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Elite Training

CoachTraub ·
Dear DFW Baseball Families,"You don't have to be sick to get better."-Trevor Moawad, Mental Conditioning Coach of the Alabama Football ProgramJust FYI - I always take clients who want to commit to training their mental skills, but that's an investment...

Travel Ball nightmare

RonBon ·
We have 4 games left in the most expensive lesson I have ever learned.We paid $1500 plus uniform. Which was $235.That gave us 9 tournaments plus a nationals.It was supposed to include two paid coaches, practice field rental, indoor rental, and game...


RHP05Parent ·
Just another reminder to our younger players and parents. Good grades in high school are so important these days to a baseball recruit! I keep running across guys this season that would make great college players but are not getting the recruiting...

Hello Everyone

denise ·
Its been a long time since I've been here. I enjoyed reading all the post. During my son's Jr. and Sr. years of high school I learned so much from this web-site. My son is not playing ball this year because of academic ineligibility. It has been hard...

Do Your Umps Call Balks?

micdsguy ·
Seems as we move up the baseball food chain that umps call fewer and fewer balks in our area.In little kids' ball, they occurred all the time. Umps would scream out "BALK!" at the top of their lungs (scaring the heck out of the 12 year old pitcher a...

Travel Ball - Good and Bad.......

CNY2010 ·
With all of the recent posts, I thought I would chime in with my experiences in my son's journey.Mine started playing organized "coach pitch" at 8 years old. When he was 8 or 9, a coach asked me to allow him to play for his travel team. I initially...

5 star scout days

headintosa ·
a few weeks ago my son and I drove to Georgetown for a scout day with 5 star and sponsored by Action Baseball. The day was a nice day though the "confirmed scouts" were not anywhere near what was stated on the web site. The morning skill work was...

Private Instruction

Uncle Bubba ·
I was told by our high school coach last weekend that there is an instructor telling high school kids that it is ok to buckle the front knee during the swing. This is private lesson and not a HS coach.This is going on a few miles south of I-20 on...

Paxton withdraws from University of Kentucky

jerseydad ·
quote:From Keith Law:University of Kentucky left-hander James Paxton has chosen to withdraw from school in the face of recent court defeats in his attempt to force some transparency into the NCAA's one-sided, anti-player process for evaluating whether...

Help with coaching dilemma please...

Judy ·
Hello to all you wonderful posters. I have been reading this forum religiously since September. Long story...hope someone is willing to read it all.Freshman year son (LHP) had very tough year for many reasons and pitched really badly. We thought his...

Youtube - Brian Walker

dave0mary ·
For those that haven't seen it, it's a classic. From a few years ago.If you're new at umping, let this video be a lesson to you ... NEVER EVER take any personal attacks from anyone. EVER. Immediate ejection. Verbal, pointing a bat/glove/other. You...

comments on swing. finally able to post video

baseballrelics ·
finally able to post video thanks to clevelanddad. son is a 16 year old junior. colins batting lesson

Parental input...need help/answers

J H ·
I run baseball lessons for a few kids in my area. Being that I am in college, I am rather restricted to the 8-13 year old age group. I teach all facets of the game to the kids, as requested, during the lessons, but being a pitcher I'd certainly say...

Difference between a Tear and Partial Labrum Tear

BK_Razorback ·
What’s the difference between a partial labrum tear and a full labrum tear in the shoulder? My 13 year old went to the ortho today and we were told he had a partial tear of the thick tissue. After speaking to the PT later, he agreed that it was...

Congrats to FMHS

transfer ·
I was very impressed to hear that FMHS baseball team welcomed our soliders home at DFW. Apparently, the booster club president requested the team rally to support our troups. Way to go guys!On a sad note....a new coach and since his hiring apparently...

sickle cell test - lesson learned

chefmike7777 ·
Until about 3 weeks ago I did not know that a sickle cell test was required for participation  as a college athlete. When I learned that I thought, "ok, they will do that when they do the physical, no big deal". I was wrong, at least at my...

Pitching stride over 100% for 2017?

Disclaimer:  I'm new to the world of pitching.   My 2017 has played baseball since age 3, but rarely pitched.  He's always loved to run so he played every position other than pitcher or catcher - a true utility player.  He started...

