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A-Rod hits on women at ALCS game

zombywoof ·
A-Rod hits on women at ALCS gameSince this piece of garbage can't hit a baseball, maybe this is his best shot hitting anything

Does the draft really get the best players?

CADad ·
No doubt the players selected in the first ten rounds are the best players available with few exceptions. However, at some point later in the draft one has to wonder if the players most likely to succeed are being selected or just the players most...

Dilemma..Newbie with a drafted son?

Hey Guys, I'm new here so be gentle as this is all very new to me. I do have a problem and need some advice form some of the experienced people on this forum. My son was just drafted out of high school in the 43rd round. He is a RHP and throws...

A Helpful Mental Approach to Pitching

Krakatoa ·
I picked up a little book a few years ago when my boys were probably too young to absorb the thought contained within. We just moved a week ago and this book, forgotten somewhere, just happened to end up sitting on the table in the computer room --...

Luna headed - Pro

HaltomScout ·
Aaron Luna headed for pro ball Rice outfielder and former Southlake Carroll star Aaron Luna is now a professional baseball player. He agreed to terms with the St. Louis Cardinals on Tuesday night. Luna was a 9th-round draft pick and is set to report...

Earned Run or Unearned Run?

Smokey ·
I have a question regarding the scoring of an earned run. The following are actual events that took place in a HS game.The first batter of the inning is walked (BB). The first batter advances to second as the result a throwing error by the catcher on...

Error's on Pitchers ?

bbfreak ·
Ok I have read the rules pertaining to errors on pitchers and catchers and have a couple of questions. Pitcher delivers a pitch and ball is bunted back to him on the ground, the pitcher then makes a wild throw to first and runner advances to 2nd. Ok...

Critical Time Rapidly Approaching

rdfrazier ·
My kid will be a junior in HS next school year. He played full time in RF on varsity this past season. He got off to a slow start and ended up with a .255 ba and around .450 ob. He played good defensively. He got the academic poty award for baseball....

Why do so many righthanders hit as a lefty?

Dutchcoach ·
It has been a while since my last post. Something has come up in my mind that I can't find the answer for my self so this is why I turn towards the HSBaseballweb for advice/the answer.Is there a scientific explanation why so many right handed players...

Hitting struggles

brett232 ·
Im a good hitter but had to take a few weeks off because of family problems. But when I went to hit in the cages a couple days ago, I realized thatwhy swing was still quick, but i wasnt making contact with the ball i was either over it or under it. ...

Pitching Sequence

Geff ·
Hello,I am new to the board. It seems to have a lot of good advice. Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me. My son is 15 yrs old and pitches for our local Jr. American Legion team. He has a decent fastball which only a few hitters can catch...

Pitch Sequence - What not to do!

CADad ·
This is in response to the pitch sequence thread in the general forum but since I'm using a Pony 13 all-star team as an example I posted it in here.My starter last night essentially threw the ball by the first three hitters. We went up 6-0 in the...

FC or Hit

catcher09 ·
Is this scored a fielders choice or a hit.Man on 1st. Pop fly to shallow right - right fielder charges and R1 stays relatively close to 1st assuming ball will be caught. Ball drops in and Right fielder easily throws runner out at second.I scored this...

Need help relaxing

plp556 ·
Hello everyone,I need some help relaxing (as stated by the title) and ill tell you why:I am 16 yo and i play baseball for an 18U team. Throughout freshman, JV, and even this team all of my coaches always said the same thing: I NEED TO RELAX. When im...

All Stars

TPM · one ever says they care for Arod, yet he gets most total votes @3,934,518, just a bit shy from last year (btw, he just hit HR #536, ).Manny's there, along with Lincecum, Josh Hamilton,...

equipment question

bbmom15 ·
My 17 year old son was hit by a foul ball in the face and has fractured his nose. His doctor has said that he can play after the surgery but must wear face protection. No problem at the plate but anyone have any suggestions for while he is pitching...

