/After Video - One Month

Student_of_the_game ·

Some Books?

CoachB25 ·
I have an extensive video collection but I want to add a couple of books. I still get a lot out of reading Bob Shaw's book and I like to have these books to carry around and peruse when traveling. Sooooooo, I was thinking about getting Coaching...

Baseball Photography Tips?

micdsguy ·
Baseball games are hard to photograph either still or video. Got any tips? I see pros using immense telephoto lenses. I guess if you're taking outfielders, that's nice to have. Would be nice if field fences had a few slighly larger openings to stick...

Baseball shape - two sport athlete.

Bludevil_bk ·
2013 plays football too. He has received several personal invites to Fall College camps. Obvously the stakes are higher this fall. I believe he has not met some of these coaches. They have sought him out through word of mouth I assume...but have not...

Catcher's Video Analysis Throwing Camp August 18-19th

Registration is now open for our first Video Analysis Throwing Camp!At the camp, video will be featured throughout each of the 2 days. A lot of the group instruction will include going over video of high-level throws from MLB players to Team USA Fast...

Al Goetz pitching analysis

Emanski's Heroes ·
Not that I necessarily want to start a debate (ok, maybe a little), but I ran across this video today ( ). A gentleman named Al Goetz is heard analyzing video of a young pitcher. Honestly, without knowing the name, my first thought was "this guy is full of it". That thought seemed odd once I googled his name and found out that he was once a scouting supervisor for the Braves (according to the site for Windward Baseball Academy ). Anyway,...

NFHS 2013 Baseball Rules Changes

TX-Ump74 ·
NFHS 2013 Baseball Rules Changes1-3-2 NOTE: Clarifies and places additional emphasis on the importance and legal repercussions of altering non-wood baseball bats.3-3-1f: Restricts the use of any video monitoring or replay equipment for coaching...

Updates at AB Athletic Development

BobbyTewks ·
Just wanted to post an update here because I know a lot of people from NH read here. We are almost done with our move into our new facility and we are very excited about what we can do now. We are upgrading from a 2700 sq ft location to a 6800 sq ft...

Triple Play

CatchMm ·
Here is video of a triple play at a recent Penn State game. This is Luvbb's son's school but she wasn't sure how to post it. I just think it is kind of cool because it happens so rarely.

Making a Video

2old4this ·
My son has met with the baseball coach at Catholic University who suggested he prepare a video and send it to him. We live on Long Island. Does anyone know someone on Long Island who does this? I would appreciate any input. He is probably a little...

Absolutely Stuck.... ·
im a 2012 graduate and i have picked out some schoolos to apply for early decision. i have a ncsa account and it looks like that was a waste of about a thousand dollars. Only about 5 coaches looked at my profile. Ive made another recruiting video,...

Video memories

Diva ·
We are puttting together a video tape for our senior boys that will include baseball footage from their high school years as well as some footage from the little league days. I'm trying to come up with some great music to add to the video. It doesn't...

Recording TV News Reports-Team Videos

oldbat-never ·
If you collect info. on your team/player and like to store it on DVD or if you make a team, end of the season/or senior video you can now record TV programs and Newsreports from your TV to your computer then burn it to a DVD through TIVO.... It is...

Johann Knee signs with PSAC leader DIV II Kutztown

CapitalBaseball ·
I just want to give a fatherly congratulations to my son Johann Knee of Montgomery Village, MD for his signing with the DII Kutztown Bears, of Kutztown University. Although he had offers from DI schools such as Ohio, University of Miami (OH),...

A nightmare ...not a dream

infielddad ·
I am watching the replay of a brawl between Peoria and Dayton of the MWL. Both are low A teams.In the midst of things, a pitcher from Peoria launches a ball into the stands.The report says it struck a fan causing serious injury.The player is in jail,...

25 Pitchers - 86mph+

The_Complete_Showcase ·
Video of top players from our August 11th Camp: We promoted that 30 college coaches would be in attendance but 39 coaches showed up. We also had an impressive 25 pitchers that threw 86mph+. All those players...

Pitching Mechanics

TPBulldogs35 ·
Does anyone know how I can get a video on here or if that's even possible because I'd like to get one on here so mayb someone can evaluate me. Just today I went to a camp for my highschool next year and have already found one thing wrong but anyone...

