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Dilemma..Newbie with a drafted son?

Hey Guys, I'm new here so be gentle as this is all very new to me. I do have a problem and need some advice form some of the experienced people on this forum. My son was just drafted out of high school in the 43rd round. He is a RHP and throws...

Critical Time Rapidly Approaching

rdfrazier ·
My kid will be a junior in HS next school year. He played full time in RF on varsity this past season. He got off to a slow start and ended up with a .255 ba and around .450 ob. He played good defensively. He got the academic poty award for baseball....

Jugs Gun

Corey ·
When you gun someone from behind the backstop does the mode need to be set at P for facing the pitcher??? And does that mean that C means facing catcher....

Work 1 year after high school and then go to college?

spectator ·
It's been a family tradition to work full time for 1 year after high school and then attend college at age 19. This gives an 18 year old boy time to see the real world and grow up a bit before taking off for college. The idea is that he will take...

College recruitor files suit against fibbing parent.

Dibble ·
Neuter NewsCollege recuitor sues fibbing parent.This will go down among insane lawsuits. Bob Jones assisant coach at Southwest College has filed suit against a parent of a potential recruit for severely exaggerating the fastball of his son by over ten...

Radar Guns

txsouthpawmom ·
Can anyone recommend any particular brand of radar gun? Pros and Cons.

radar gun

BD2579 ·
I am looking into purchasing a Bushnell radar, wondering if anyone has tried it or has any advice about buying a radar gun. i am only going to be using it for personal use not for scouting so i dont need a 700$ radar gun, any thoughts would be good, ...

100 mph

Savannah ·
Who are some of the pitchers that hit triple digits on the gun. Leo Mazzone said John Rocker and Smoltz could do it in the bullpen.(Now don't go on about control, change of speed, movement, etc. This is just a discussion.)

Never been clocked

Dave17 ·
My son is 13 and his buddy is 14 - both throw hard - both have never been clocked with a gun. At this age it might be in the near future but even that I'm not sure about. Under this age I don't think it is beneficial. Thoughts?

Christmas Traditions?

luvbb ·
Let's get in the Christmas spirit! Any of you gals have any funny or unique Christmas traditions in your household that you are willing to share? At our house....after returning home from Christmas eve service we all get into our pj's, watch "The...

Flat Ground vs. Mound

socalhscoach ·
We are using the Jaeger throwing program and we are using the radar gun on the pull odwn phase at 60 feet. Does anyone know how many MPH you would add on to the flat ground to have an idea how fast you would be throwing from a mound?

Big Time Pitcher under the radar

bballdad1954 ·
At Stevenson all we heard were college coaches were looking for pitching, pitching and more pitching. It is astounding to me that they haven't been going after Robert Kennedy of Northside Prep.I saw him pitch tonight for the fifth or sixth time this...

Radar Baseball

Lefty34 ·
Bought a couple of the baseballs with built in speed readings. They seem to be fair as long as you dont hit the ground first. How accurate do you think these things are as compaered to a radar gun??

Top 20 Baseball Quotes of All Time

Emanski's Heroes · of these are pretty good, so I thought I'd share. My personal favorite quote isn't listed. I don't know if it's a real quote, but from the movie Cobb:Louis Prima: With...

Blue Grey Showcase in Greensboro, NC 2012

Brian Smith ·
I just wanted to say that my son attended the blue/grey classic showcase in Greensboro, NC this year (Aug 11-12 2012) and it was a very good event. The weather did not cooperate the first day, but all players were able to get in all their 60 yd...

When you get no response

2013 Parent ·
Perhaps I just need to vent, but I thought I'd share this.2013 is getting some interest from schools in our area, DIII and DI, which is a nice motivator for him during the cold months in our area. Many are specifically asking him to come to their...

How do you add velocity?

wildcat8 ·
I'm 15 nad I haven't done the radar gun in years but I throw about 70. I am 5'7" 130 lb. How can I add velocity besides grow?

Caution on Speedtrac and Bushnell radar

Krakatoa ·
Here is my history with radar. For comparison's sake, we knew what the kid's Stalker reading was.Two years ago, I bought a Glove Radar. It read about 10mph low. The store I bought it from made an immediate exchange - even let us try out the new one in...

5 star scout days

headintosa ·
a few weeks ago my son and I drove to Georgetown for a scout day with 5 star and sponsored by Action Baseball. The day was a nice day though the "confirmed scouts" were not anywhere near what was stated on the web site. The morning skill work was...

