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A Smile and A Tear

cong ·
One Night Changes a Life, and Calif. Town By TIM DAHLBERG, AP Sports Writer Fri Jun 10, 3:40 PMCLOVIS, Calif. - The chant began late in the fourth quarter in the basketball gym at Clovis East High. The students started it first, clapping their hands...

My mechanics are not fluid and i look akward.

smokky1 ·
is that a bad thing?? the thing is that i throw 78-83 using all arm(or so i've been told)! how much harder do you think i can throw if i learned to use my body?? However your're suppose to use it!

This explains the Chicago Cubs

micdsguy ·
The Winning Color Of RedPower of Red Linda PaigeCreated: 5/19/2005 4:53:26 PMUpdated: 5/19/2005 5:26:48 PMIs your child's little league team on a losing streak? Well, rather than making everyone practice harder, you might want to change the color of...

What sports teaches us about failure

Jim Huffman is the dean emeritus of Lewis & Clark Law School, the co-founder of Northwest Free Press and a member of the Hoover Institution’s De Nault Task Force on Property Rights, Freedom and Prosperity. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last week I accompanied my 17-year-old son to a baseball camp on Long Island. I’ve watched a lot of baseball over my son’s progress from Little League to high school, but...

Coaches, players and parents

She realized he probably wouldn’t be able to hear her.Still, as Tywanna Patterson watched her son, Patrick, get lambasted by former Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillispie during a game at Rupp Arena last season, the outspoken mother felt...

A catcher's question

baseballfam4 ·
Does anyone have any idea where to get a kind of thumb(glove hand) protection for a catcher?My son has been using a new glove and it feels completely different than his last glove when he receives the ball,less protected and much harder on thumb...

Kids have it easy

threeboysdad ·
If you are 35, or older, you might think this is hilarious! When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were. When they were growing up; what with walking twenty-five miles to school every...

Inside Baseball Tryout Formats

shipbuilder2 ·
It is very tough to do a tryout in New Hampshire for spring baseball. You are almost certainly inside, this year we thought we were going to get outside after those couple of 70 degree days but it was just a tease. What do you think the right amount...

How to fix a sliding plant leg hip

My2cents ·
Hello to all (My wife & I have been lurking for quite some time) and love to chat baseball especially during the duldrums of winter! My question is my youngest son collapses his fulcrum upon release of the ball. He is 15 6'3 240#s He is throwing around 78-79. I swear he was throwing harder @ 13? After reading a LOT of the posts and links videos etc. (Backstop007 's link to chrisoleary.com is a great site. I cant seem to find a site explaining how to fix it! I would post a video (but don't...

Using the Impactbat

Impactbat ·
One of the biggest problem that I see in young hitters is that they want to roll the wrists over at contact. Once you have the proper grip on the Impactbat there is only one direct or square path to the ball. This path is a head on collision with the...

The reality of college baseball

Hard to beleive in just a few short weeks, the college baseball season will be underway.I wasn't quite prepared for the college baseball experience. My player did very well in HS, he did very well in first fall practice, and like many, ran into a...

Why is analyzing Mechanics so confusing?

Gingerbread Man ·
In search of the perfect throwing mechanics, some have made a dedicated career out of it. Some, it seems, just want to prove a pet theroy while others set out to prove others theories, while most it seems, just do what everyone else is doing and not...

Top 15 College Baseball Recruiting Questions (Pitchers' Parents)

Baseballthinktank ·
If you have questions about your pitcher, you're going to love this... Recently I opened a discussion from parents about their sons' (pitchers) concerning the college baseball recruiting process... Here is the Q/A, enjoy! 1. At what point does it make sense to contact a college? Velocity? Grade? Size? etc. I wouldn't waste your time early in the process unless you have a burning desire to attend a specific school, UNLESS you have desirable velocity in the range of 85 +. Obviously, lefties...

Velocity question_when to just "chunk it"

DallasShock ·
I have been wanting to know this for a while. Everything I read says 85+ is where you want to be as a RHP if you want to pitch in college.   I am going to be a senior this year and will be working in front of colleges this fall. Just to give some...