Lone Star Athletics Baseball Recruiting Information

I would like to introduce Lone Star Athletics. For 20 plus years we have conducted baseball tournaments, skill evaluation camps, teams and recruiting seminars in Texas.3 years ago I started developing a website WWW.LONESTARATHLETICS.NET that was...


tigerfan_09 ·
In the responses to my first letters, many of the college coaches wanted to "see me in action". Should I send my highlight video right away or should I only give them my schedule or both?

Watch this...

Ken Guthrie ·
On this rainy day I've found a bit more time to check out other forums on this site...There was a youtube attachment on how Tomball HS cleared the field prior to game time. The message was there was a sense of responsibility put forth for these kids....

Bat speed vs distance ball is hit

Instead of stealing another thread I am starting a new one. For those who have not seen it here is the aplet that has distance vs ball velocity. For a ball to travel 400' the ball velocity needs to be 105 MPH. The question of Pujol's bat velocity came...

Coaches, players and parents

She realized he probably wouldn’t be able to hear her.Still, as Tywanna Patterson watched her son, Patrick, get lambasted by former Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie during a game at Rupp Arena last season, the outspoken mother felt...

A Question About Hitting or Swing Tips

Quincy ·
I noticed that not many of the posters asking for hitting tips ever post follow-up video or comments.Could it be that our advice is found to be less than helpful?It always helps when one school of thought or another produces desired results as...

Proud Dad

K Complex ·
(video was removed by the posting entity- I am not a sure why- so I have removed link that no longer works)"Love is the most important thing in the world, baseball is pretty good too." ~Greg, age 8 from Baseball Quotations

Will an e-mail and/or video/video link get you noticed?

I will say this, videos will get YOU a more in-depth look, example ... SU's (LHP) Matt Davis (Syracuse, NY) sent the coaching staff a video and we were all like, this kid is pretty darn good.Did SU see him play? No way ... he was up in near Syracuse,...

Trying to get back into affiliated ball

ShepFPC28 ·
Hey guys my name is Steve Shepard and I'm looking to get back into affiliated ball. I'm a 6'4 245 lb RHP. I got drafted in the 13th round by the Nationals in 07 and was released the following June in 08. I then signed with the Phillies this past...

comments and advice on swing and video. thanks

baseballrelics ·
comments on swing and video[URL=Colin]comments on swing and video[/URL]

Camera Angles for Pitching Video

scdigger ·
Hey guys,Am going to capture, hopefully, some decent footage beginning this year to start building a database for my son...I'm not going to make a "highlight" video (K after K), rather some in-game footage only editing out dead time and between inning...

video of my hitting..

LW2ndbase30 ·
nothing big but i finally got a video recorded tonight at my game..

Is this a legal pitch?

Eyeontheball ·
Is the pitch in this video legal? My concern is that the feet do not extend across the front of the rubber.

Tommy John Surgery: A short video explanation.

gotwood4sale ·
.I came across this video recently. It is very brief, but gives a good look at what is accomplished with the surgery. To find the actual video...Click "See the Animations" in blue box on right sideSelect "Orthopedics" from columnSelect "Elbow" at top...

Youtube - Brian Walker

dave0mary ·
For those that haven't seen it, it's a classic. From a few years ago.If you're new at umping, let this video be a lesson to you ... NEVER EVER take any personal attacks from anyone. EVER. Immediate ejection. Verbal, pointing a bat/glove/other. You...

Son's Video Channel

scdigger ·
Hey guys,Thanks for the input you guys have given regarding putting together videos, angles, etc...I've been helping my son put together a page on YouTube with some pitching videos that he can link to when he communicates with potential college...

comments on swing. finally able to post video

baseballrelics ·
finally able to post video thanks to clevelanddad. son is a 16 year old junior. colins batting lesson

Kids have it easy

threeboysdad ·
If you are 35, or older, you might think this is hilarious! When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were. When they were growing up; what with walking twenty-five miles to school every...

High School Baseball fight

futurecoachjosh ·
This is a high school baseball fight that happened a couple of years ago and I personally there is no need to pull the stuff that the catcher did Fight Video

pitching solutions, worthwhile? video help?

bakstop007 ·
ive run out of ideas, no coaches ive been around or players have any idea about mechanics and my velocity is just not returning after my ankle im going to try andvideo a bullpen tomorrow from all different angles and then possibly submit it...