Mom's A Big Help

biggerpapi ·
We played a game with 10-11 year olds yesterday. One of the moms stood behind the backstop with her own radar gun.When a new batter would get in the box, she'd tell them how fast the pitch was coming and where she thought the ball was going to go.I...

Getting an education and playing proball -- doing both without sacrificing one

Goosegg ·
We are going through the family process of analyzing the various risks/rewards to turning pro directly out of high school. I guess I am asking for input from you’ll. Talk to me about the facets of this decision to go pro out of hs.We begin with...

Area Code Game Tryouts

Mid-Atlantic Mustangs ·
I was wondering if someone could fill me in on how one goes about being invited to tryout for the Area Code games. I'm assuming that it's all about getting on a pro scouts radar etc.

few question

swvabaseball ·
My coach tells me when im pitching that I tail off to the left too much when I finish. He says that I need try to finish like Greg Maddux...keeping my body straghit when I finish. When I try that though I usually throw way right and im not throwing as...

Kids have it easy

threeboysdad ·
If you are 35, or older, you might think this is hilarious! When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were. When they were growing up; what with walking twenty-five miles to school every...

radar guns

oldave ·
Hey guys,I want to buy a radar gun for our HS baseball team.Im not really interested in finding out whether johnny throws it 75 or 77 mph... Im looking to see if Johnny can consistently throw his changeup 8-10 mph slower than his 4 seamer.First...

What age is too young for showcase & camps?

Redlegs ·
Pitcher/ catcher. Fastball 82, pop time as a catcher at 127 ft is consistently under 2.0 (best time is 1.80). Player is looking for better challenge than travel & middle school ball. 5-10 155 lbs. Good bat, hits 320 ft. to 360ft. Good line shots & power. Put him out there or let him develope? Dad wants to be patient, kid is ready to go. Whats your opinion. Player is 14, 8th grade, will be 15 this summer. Pop time and radar gun was done by AD.

Warm up Speed vs Pitching speed

Lovethisgame ·
Maybe a crazy question.My son plays cather/pitcher/3b and 1st for a team in Colorado. He pitches in the mid 80's as a Soph on varsity.During warm ups the other day coaches had a gun out and happened to clock him at 88mph in long toss. While catching...

First Offer; thanks HSBW

LovetheGame2 ·
My son received his first offer from a D-2 that is a good fit for academics and athletics. He is a junior RHP, finaly hit 90,and now things are really starting to happen with interest from some really great D-1 programs as well. We cant wait until...

Significance of your summer ball coach in recruiting process

TexasBoy2011 ·
I play in a organization that sends a majority of its seniors to play at the next level. I keep hearing that the organization and my coach has great "contacts". Do college coaches really show up at games or put you on their radar if your coach or an...

Winter versus Summer velocity

Gingerbread Man ·
Was at a camp recently with about 30 of the kids in the pitching part with kids from 12-18 years of age. Most of the kids were high school age. I was a little surprised on the radar readings. It was my first camp (end of December- Christmas break)...

Some Advice for Pitchers

Prepster ·
Hi, folks!As I was reading the product of my son's quest to fill some of his free time during the off-season, it occurred to me that there might be some pitchers here who would benefit from some of the advice he offers. "Under the Radar" Best wishes...

Wichita Sluggers High School Showcase

Husker 25 ·
8th AnnualHigh School ShowcaseDate: January 16th Time: 12:00pm – 5:00pm Cost: $50.00Aspects Covered Pitching Bullpens, Radar Gun (25-30 pitches) Hitting Live Arm Cages (30 -40 swings) Defense Ground Balls, Double Plays, Arm Strength. (Lots of...

New Gadgets...

Ken Guthrie ·
Yesterday at the ABCA convention I ran across a few new gadgets that I think some here will enjoy.First, the... Pocket Radar - www.pocketradar.comThis thing is real cool for the coach or the front row super dad. It's about the size of a cell phone and...

Swing Speed Radar Results?

BobbyTewks ·
Is anybody else using a "Swing Speed Radar" to record bat speeds? I'm curious to find out how fast high school players around the country are swinging it.Our records so far is 92 mph by a HS Junior. We have another HS Junior at 91. Had college players...

Question about Stalker Gun

Dream1O4 ·
Hi guys, just used a Stalker for the 1st time today. we didn't really know how to work it; we borrowed it from someone else. Anyway it clocked me at 78-79, but the guy who lent it to us said that those were the measurements taken at mitt contact and...

How to advise son on a situation

My son is playing short on the high school team. He's primarily centerfielder on his showcase team per advice of pro scout (speed, reaction, arm). His arm keeps getting stronger. Pitching he hit 85 on the gun last fall and cruised at 82/83 with the...