Ivy recruiting requirements

FourBases ·
I am very new (first post!) to the site, but have been to it many times doing research on Ivy League recruiting and needed requirements. Have looked at many great posts answering many questions, specially the posts by " fenwaysouth" which are very...

advice on upcoming season

therookie ·
My son has typically played little league and fills in the year playing on a travel team for a few tournaments in the summer and 2 or 3 in the fall.    In little league he is one of the top players in a competitive program,  all star...

Tommy John Recovery

Elroy ·
My son had TJ surgery in July 2013 following his Senior year of HS. He had previously signed a D1 JUCO scholarship so he injury redshirted last year. Started pitching again last spring and had shoulder stiffness. Doc said that shoulder couldn’t keep up with stronger elbow. Anyway after shoulder subsided he threw a few innings in local college summer league but velocity was 80-82. Pitched fall ball at the JUCO and that is where he his velocity was sitting. He threw harder than that when he...

So you want an advantage?

Coach_May ·
Your getting ready to start your High School career. You want to come in and make a splash with the coaching staff. You know get your name out there. Get them to notice you. You are wondering what are some of the things you can do accomplish this...

Pitching Machine or Real Pitcher for BP?

Passion4baseball ·
Any coaches have any opinions on whether it is better for the hitters to see pitching from a coach for bp or using a pitching machine for bp?   As a hitter I liked a coach throwing bp but I didn't realize as a player the amount of damage the...

Showcase mindset for non pitchers

Everyday Dad ·
How should you approach a showcase? Have some general thoughts below. Let me know your opinions good or bad. Not sure what measurable of importance you would sacrifice by doing the below.   Thinking during your drills. You need to deviate from...

BP - Always be careful...

Bolts-Coach-PR ·
http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/league-coach-dies-hit-ball-practice-article-1.1947748   And remember...  Just because you're behind the screen doesn't mean your 100% safe... I got hit in the head after a ball my son hit in the cage...

Have we (Coaches, parents) been doing it all wrong?

YoungGunDad ·
Yesterday I heard from a recently graduated 22yr old Auburn graduate that he was taking a "mental health day". Now imagine the look on my face when I heard this jargon. I was literally aghast not at what he said but, the fact that he really meant it....

When the grades are not there

Southeastdad ·
I was reading the post about the players who need the most help and it got me thinking about another group of players who don't have an easy recruiting journey.   what about the kids with a lower GPA?  I know it is easy to say, work harder,...

Will HS Baseball Go the Way of HS Soccer?

SluggerDad ·
A discussion on another thread about the superiority of high level summer play over regular HS season got  me wondering whether HS baseball could eventually head the way of HS Soccer.  At least in my region of the country,  the...

Hitting distance increase

hueysdad ·
I know there is a lot on this site about pitching velo. I would think that hitting distance would increase incrementally also. Has anyone paid attention to how much farther their sons have been able to hit the ball year to year.I would say my son hits...

play harder


when to commit

name ·
My son is a 2013 pitcher. At the beginning of his sophmore year he went to a headfirst event and recorded 80 mph as a high. By the end of his sophmore year he was up to 88 mph at the PG showcases and tournaments. He is getting stronger and still not...

Throwing Good Changeups

LTBB47 ·
When I grew up everyone used to tell me that you should grip the changeup way deep in your hand and claw the ball to reduce the velocity on the ball. So of course growing up I had a terrible time throwing this pitch and decided to just change speeds...

Pitching inside. An interesting read.

Bighit15 ·
May. 07, 2006BY GORDON WITTENMYERPioneer PressWhat happened to the inside pitch?Brushing hitters back to establish the inner half of the plate was once a pitcher's right, but these days it's a dying art.With one out and two men on base a few nights...

Pitch to Hillcrest's Sulentic At Your Own Risk

Frozen Ropes GM ·
Since it's been a topic of discussion about whether you should or should not pitch to Matt Sulentic I though I'd post a great article from the Dallas Morning News. Way to go Matty!...

Independent Player asked to showcases

Independants mom ·
My son - a junior - was cut from his high school team this year. He played varsity for the summer and fall ball of his high school. He is a catcher with a 3.3 GPA, he just took his SAT so we don't have results on that as of yet.Immediately after being...

Coaching your own kid

Yankeelvr ·
Over the course of my sports involvement I have observed any number of Coaches who are much harder on their own kids than the others. While I realize this is sort of a defense mechanism to avoid the favoritism issue, I find it is a problem for me as...