Commodores a good fit for Webb's Wormsley

HiwasseeVol ·
Congrats to Clark on his son's commintment to Vandy.Sentinel article:By DREW EDWARDS, June 21, 2005 After helping Webb School to its second Division II state championship game in the last three years, Jordan Wormsley had one more...

Headfirst Honor roll camp - Rocklin California

gimages ·
Thought I would take a chance and talk about son's experience at the camp. There were 115 players. The camp was held at Rocklin HS on their Varsity and JV fields. It was a two day event. The camp began as most camps do with a short talk from the camp...

They said it!!!

Vanlandingham ·
In light of all the brilliance being spread over the last week, I thought I would share with you some of the quotes I have heard from scouts and college coaches over the last year. Just food for thought."High school kids get drafted on physical...

The DH

Being a pitcher's parent sometimes I don't always pay attention of the difficulty of other player's roles.In dicussion the other day, son said he felt the toughest job (besides the relief pitcher ) is that of the DH.The DH needs to be able to sit...

Zach Duke already has his own bobble-head doll

FutureBack.Mom ·
The Minor League Baseball site has an interesting feature where they highlight the week's upcoming 10 "best" promotions at the minor league ball parks. On today's site, the following blurb highlights an upcoming promotion at the Pirates' AAA Altoona...


stickwatcher ·
mrmom- if we hit the "contact us" links or email links - do you get them or does Bob?

Proud Moments

Coach May ·
Tuesday night we lost out in the first round of the State Playoffs. We had a tremendous season going 21-4 and ranked #1 in the state going into the playoffs. We got beat by a very good team that just outplayed us that night. After many tears and pats...

Johann Knee signs with DIV II powerhouse Kutztown

CapitalBaseball ·
I just want to give a fatherly congratulations to my son Johann Knee of Montgomery Village, MD for his signing with the DII Kutztown Bears, Kutztown University. Although he had offers from DI schools such as Ohio, University of Miami (OH), Cleveland...


AParent ·
This has been such a good day I just have to share it.Not only did my sons team win their super-regional (13-1) to qualify for the NAIA World Series in Lewiston, Idaha - but my son hit for the cycle in the process. It was a great day !!!!Anyone else...


CoachB25 ·

So where exactly was ESPN?

hokieone ·
Many of you I'm sure have awaited the results of my old timers game performance (I prefer "classic", thank you very much), so here you go: Pre-game: big breakfast and nothing to eat within 5 hours of game time, except advil and water. If it ain't in...

drills to help shoulder dropping

NRPMom ·
My son says he is dropping his shoulder and popping up or hitting fly balls. He knows he is doing it, has hit off the tee without dropping but seems to not have corrected the problem with every at bat at the plate. Can anyone suggest a drill or...

Does the run count?

IndianaBBFan ·
2 outs, bases loaded. Ball is hit to 2nd and he throws to first. Runner tags first base. Umpire calls him out, then gives a safe signal because the 1st baseman never caught the ball. Runner, hearing that he was called out, starts to the dugout then...

TRhit (Tom)

Tom, As I read the news that this website might be shutting down I would just like to thank you for all you have done for the HSBBW and the Northeast forum. You gave me advice on a college for my son and you could'nt have hit the bullseye any better....

Looking for a college

natefun ·
I know a kid who is currently a sophomore at Lincoln Southwest High School in Lincoln Nebraska. He played Varsity baseball this season and performed outstanding. His positions are 1st base and pitching. His #1 position is pitching. He currently throws...

Midwest All-American HS Showcase

WindyCity ·
Preparing invites for the Midwest All-American Showcase sponsored by 7-UP in Lynwood, Illinois on August 20 & 21. August 20th is for 2007 graduates and August 21st is for 2006 graduates. This event is completely free for 2006 grads and a small fee for...

To all the parents of college players...

LabattsBlue ·
When your son was a little fella was he a dominant player? Was he a late bloomer? Was it natural ability? Hard work? or both? When did you realize you had something special? Did you push your son? Or did he constantly push you?It's nice to dream, my...