Do You Need Training In The Northwest?

biggerpapi ·
I want to recommend a coach we've worked with in the past.  His name is Jeff Holly.  He comes from Southern California and is now living in the Portland, OR area.   If your son needs personal instruction, in any phase of the game, this...

Was/Is this me (or you)?

justbaseball ·
I had dinner with a player last night.  A player who has played at all levels of baseball.  Youth, HS, college, nearly every level of minor league ball and the big leagues too.   He volunteers his time helping with an 11/12-year old...


FormerObserver ·
Had a little umpiring lesson today.1. I will not complain about umpiring until I have learned all the rules.2. I will not complain about umpiring until I have learned all the rules.3. I will not complain about umpiring until I have leared all the...

Training Technique Is Questioned by Parents

cong ·
Training Technique Is Questioned by ParentsProvidence High officials apologize after coach uses machine to hit players with pitches.By Eric Sondheimer, Times Staff WriterMay 5, 2006 At two practices last week, baseball players from a small private...

How 'Bout District 5-5A & Those Mighty Texans !!!!

frogdawg ·
Big Congrats to District 5-5A Playoff Teams !!!!All Three Are Still Living the Dream Forgive me for those outside 5-5A but allow me to recap and maybe gloat just a little:Keller (District Champ)- Sweeps Highly Regarded Lewisville and Their Two Aces....

keep pitching lesson the day before a start?

ThreeLuv2Play ·
Regular season games began today. Son pitched last 2 varsity innings after playing 3B and may start on Monday. They have Sat practice. The pitchers used today were told no throwing over the weekend. Son has regularly scheduled 30 minute pitching...

Pitchers and Genetics

Notlongtilicantcatchim ·
Hi Folks:I am new here but, as a result of my son's lesson on the weekend, I have been researching a topic Pitchers and Genetics and have come up with little information.At ten, my son is younger than most here. The instructor has been to the Olympics...

just a question about a lesson

ctiger ·
when you get to hs is a lesson a lesson or is it just somebody to throw bp for an hour and make you feel good about your swing.Im not trying to get something stirred up at just wondering what you are getting for your money when you take a...

hard lesson learned from Duke incident

allaboutbaseball ·
My oldest son signed early in Novemner to play baseball at a school in Texas. He his excited about mving on to this next phase in his life. We have been discussing all the natural things, allowance, which meal plan, allowance, which dorm and finally...

Hard work pays off!

BBfam ·
My son has been working very hard during the winter with another teammate of his. They have been doing abs, legs, long toss and lots of batting. Today we had our first real double header and last week a rainy attempt at a game. Both players are now...

Don't Mess With Mom

catcher09 ·
DON'T MESS WITH MOMMy son came home from school one day,with a smirk upon his face.He decided he was smart enough,to put me in my place. "Guess what I learned in Civics Two,that's taught by Mr. Wright?It's all about the laws today,The 'Children's Bill...

The game speeds up!!!!!

DPElite99 ·
Just some observations on making the jump into HS Ball...Having failed to make the summer HS squad, my son, who just turned 14 this past May 2, accepted the invitation of the coach and started working out with the team twice a week. The coach felt...

Am I being naive- Do other coaches do this?

hitenrun ·
In the past year, my son's coach has:• "Friended" his players (high school kids) on his facebook and posted pictures of himself drunk.• He and the assistants chew tobacco in front of the boys.• He told the boys it was team bonding to...

Northern Virginia league summer team looking for players

LHPMom2012 ·
This is a U19 team that will accept good players playing up, as young as age U16. Based in Maryland suburbs but playing in the NVTBL -- games on weekends. New team with some very good coaches -- one coach was a championship winner in the Cal Ripken...

Rotational Hitting, et al (sorry - long)

GunEmDown10 ·
OK, bear with me. This is just a post to make you say HHMMmmmmmmmmm?? Not trying to offend or create drama, or take away from some great hitting instructors and/or their top selling DVD's, just ponder this....I read a comment in an earlier thread that...