Watching try-outs dilemma over!

sonsbaseballvalet ·
I thought I would tie this thread in with a couple of others. First I want to thank everyone for their input on watching freshmen try-outs, everyone had some great advice.TR cutting the cord was harder than I thought it would be. After working with...

Best Player??????

Joe Benson and Connor Powers get all the credit for being the top players in Illinois. A name not mentioned among the top is Matt Weitlespach from Notre Dame...He hits the ball just as hard if not harder than anyone!

Another performance enhancer?

rz1 ·
With all the talk about steroids and performance enhancing products being used I now ask about "surgically enhanced" procedures and the future potential impact.While not an expert, my sons recent "Tommy John" experience opened my eyes to some...

change in motion

4luvofthegame ·
I have a great arm from the feild but on the mound i'm just average in sense of speed. Today the coach dropped me down a little when i was pitchin to 3/4 how i usually throw across the infield, and i was throwing gas. a good 5 mph harder. anyone...

Centerfield Update

Missouri-BB-Dad ·
It's amazing what 2 weeks, hard work and a few prayers from mom and dad can do. Sophmore son came home down in the dumps 2 weeks ago after his first practice because the coach asked him to move from the infield to centerfield. He told me during the...

Monkey Update

itsinthegame ·
Last night - the Monkey snuck downstairs after Mom and Dad were asleep and scarfed down 6 bananas.When I noticed they were all gone - and his bedroom floor had banana peels all over the place - I told him "The pressure is on now"LOLSo far this year:14...

Florida Gulf Coast Vs. Florida Atlantic

Bobcats14 ·
Right now I'm pretty much debating between playing at Florida Gulf Coast or Florida Atlantic next year, but am still waiting on a few other schools that are staying in the picture. Here's my situation, and I'd like to see what others here would do in...

Take a year off?

bds2 ·
I have just graduated high school and had a great season and have received an offer or two but I think I could have done better. I have been playing hurt for the past two years and I think that if I could have practiced more and played harder...

Bat speed

bhelton ·
I am wondering how to improve my bat speed and and hip power to hit the ball harder and farther?

The game speeds up!!!!!

DPElite99 ·
Just some observations on making the jump into HS Ball...Having failed to make the summer HS squad, my son, who just turned 14 this past May 2, accepted the invitation of the coach and started working out with the team twice a week. The coach felt...


reggie-3-77 ·
Choice and USA Baseball National Team start summer slate on Thursday against CanadaJune 24, 20092009 USA Baseball National Team Roster Get Acrobat ReaderARLINGTON, Texas - UT Arlington center fielder Michael Choice was named to the 2009 USA Baseball...

How to improve the quality of NH Baseball

There has been some discussion on this message board that basically suggests the only way for NH players to improve is to send them to other states. This is my take on how to improve the overall quality of baseball played here in New Hampshire. Please...

Sticking it out

Coach Waltrip ·
This is my first post on this site and I want to say I am always impressed with the enthusiasm and knowledge some people have about baseball. I have read some of the best posts I have ever seen about baseball from you folks and I want to say thank you...

Summer plans for my son

Baseball Poppy ·
My Son is a young (161/2 yr old) junior 6'6" pitcher. He has played on the Bayside Yankees for 4 years. Often the Ace of the team or the number 2 guy. He was offered to play on the team 17U Team again this summer. With Travel to Premier, WWBA Perfect...

Babe Ruth Act Sparks Ejection

spizzlepop ·
Here's a well written story that allows the reader to form his/her own opinion. What's yours? From the Albuquerque Journal 5/12/09By James YodiceJournal Staff Writer What would have happened if Babe Ruth had been ejected for calling his shot in the...

Recruitable at top schools for pitching?

monstor344 ·
Hello, I am currently a high school sophomore (just turned 16) attending a very competitive public school. My GPA is currently around a 3.95 unweighted (school does not weight), and I'm taking the most advanced classes offered to me. I have yet to...

Next Step

Well son had his last high school game yesterday. Of course like the rest of the teams except for the state champ his high school career ended with a loss. Was it tough to watch him and his other senior friends embracing the coaches and underclass...

Target the corners

LAball ·
11U Kid is pretty accurate down the middle, almost too accurate, so I've been working with him to hit the corners of the plate. Its much harder for him to hit the corner because there is target. Question.. should catcher move the glove to the corner...