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Kent, WVU

bagsbaseball ·
Anyone have insight on these two schools?

Southern Collegiate Baseball League

njbbdad ·
Anybody have any experiences to share on this league?i.e., competition, housing (host families?), are the players required/allowed to work, facilities, do they practice on off days? Any insight is appreciated.Thank you.

Baseball shape - two sport athlete.

Bludevil_bk ·
2013 plays football too. He has received several personal invites to Fall College camps. Obvously the stakes are higher this fall. I believe he has not met some of these coaches. They have sought him out through word of mouth I assume...but have not...


hsbbcoach ·
Can anyone provide some insight into the NMSU program? Coaches? Facilities? Academics? Etc.?

PBR Magazine

Rockford Baseball Mom ·
We are big fans of the website and read the articles and rankings, etc.Has anyone subscribed to the print publication? We have seen it at the showcases but didn't know how often it is printed, what it includes that is not available online, etc.Thanks...


easTNbb ·
Who ended up the winner of this tourney, and does anybody have the fri.& sat. scores, or insight?

Playoffs-How do they do that?

oldbat-never ·
Being somewhat new to the HS arena and very new to the playoff situation can someone tell me how the playoff's are set-up (in regards to 8 -5A and so on). How do they arrange the first set of games? Where can I find a listing of playoff games and...

Lynchburg College

1baseballdad ·
Does anyone have any insight into the Baseball Program at Lynchburg College? Any additional info on the School is greatly appreciated! I did a search but didn’t see much recent information.

Illinois Wesleyan

mythreesons ·
Would appreciate any insight into the IWU baseball program. We've heard very mixed reviews of the coaching staff - love the facility and the academics, but we'd really like to hear from some who have played there. PM me if you prefer.

I'm proud of our kid-

YourBasicMom ·
Our son went away in August 2003 to junior college to play baseball. He signed early and recieved a quite nice scholarship. The first year he played fall and spring, they were ranked (NJCAA)in the top ten a few times, and he had a great college...

University of Dallas

We're new to this sight but what a great source of information. Does anyone have any insight on University of Dallas baseball program? Thanks!

Upper Iowa

2013 Parent ·
2013 is being invited for an overnight so we'd be interested in any insight available into the school and program. The school is considered "tier 2" academically by US News & World Report, which is a red flag for our family and College Board says it's mostly commuter students. Thanks for any perspectives.

Division III Process

fob ·
I need some insight into the Division III recruiting and "commmitment" process. My son will likely plan Division III baseball with several schools genuinely interested in him. I fully understand D3 schools don't go through the National Letter of...

Navy Baseball

MC415 ·
Does anyone have any opinions/insight on Navy Baseball? All of a sudden son is very interested.I am a military brat but dont have a clue about their sports programs. Gotta be honest, I'm not thrilled at the idea but have to support my kid. Thanks for...

Outfield technique - tracking fly balls

Just ran across this article, just skimmed it but will read it tomorrow. Should provide some insight into proper outfield technique.I have heard two schools of thought on tracking fly balls, one to sprint to the location and the other to "glide", and...

Evaluating GPA, high school reputation

lhprhp ·
Do colleges, and/or coaches, evaluate GPA and high school reputation when considering students for an athletic scholarship? My 2011 sons attend a high school that is routinely ranked as one of the top 100 public high schools in the nation by Newsweek...

arizona collegiate summer league

1109 ·
any insight on the league? i know there was a thread below but it didnt really provide much

Great Site

Moneyball12 ·
Wow, this my first post. I've been reading info on this site for a while and have found valuable insight everywhere. I look forward to asking questions of my own (I have alot of them).

Making the HS Team ??s

joes87 ·
Hi All –Not sure if anyone has any experience with this, or if there are any HS coaches out there. Here is the situation. My son is a freshman in HS. Tryouts for the baseball team this week. It’s a pretty competitive program at his school...

Siena College-Linked from NE Forum

MidAtlanticBaseball ·
Wasn't sure how to just link this discussion to the "Ask About Colleges" Forum, so here's the link.Any new information regarding Siena and its program (rapid changes in Assistant Coaches over the last couple year), and a rough year in the MAAC after a...


warningtrack ·
I am looking for some information on Pepperdine. Are there any parents out there that can give some additional insight into the program? I am aware of the obvious stuff but was hoping to get some "inside information" if you will. It would be great to...

Richmond Area Preseason Predictions

jj12303 ·
Any insight here??


Ken Guthrie ·
If you haven't watched this film yet, go get it.It gives very accurate insight to the latin player and US professional baseball.

Clark Griffith Summer College League

Flying Dutchman ·
Anyone have any current insight on the status of this league?I heard a couple of teams recently left, leaving the league with only 3-4 teams.

Response to the preliminary review of 3P Sports

Steve-3P Sports ·
The team at 3P Sports appreciates the feedback everyone has provided about our program. Feedback from members, players, parents and coaches is very valuable to us and we use this feedback to continuously improve our programs.We would like to respond...