Top 15 College Baseball Recruiting Questions (Pitchers' Parents)

Baseballthinktank ·
If you have questions about your pitcher, you're going to love this... Recently I opened a discussion from parents about their sons' (pitchers) concerning the college baseball recruiting process... Here is the Q/A, enjoy! 1. At what point does it make sense to contact a college? Velocity? Grade? Size? etc. I wouldn't waste your time early in the process unless you have a burning desire to attend a specific school, UNLESS you have desirable velocity in the range of 85 +. Obviously, lefties...

Velocity question_when to just "chunk it"

DallasShock ·
I have been wanting to know this for a while. Everything I read says 85+ is where you want to be as a RHP if you want to pitch in college.   I am going to be a senior this year and will be working in front of colleges this fall. Just to give some...

Converting a catcher to a pitcher

3 T's Dad ·
Catcher son who is in sophomore at a JUCO is being converted to a pitcher. Has a strong arm, consistent pop's in 1.7's and has been clocked by a scouts radar gun throwing 92 from behind the plate in a game throwing a runner out last season. Smaller...

Any negatives?

roothog66 ·
My son is a 14yo freshman. Physically, he is quite mature. 6' 3" / 185 lb. RHP with a fastball that touches 84 and cruises 81-83. He also has great control (60/3 K/BB ratio over the last 5 starts of his 14u season). He is interested in a high school...

Radar Gun Revolution

Thought I would pass this one along. Interesting article on the history of the radar gun and baseball.  ...

MLB & radar guns?

bballman ·
Sitting here watching the Braves - Phillies. Actually, the whole series. I noticed at least one guy sitting behind HP with a radar gun. Today it is just a guy in a blue shirt, but the other 3 games, it was a guy in a Phillies shirt. Didn't notice...

Elite Pitchers Program - Driveline Baseball

Kyle Boddy ·
With summer ball winding down, the 2014-2015 off-season is nearly upon us. Driveline Baseball is once again running off-season Elite Pitcher  groups for the following ages:   -Youth (11-13) -HS / College -Pro   Kyle Boddy is the head...

Tryouts- Diamond Pros 8U-22U

DiamondPros16U ·
Diamond Pros Tryouts 8U-22U REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! August 10th McDonogh School - Owings Mills, MD Players interested in playing for any of the Diamond Pros 2014 Fall and or 2015 Summer teams are invited to attend. For more details or to register to attend click 2014/2015 Coaching Staff 22U/MCBL – Joe Daddura & Eric Dezell (5 years successful DP teams) 18U Tournament/Eddie Brooks/Connie Mack – Kevin Baron & Ian Arciaga (graduating...

Tryouts- Diamond Pros 8U-22U

DiamondPros16U ·
Diamond Pros Tryouts 8U-22U REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! August 10th McDonogh School - Owings Mills, MD Players interested in playing for any of the Diamond Pros 2014 Fall and or 2015 Summer teams are invited to attend. For more details or to register to attend click 2014/2015 Coaching Staff 22U/MCBL – Joe Daddura & Eric Dezell (5 years successful DP teams) 18U Tournament/Eddie Brooks/Connie Mack – Kevin Baron & Ian Arciaga (graduating...

On the Importance of Seizing Opportunities

SluggerDad ·
Heard a story the other day from some parents at a showcase about a kid who got recruited to a strong D1 on the basis of a good showing in a single game -- and another kid who didn't get recruited on the basis of a bad performance in the same game....

17u PG BCS Finals

baseballmomx4 ·
My son's team attended the 17u PG BCS Finals in Fort Myers a few weeks ago. If anyone was there you know the weather was terrible, it rained everyday multiple times a day.  Our team did not play one game on time or to completion without stopping...

"True Story"

Consultant ·
Monday July 14, I attend a rare afternoon game with the local College Summer League game in Healdsburg, California.   There were 12 pro scouts all friends from my Area Code Games.   My question was is this an Area Code alumni meeting? No,...

Extreme Late Bloomer (Too Late?)

PitcherOnlyDad ·
Son is a 2016, RHP who didn't hit puberty really until his sophmore year of high school.  Has never played a showcase, no summer ball, no anything.  Last year he was (sophmore) high 60's low 70's at best.  This year, it seemed like...

Phenom signature National Teams try-out

Phenom Baseball ·
This is a list of our try-out dates, location, and times.     Phenom National Signature Team Try-out Dates: February 14, 15 and 16, 2015 Professional player Profile and Assessments  (Checking in time 1 hour prior to testing time) Times:...