He Can, but Should He????

Catching Coach ·
Have a 15yr-5month son that is HS Freshman. He is 5’9”, weighs 154lbs-soaking wet. Fastball cruises 83-86, tops at 88, just hit 89 for the first time this past weekend. Great control, good change, curve, and knuckle.Here’s the...

The "lost" season

CatSureMom ·
First, before discussing the "lost" season, I'd like to thank Bob and everyone who has contributed to this is my first "stop" in the morning and more than a few times I have spit out my coffee laughing, or dropped tears in my coffee crying....


TexasHoldEm ·
i just want to take a minute to thank everyone on this board or has contributed something. I've learned a lot and I know my dad has over the last couple years checking out the site. I learned that you need to keep your mouth shut sometimes because...

long tossing in a cage

4luvofthegame ·
I was wondering since my dad isn't home much during the day in order for me to long toss, could I go in a batting cage a throw the balls like I'm throwing to someone about 300 ft. away and the ball would just hit the cage?

Is it too late?

My son injured his shoulder right after his junior year. He was not able to throw most of the summer. Consequently, he did not attend camps, showcases, etc. He did recover in time to play his senior season. He played right field. He hit over...

division III state championship

LHP87 ·
congratulations to the Alliance Christian Falcons and coach David Mitchell on a third straight state championship. I believe the final score was Alliance-17, Westover-1. Chris Chapman got the win and also hit his second home run of the tournament to...

CABA High School World Series

Traveldad ·
Big tip of the cap to 4 local boys who all posted wins at the CABA HS World Series while playing for the always powerful Bergen Beach 17u team.Ryan Crowley of Morton WestIan Gardeck of Crystal Lake South (hit 96 mph)Trey Martin of Wheaton NorthRyan...

BIG Baseball Academy - Skyscraper League

Dolphin Mom ·
B.I.G. (Best Instruction Guaranteed) Baseball Academy is an organization that is staffed with former professional baseball players from the Chicago area. The academy specializes in teaching kids the correct way to play baseball, and how to enjoy...

Flash! Limom84's son can hit!!!!!!!!!!

limom84 ·
All right, folks, I have enjoyed playing with you all. I am NOT a man, but my husband has helped me with some of this. He played D1 baseball, so he knows a little bit more about this than most. Okay, I agree. Baseball is about hitting. Unfortunately,...

100 mph

Savannah ·
Who are some of the pitchers that hit triple digits on the gun. Leo Mazzone said John Rocker and Smoltz could do it in the bullpen.(Now don't go on about control, change of speed, movement, etc. This is just a discussion.)

Andalusia HS Lefties

southbb2 ·
Tyler Wilson pitched a one hitter to open the season against a very good 5a Charles Henderson team in Troy. Tyler had 12 strikeouts. In the second game of the season Will Cammack pitched a one hit, 16 strikeout performance against 5a Greenville....

Guaranteed Smiles

PAmom ·
You can't read this and stay in a bad mood! 1. How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit? Unique Up On It. 2. How Do You Catch a Tame Rabbit? Tame Way, Unique Up On It. 3. How Do Crazy People Go Through The Forest? They Take The Psycho Path 4. How Do You Get...

I'm a little sad now

InfieldMom ·
Actually I am a little sad and jealous of you other moms. My youngest ended his jr. high baseball season with their second loss in a tournament last Friday. We really thought we had the first game won, but the umpire wasn't very consistent at the...

Hamate bone surgery

4daPlayers ·
I wanted to share my experience of hamate bone surgery, recovery, and use. I just discovered that hsbbweb had an injury category. This is awesome.I had surgery on my left hand (I bat Right) in early December 2010 after an MRI and CT scan. My pain was...

Hit in the arm

Allstar20 ·
I have two questions.During my scrimmage game yesterday, I was hit in the arm (left)and blue gave me a strike saying my arm was in the strike zone. I am right handed batter. What's the call?My dad has been keeping score for years with a program called...