Just Wondering

je00019 ·
I was just wondering if anyone had any insight on the posibilites of my younger brother recruitment wise. He is 14 years old and 6'0" Main position is pitcher but is a very good catcher, 3B, & 1B He throws mid to upper 70's on his fastball. He has good movement on both his 2-seam and 4-seam. 2 good off speed pitches in a Change up and curveball that he can locate very well. He has very good endurance usually throwing between 70-80 pitches per start and has a very good grasp of the mental...

Walters State Community College, Morristown, TN

carol ·
Can anyone give me current info on Walters State? Specifically I'm looking for insight into their coaching staff, record, facilities. I saw one mention of them but it was a few years back. I'm interested in 2010-2012.Thanks for the help.

B.A.S.E. test given by MLB Scouting Bureau

cannon315 ·
Can anyone comment on the significance of our HS Sr. son receiving this from MLB (B.A.S.E.)? As my son was filling it out, it specifically had a box for "I agree" that showed he had already filled out the MLB Scouting Bureau Player Health History...

School on split shifts and will be getting to away games late.

Hit it hard ·
Unfortunately, our school has moved to split shifts this year due to overcrowding. Because of this, we will be arriving to many away games at or after the scheduled game time. While I respect the game and the opponent very much, I also care about the...

Gauging interest

463 ·
Son is a 2011 SS who has received probably 30 emails/letters from mostly D1's. Some schools he initiated contact, others they inititated contact. Most are personalized form letters (i.e. addressed Dear sons name). Most are signed as a copy, some...

Husson University

xFK7x ·
Any insight about the school, academic programs, the city of Bangor, baseball team!?!? Anything would be appreciated!Thanks,Frank

Transferring Schools

Moosecheese ·
Can anyone provide some insight on transferring schools in VA?  Does the player have to sit out a year in a sport, or can they play immediately?

Runners' Lane

baseball17 ·
I was watching a few innings of the Cardinals Red Sox game last night.  I need some clarification on the call of obstruction.  Cardinals' Taveras hits sharp grounder back at pitcher Kelly, Ball hits Kelly's knee and goes towards first base...

At a crossroads in my career.

I am 18 years old and a freshman in college at a juco where I am playing baseball. The last few years have been rough for me with injuries and losing opportunities to play at dream schools because of those injuries. Anyway now I am over a week into my...

Coaches at Camps not their own during Quiet Period

SluggerDad ·
September 1 - 11 is a quiet period for NCAA Div 1 Baseball.  As I understand it only on campus face-to-face contacts are permitted, with no off campus contact.  But this past weekend at Cal State Northridge,  there were coaches not from...

Ivy recruiting requirements

FourBases ·
I am very new (first post!) to the site, but have been to it many times doing research on Ivy League recruiting and needed requirements. Have looked at many great posts answering many questions, specially the posts by " fenwaysouth" which are very...

Scapular Dyskinesis

Captain Hook ·
My boy is a high school sophomore that just got diagnosed with scapular dyskinesia. He was told no throwing for 3 weeks and receive PT during that time, followed up with a 2 week throwing program.  Although its only fall season ball in high...

Mental help for parent

Daddycougar ·
I've been following this site for well over a year, lurking and reading everything that you all post, learning tons from your knowledge, ony recently posting, and have another problem I hope you can help me with.  The questions of "how do I know...


baseballmomx4 ·
I just wanted to come on to say thanks for all of the help over the last four years. My son committed last week to pitch for a D1.  Funny how things work out. This is never where we thought he would end up. This coach had been interested in him...

Joe Bohringer interview with Andy Andres

Stats4Gnats ·
ANDY ANDRES: Joe, we're here in Phoenix at the SABR Analytics Conference in 2014. And there's a lot of folks here talking about baseball analytics, how it's grown up, where it is today, where it might go forward. One aspect of that is that we've got this huge course coming up at BU offered to thousands of people to understand sabermetrics better. But you were there a long time ago. You've been in baseball for a long time. Can you talk about the arc of the change in sabermetrics and analytics...

Priority Walk On

SluggerDad ·
Just learned that that my cousin's 2014 who had an offer from a n academically strong but non-competitive D3 elected in the end to go to a moderately competitive and academically strong D1 as a "priority walk-on." Not sure what the "priority"...

Priority Walk on?

SluggerDad ·
Sorry for the double posting -- posted to the wrong forum and couldn't figure out how to correct. Just learned that that my cousin's 2014 who had an offer from a n academically strong but non-competitive D3 elected in the end to go to a moderately...

Cal Lutheran and Cal Baptist

cabbagedad ·
Any insight appreciated, either in general or specific to a pitching prospect.  No need to describe SoCal in general but school differences can be helpful.

USSSA All American Games

Billy19 ·
15 yr old son got an invitation. Found a thread in 2011 & most seemed to think it's not worthwhile. Anyone have any more recent experience or insight?

How does talent compare at top D3 vs Bottom D1?

SluggerDad ·
Just curious. How does talent compare at top of D3 vs bottom of D1? Thanks in advance for insight.

BP session vs Live AB's for Hitting Evaluation

SluggerDad ·
At all showcases my guy has done, there have been both  batting practice sessions and AB's in live games. I wonder how the two interact when it comes to evaluators evaluating a player's hitting tool.  My guy has had showcases in which he hit...