Take two: communication with the coach

My first post got trashed as badly as any post I've seen trashed. Then people gave me advice to cut the cord trying to take care of my son by not talking to the coach. I have never talked to a coach about team issues. I have no intentions of ever...

practicing at home

danocaster ·
My son is 9 and in Pee Wee. For years, it's always been him asking me to go out and practice with him. For the last year, it's on and off- sometimes he asks, and other times I have told him that he needs to practice because his team was depending on...

Youth 10u Tryout

HitFactory ·
This is a 10u baseball team where learning to play the game the right way will be emphasized. Each player will receive instruction from professional coaches, who are currently playing at the college or semi-professional level. As a coaching staff we...

Player's Attitude Rant (feel free to reply)

CitrusZilla ·
Wow our team has developed a real bad aura. Instead of being encouraging and helpful to our players many of my teammates have become the type that screams at people for every little mistake and instead of encouraging someone puts them down. It's no...

How 'bout those O's

hokieone ·
Okay, true confession time. 10:00 p.m., game comes out of a rain delay, the Dread Sox are simply pounding my Orioles, leading 10-1. I tell my wife I can't stand to watch any more as the Sox fans are way too loud with too much to be loud about for a...

when an offer isn't really one

chefmike7777 ·
Going to vent a bit, 2014 as 2 offers to D1's. One he has had for about a month as a preferred walk on- guaranteed spot. He likes the school but hesitant because of no athletic money. He knows of 2 other RHP offered that haven't accepted to anywhere...

Pitching lesson frequency

Royalsfan ·
I have read many threads on this forum and others emphasizing the value of a good pitching coach.  What I have not been able to find is a discussion on lesson frequency.  I understand part of the equation is financial but setting that aside...

Summer Ball Team Choice

KC Dawg ·
My son is a 2015 that is in the process of choosing a summer/fall ball team for the upcoming seasons and isn't quite sure which direction to go in.  He has it narrowed down to two programs - both of whom have offered him.  Both programs have...

Need Advice on how to select a pitching coach.

jbench ·
My sons, ages 11 and 14, are both pitchers. They've done quite well, but, they would like to receive professional instruction, and advance their skill set.  What kind of questions might you suggest asking a pitching...

California 101s Y.S.O. currently filling roster positions

California 101s YSO ·
The California 101s Youth Sports Organization is currently filling roster spots for their Local 101s Division, Elite 101s Division, and their National Division. The CA 101s have opportunity for everyone of every age and skill level. With certification...

High School pitcher to D1

viperace40 ·
Hey guys, first let me give you my background. (i would not lie about any of this information.) I am a 15 year old sophmore in south texas. I am 6'5 208lbs. Im a RHP, i throw around 84 consistent, 87 max (that was this sunday at a pitching lesson). I...

Don't Quit

Bryant48 ·
I just finished writing a post about how important attitude is for young pitchers. Personally, this has been one of the greatest lessons I have learned and I would like to share it with the younger players. I'm hoping there are other players that can...

Intentional walks

Mizzoubaseball ·
I'm having a discussion with a guy at work about his son's 11 U team.  He was in the quarterfinals of a big tournament this past weekend, an elimination game.   Bottom 7, tie game, and they give up a leadoff triple.  Get the next two...

The Fire Forges The Steel

Coach_May ·
I have read countless posts over the years on this site that always have me coming back to these thoughts. I have seen so many instances as a coach over the years that mirror many of the posts I have read on this site. As a parent of two son's who...

Take a lesson-even Harper has to hustle every play

hokieone ·
Kudos to Nats Manager Matt Williams for benching Bryce Harper for failing to run out a ground ball today. Point made. End of story.   Pros scouts tell us every year they look for and notice hustle...and lack of hustle.

Looking for 10U AA/AAA Players

Dallas Green Sox ·
We're currently looking for a couple of 10U AA/AAA Players - especially pitchers.  Private Tryouts will be scheduled.  Please contact us by completing our tryouts form.  

Looking for 10U AA/AAA Players in North Dallas

Dallas Green Sox ·
We're currently looking for a couple of 10U AA/AAA Players - especially pitchers.  Private Tryouts will be scheduled.  Please contact us by completing our  tryouts form .   Green Sox Baseball 972.559.4934